Valorant Battle Pass – All You Need To Know

Games have long featured a subscription model that rewards players with collectible items in exchange for real money. While that’s true for most Battle Royale games, Valorant offers an alternative, a Valorant Battle Pass.

It’s a one-time payment pass that earns you the opportunity to unlock collectible rewards, but precisely what do you get? Let’s learn.

Valorant Battlepass – Get Amazing Collectible Items!

Similar to what most games offer in their battlepass, the Valorant Battle Pass provides cosmetic game items. Meaning, using such items in the game won’t affect the gameplay performance. It only serves an aesthetic purpose.

The list of items that become available in an upcoming Valorant Battlepass usually leaks ahead of its launch. It’s also crucial to remember that a new Valorant Battle Pass only arrives with a new Valorant Act. With that piece of information cleared, let’s tailwind into the collectibles you may receive.

Player Cards

Valorant Player cards are what you see when you enter the queue in a party for playing any game mode. These player cards can have eccentric designs, and they serve more than one purpose.

A Valorant Player Card that you can equip also dictates your profile icon in people’s friends’ lists. So, suppose you’ve chosen the Cosmic Connections Player Card. Your display picture in the queue will appear as a cosmic circle instead of the whole player card.

Valorant Battle Pass

Similarly, when you see the screen displaying players you’re up against, your visible player banner is also based on your equipped player card.

Now, some player cards can show another icon or banner that isn’t all the same in the player card. For instance, the Drop Off Card from Valorant EP 3 ACT 3 shows Viper as the player icon. A quick way to check which player icon you’ll get is by checking the card’s icon appearing in the below list of the respective player cards you own.

A Valorant Battle Pass typically offers more than 5 or 8 Valorant Player cards at most times. You can collect them by unlocking their Tier, which can be done by earning XP -> Completing daily/weekly missions & playing Valorant games.

Player Sprays

The Riot Valorant developers have done a fantastic job regarding the Valorant Player Sprays they offer. Most tactical FPS games will have a way to inscribe graffiti on the wall, and Valorant has Player Sprays.

Mostly, these Valorant Sprays are used to taunt or mock the enemies, and we love them for that. But, moreover, the Valorant sprays are further fantastic for an extra couple of reasons.


Yes, the Valorant developers are passionate about the game and possess some humour, and it shows. Incorporating the funny popular internet memes into valorant sprays is a brilliant way to reward its younger player base.

While such collectibles connect the game to its generation, it also lets valorant developers feature newer items.

Presently, the Valorant Battlepass from different Acts have offered these iconic Valorant Sprays:

  • Surprised Penguin Spray
  • Killjoy! I Choose You Spray
  • Not Impressed Spray
  • To the Moon Spray
  • This is Fine Spray
  • Take My Credits! Spray
  • Tactibear Spray
  • Stay Safe, Wash Your Hands Spray
  • And Many More…
Valorant Battle Pass meme sprays

Gun Skins

The most worthwhile reason to purchase a Valorant Battlepass is to obtain Valorant Gun Skins. Any Valorant Battlepass usually brings new valorant gun skins that may never show up in the Store or the Night Market.

From a Battlepass, a player can get the chance to unlock about 8-9 valorant gun skins. Those could include gun skins for different weapons like Sheriff, Operator, Melee, etc.

Valorant Battle Pass Gun Skins

Purchasing a Battlepass is most feasible because purchasing individual gun skins can cost as high as $500 or at least $20. In comparison, buying a Valorant Battlepass is cheaper, and it also rewards you more.

Still, you should know that you cannot obtain Higher class Valorant Gun skins from a Battlepass, ever. Such gun skins are unique to their respective gun bundles. Yet, after two months from the release of such bundles, they may show up on Sale or in Night Market.

Gun Buddies

The dangling items tied to guns that one may often see are Gun Buddies. Valorant has released a variety of Gun buddies by now, and most of them also belong to some Gun Bundles. Yet, the Valorant Battle pass does offer plenty of Gun Buddies that players can unlock by earning XP.

These Gun Buddies often come in pairs of 2. Meaning you can unlock 2 Valorant gun buddies & equip them on your desired weapon. There’s always some free gun buddies available within the Battlepass that you can unlock without purchase.

Valorant Battle Pass gun buddies

However, watch out for obtaining gun buddies belonging to Unique Gun Bundles. You can usually buy them for about 375 VP. If you cannot save enough to get the entire gun bundle, you can still buy gun buddies of that bundle.

Radianite Points

The Radianite Points are incredibly valuable in the Valorant Game. You can use them to purchase cosmetic upgrades of a weapon. For instance, some guns offer more than skin modification, like showing unique VFX or reload action. Similarly, such upgrades demand 10-15 Radianite points depending on their level.

A gun could at max have 4 LVL to unlock in the Upgrade department. Moreover, if you check the store, buying Radianite points is far more costly than purchasing VP. Yes, you can buy Radianite Points using VP, which you purchased using real money. But why do that when every Valorant Battlepass essentially offers you 160 Radianite Points, which you can unlock with XP!

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How to Purchase Valorant Battlepass

Purchasing a Valorant Battlepass is simple. You will require 1000 VP to purchase it successfully.

  • Launch Valorant Game.
  • Access the Battlepass section from the centre-left top area.
  • Click on the Upgrade Battlepass button on the bottom right area of your screen.
  • Click on Purchase in the Next Window.

You will need to buy VP when you don’t have enough VP to complete the Valorant Battlepass Purchase.

  • Click on the Purchase button to access the VP Purchase Store.
  • Select the VP points you’d like to purchase. For the Battlepass, you want to buy 1000 VP.
  • Complete the purchase from the Payment Portal after submitting your details.
  • Revisit the Battlepass section.
  • Click on the Upgrade Battlepass button.
  • Voila! You now have the Valorant Battlepass of the current Act!

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