Community Battle Pass Valorant – Get Fanmade Valorant Collectibles!

Riot has appeared to learn from its past and it shows with its Valorant game global release. The Valorant Creative and Developers team keeps finding new ways to keep the game exciting yet balanced. The latest patch notes are a testament to it, along with the Community Battle Pass Valorant release before it.

What is A Community Battle Pass Valorant Release?

Fans of Valorant leave no chance behind in creating artworks for their favorite agents, along with creating fanfics. While the latter cannot be brought into the Valorant Lore (or Could they?) the Valorant team accepts fan submissions for all of it.

Hence, the submitted artworks are considered for inclusion in the upcoming Valorant Battlepass because Valorant likes and favors its community. It is another way for the team to give their thanks to the community and for the global players to feel more connected to the game.

For the Community Battle Pass items, players can expect to see user-submitted artworks to feature as gun skins, sprays, player cards, etc.

Community Battle Pass Valorant Launch vs. Riot Valorant Battlepass

There aren’t too many differences between both types of battlepass, except the critical one. Each region (among the seven) will have a different Valorant Battlepass. It is because the region-specific Community Battlepass release will feature the art of the artists of that region.

On the other hand, the Riot Valorant Battlepass release (not the official term) items are launched the same for the global player base. Both Battlepass are available at the same cost, i.e. 1000 VP.

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Featured Community Battle Pass Valorant Items to Date

It is not the first time that the Valorant team would release its Community Battlepass. There have been numerous times when those Battlepass items have been released or at least included in their global Battlepass Release.

The Dev Diaries also mention it, and how the cosmetic designs are used or incorporated into planning the Battlepass.

Community Battlepass Valorant EP 4 ACT 2

The latest Valorant Battlepass release with the EP4 ACT2 brings some fantastic fan-made sprays and player cards.

Community Battle Pass Valorant
  • Home Again Player Cards
  • All Aboard Spray
Community Battle Pass Valorant

Community Battlepass Valorant YR1 Items

The Anniversary of Valorant saw the release of the exclusive free YR1 Collection items. It features Valorant Agents in life-like scenarios, and it’s another treat for global Valorant players who have grown to admire the Agents.

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Q. What is the community Battle Pass Valorant?

The Community Battlepass in Valorant features items that are created by Valorant Fans or community members who submit them to Valorant. The items are finalized based on the Fan Votes received on them.

Q. How do I vote in the community Battle Pass Valorant?

Players can access the time-limited Valorant Community Battlepass live links to vote for their favorite items. Its links can also be found in the Valorant Social Network Channel announcements.

Q. What will be the next Battle Pass in Valorant?

The next Valorant Battlepass items cannot be declared for sure until the arrival of the current battlepass. Its leaks and other Valorant leaks could be found on the @ValorLEAKS Twitter handle.

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