Why Dodge Sunset Valorant Map: 5 Reasons Everyone Hates Sunset!

Why Dodge Sunset Valorant Map? – It’s a New Map!

Dodging a map in Valorant is not a new practice. In fact, every newly released map like the Sunset automatically qualifies for a dodge simply because it’s a new map.

dodge sunset valorant

But, can there be additional reasons to skip Sunset? – Indeed!

As logical or lame as it may be, here are five reasons you can bet someone will dodge Sunset today!

5 Reasons To Hate Sunset Map & Dodge it In Valorant

The Valorant Culture and Community is not above breaking its oldest established rituals to dodge maps! Learn how to not get banned when Dodging Maps at the end of this blog!

1. Bad Rotation

A good number of players on various platforms have voiced their opinions about Sunset having a bad rotation. Surely, Redditors have tried to dethrone such claims internally, but it does make sense for two reasons.

When playing as a Defender, if you take the A Alley path by mistake when rotating to B, good luck! The entire path to B Site from the A Lobby is nearly twice as much as passing through Mid Top or A Link.

Similarly, if you take B Main or B Boba to rush A Site instead of passing straight through B Market, yes, the spike will already have been detonated.


Practice. Play the map more until it becomes muscle memory to navigate correctly. 

2. Attacker-Sided

Based on the first reason, it’s not an astronomical claim to call Sunset an Attacker-sided Valorant map. However, there are legitimate logical reasons why it is true.

If, by chance, the defenders do manage to be at the correct spike site,
there are at least three angles to clear on each Site.

  • Bad rotation equals non-balanced agent stack equals OPEN MID
  • Access to A is convenient for Attackers despite multiple choke points along the way
  • Planting the Spike at B after Mid Control is a cakewalk.


Strategize based on the Attackers’ Gameplay. Sunset Meta is not following the Metaread it again!

3. Lurker Heaven

The Sunset Map is relatively small but has four entries at every major site area except the B Site. Here, inside the labyrinth, getting jumped by a lurker is a certainty, and it will make the VCT games more fun.


Rotate in pairs so trades can be taken, and lurkers can be punished.

4. Duelist’s Nightmare

Give a Duelist space, and you will be facing an 8-4 or 11-1 score at the end of the first half. Contrary to it, put them in tight spaces like on Sunset, and you have a mid-fragging or poor duelist with meek kills.

The only duelists suitable on the map are Raze, Yoru [KING on Sunset], Neon, and Phoenix. Also, good luck (Chamber) holding and keeping an OP without dying sooner rather than later.


Have two Controllers on your team to disrespect the opponent Duelists further.

5. CHAOS Ensues

Be it in the Unrated, Competitive, or Swiftplay game modes, Sunset will make players flip when it gets chaotic.

Imagine Astra’s Gravity Well, combined with a Viper Molly, a Raze Grenade, the Chamber Trademark, and a Neon Stun or the Breach Stun. Yeah, no, it can make anyone cry.


Be quick on your feet; do not freeze in hesitation.

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It will tilt some players if you repeatedly dodge maps, especially when you play duos, trios, or five stacks. Plus, after the first warning of the day, the length of temporary bans against queuing will increase greatly. So, unless you are prepared to face your Fears, do not queue for Swiftplay.

Check out this guide if you want to evade a ban when dodging a map! GLHF!

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