Nuturn Valorant Team: Why Did they Disband?

The KR region has brought several amazing teams to the LAN VCT Champions Stage, including the Nuturn Valorant team. Boasting an 1849 team rating across its VCT matches with 42W and 13L is still an impressive feat. But unfortunately, since the team disbanded on December 12th, 2021, the KR region is missing its one of the best.

Nuturn Valorant Roster

Nuturn Gaming was formed on January 1st, 2021, by signing peri, Lakia, Suggest, and solo with Jaemin as head coach. Two months later, Mon4rch joined Nuturn as Manager, assisted by Rannie as Manager, with the departure of Gwonu and Fanta.

Since then, several core players of the roster have left and joined the team until it disbanded in December of 2021. Despite all the changes, the team succeeded in bagging several Valorant tournament victories with impressive results.

CountryIDNameJoin Date
South KoreaperiJung Bum-gi2021-01-01
South KoreaHyeoniYoon Hyun-seok2020-09-01
South KoreasoloKang Keun-chul2021-01-01
South KoreaallowYu Byung-chul2021-01-01
South KoreaSuggestPark Sang-wook2021-01-01
South KoreaLakiaKim Jong-min2021-01-01

Team Nuturn Valorant Past Performance

Before the team disbanded, it enjoyed a commendable run in various VCT matches. From the Champions Tour Challengers 2 Event in February to the VCT Masters Reykjavik event in May, the team had quashed every KR team. In the latter event matches, Nuturn did succeed in beating Shark eSPorts & Version 1 but unfortunately were eliminated after it.

Irrespective of it, Nuturn Gaming has shown impressive Valorant gameplay throughout its matches in all brackets, becoming the No.1 KR team.

nuturn valorant

Nuturn Rivalry with Team Vision

The rivalry between the now better known Team Vision and Nuturn Gaming is old as the game. Both teams gave their everything, but Nuturn succeeded in giving Team Vision a run for their money at every face-off. Nuturn did establish itself as a Tier-S Valorant team on the regional stage in a short span.

Nuturn Performance in eSports VCT 2021

The performance portrayed and proven by Nuturn in eSports VCT 2021 was top-notch until their handful of failures. Following their losses against Sentinels and Fnatic, both global Valorant Champions, the team went on to bag acclaim by qualifying into the VCT Challengers Stage 3 KR tournament.

nuturn valorant

However, their successful run was limited after their losses against DAMWON Gaming and Full Sense teams. The losses resulted in them getting eliminated from VCT Challengers Stage 3 Higher brackets. Soon after, the team was disbanded.

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Q. Who is on the Nuturn Gaming Team?

Nuturn Team has been disbanded. The former Nuturn Roster team members were solo, Lakia, peri, allow, Suggest, and Hyeoni.

Q. Were Nuturn Gaming Valorant Team Good?

Nuturn Gaming Team showed remarkable gameplay in its KR and Global VCT matches. It even qualified for Masters 2: Reykjavik event besides competing against Vision Strikers and other global pro Valorant teams.

Q. Why did Allow & Suggest leave Nuturn?

Both team members were laid off from the Nuturn Gaming team due to undisclosed reasons with a farewell social announcement.

Q. Will Nuturn be Back in VCT eSports?

The core members of the team, as well as the staff, are already disbanded. Thus, the chances are slim to none for Nuturn to again appear in VCT until further developments.

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