Crazy Raccoon Valorant: The Underrated Valorant Champions?

The Crazy Raccoon Valorant team is a part of a Japanese eSports organization called the Crazy Raccoon. It was founded in July 2020 with the original team consisting of Medusa, rion, zepher, and Tonbo. Later in September 2020, neth joins the team to complete the Crazy Raccoon Valorant player roster.

Hailing from the JP region, Crazy Raccoon is one of the few teams who rarely played the Fracture map. However, it has consistently delivered over 65% Win Rate within its 84W-42L career on other maps.

Crazy Raccoon Valorant

Crazy Raccoon Valorant Roster

The year 2021 was controversial for the Crazy Raccoon team in terms of progress and roster. They succeeded in creating an upset by dismantling their S Tier competition besides winning close to $100K match prizes. Still, the roster saw some replacements and departures, all for good, probably.

The Current Crazy Raccoon Roster features the following pro-eSports Valorant players, of which neth is the only original member:

CountryIDNameJoin Date
JapannethYusuke Matsuda2020-09-01
South KoreaAstellMoon Ji-won2022-01-23
JapanpopogachiSouta Morita2022-01-23
South KoreaMunchkinByeon Sang-beom2022-01-23

Crazy Raccoon Valorant Performance

On the performance side of the crazy raccoon esports record, the team has defeated several regional teams to secure their position.

Crazy Raccoon eSports 2021 Overview

Crazy Raccoon has earned a fortune from defeating ZETA Division (formerly known as Jupiter) to FAV gaming and X10 eSports. The team has been ranked 1st in VCT 2021: Japan Stage 1 Masters & VCT 2021: Japan Stage 2 Challengers Finals. After these series, their performance appears to have taken a dip.

After securing 9-12th & 13-16th positions in VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin and VCT Champions, the team approached its major roster change.

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Crazy Raccoon Valorant Roster Revamped

The dominating team from the Japan Valorant eSports received significant failures in their VCT Masters & Champions run.

During January 2021, Munchkin joined the Crazy Raccoon roster, with July seeing rion and zepher become content streamers. Later in the year, both zepher and munchkin leave the team, bringing the team the need to recreate its roster.

Regardless of their explosive playstyle that was fearless, they lost against Version 1 NA Valorant team. The team signed its current roster featuring Astell, Meiy, and Popogachi with Munchkin in tow in January.

Crazy Raccoon eSports VCT 2022 Overview

The Crazy Raccoon Valorant players had succeeded in reaching the Group B Semi-Finals after a 2-0 against Sengoku GamingTeam. Yet, the Zeta Division team defeated them in the Group B Grand Final. Such outcomes are to be expected in eSports games, but what remains to see is how they will progress further.

Crazy Raccoon Valorant
BERLIN, GERMANY – SEPTEMBER 16: Teams Crazy Raccoon and Gambit Esports make an entrance at the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters on September 16, 2021 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games Inc. via Getty Images)

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Q. Crazy Raccoon is from which Region?

The Crazy Racoon Team plays and represents the Japan Region in Valorant pro eSports Gaming.

Q. Who plays in Crazy Raccoon?

The current members of the Crazy Raccoon Valorant team roster include neth, Meity, Astell, popogachi, and Munchkin.

Q. Crazy Raccoon neth is still in the lineup?

The former member of the original squad is the only core squad player as crazy raccoon valorant neth to complete the roster.

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