How To Join The Valorant Community: Best Platforms To Get Started

Welcome to Valorant Community – Where four generations Play the Valorant Game!

valorant community

Before we learn how you can join or become a part of the community, it’s necessary to understand it. Parallelly, it is also important to learn about how you can contribute to it and the benefits you can get!

A Peek into the Valorant Community: From Gun Buddies to Cosplay!

The foremost thing any Valorant Community member does is demand the Riot Gun Buddy!

Valorant has a vast player base spread across various regions of the globe. Most of its members belong to these demographics – Millennials, GenZ, and Boomers, with GenX joining the bandwagon lately.

It is a rare sight today to have such a distinctive group of people appreciate a game. However, their collective appreciation spans beyond their love for the gameplay, also encompassing everything connected with the Valorant game.

The best part of joining the community?

Riot or the Valorant Franchise values its members, their inputs, personal takes, and opinions and has rewarded them several times! The Valorant Community Bundle is a good example of it!

Did you know that the Valorant community has the best inclusivity!
-Despite all its cringe or toxic labels!

So, to join the community, you must first earn the right of passage, i.e., become familiar with the game. Doing so would also help you learn what the members usually do or experience.

How to Join The Global Valorant Community?

Everyone can be: “We are Valorant, We are Fighters!”

Step 1: Download Valorant.

You must start by playing the game first because it will help you connect better with other players.

If you are new to the game, try these game modes as a beginner, and don’t forget to spend your KC Credits!

Alternatively, you can still become a community member
by joining specific platforms. Yes, without even playing the game!

valorant community

Best Platforms to Join Global Valorant Community

Valorant community is active on all the popular platforms,
and a variety of other channels and websites!

All the platforms listed below collectively help the members connect and engage with each other, besides delivering news, game updates, gameplay livestreams, and more!

 So, pick your desired platform and become a member today!

1. PlayValorant Website

The official Valorant website is the best platform to learn everything about the game. It is a legit source to discover the official game news and updates like patch notes and game fixes.

valorant community

Being managed by Riot, it is also a good source to learn about Valorant Agent abilities and other basic aspects of the game. However, to explore more information about the game, the Valorant Wiki is another good platform that also enables you to contribute as a member.

Please join its official Socials on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, and Facebook to discover the latest feature updates!

2. Reddit – r/Valorant

Reddit is the second most thriving platform used by the players. Its dedicated subreddits enable members to discuss various aspects connected to the game.

Shroud – “King of Reddit”

The r/VALORANT subreddit sans THE Valorant community hub is a good place to share gameplay clips like clutch moments, ACE clips, etc. Here, you can also discuss strategies with other players and get up-to-date information about the game – with memes, of course.

3. Discord Servers

Nearly the entire player base of the game uses Discord on an everyday basis, especially the E-Daters. It is the go-to platform for millions of players worldwide, where other platforms connected with the game also host their dedicated Discord servers.

Although the inclusivity is always (all-time) high among the players, there is a thumb rule to any or every Discord server you may join:

Read the respective server rules to avoid getting kicked.

Everyone should join the Valorant Community Discord servers for these primary reasons:

  • Getting Game News & Updates
  • Finding Teammates – Duos, Trios, Five Stacks
  • Discussing the game
  • Discovering or Participating in Community Events
  • Sharing Valorant Art

Recommended Discord Valorant Servers

  • Valorant Official Server (Discord Server ID: 679875946597056683)
  • Valorant LFG Server (Discord Server ID: 828370043867496531)
  • Tracker Network (TrackerGG) (Discord Server ID: 182627744771866624)

4. Twitch & Youtube Streams

When you don’t want to use Discord or navigate through Valorant community subreddits, access any live Twitch or YouTube streams.

These streaming platforms are home to numerous Valorant content creators and streamers, including all the VCT eSports personalities. You can subscribe to them and engage with their audiences – fellow players in the Chat section.

Additional reasons you should tune into Twitch or YouTube streams of content creators and VCT players are to learn advanced gameplay techniques, game news, etc.

Recommended Twitch & YouTube Streams

How Can You Contribute To the Global Community?

There are multiple ways by which you can contribute to the game and the player base and get rewarded for it!

valorant community

Become a Community Member

The Valorant community spotlight program managed by Riot showcases player-submitted game artwork, cosplay, and other types of game-related content. In turn, select winners can receive VP (in-game currency) or special gun buddies.

Alternatively, you can also contribute by becoming a member on specific platforms. However, your responsibilities can vary based on the platform you pick.

For instance, joining a local or global Esports Organization or the Valorant Production team is easily the best and most worthwhile option to contribute via Entertainment. Likewise, after joining Discord, you can take the admin role or be a moderator for a streamer personality.

If you create or share Valorant content, congratulations – You are an official Community Member!

Hence, be sure to explore your options and indulge in the one you fancy the most!


  • Live Stream Valorant
  • Work for Esports News Sites
  • Work for Community-driven websites
  • Become a Valorant Wiki member

The Round Up!

Valorant community is the sweetest yet also pretty wild! But by all means, it’s still the most wholesome despite its cringe and toxic labels! Sure, the latter two identities cannot be separated, but join it today to learn what it’s really like!

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