Fracture Valorant Defender Tips & Strategies

All Valorant maps are relatively easier to defend, even passively due to their Design and Architecture except the Fracture Map. The Fracture Valorant Defender map gameplay can be an absolute nightmare when you aren’t certain of which angles to play.

Lucky for you, our Valorant Fracture Attacker guide can help you learn a few tactics, which you can counter using this guide.

Fracture Valorant Defender

Fracture Valorant Defender Tips

Taking advantage of the map symmetry will be natural for the Attackers to overwhelm the Defenders, but there are workarounds. One may use unprecedented tactics as an advanced play, but it can have greater liabilities. So, you should always learn to have more tricks up your sleeve than depending on the Fracture Lineups.

So here’s what you need to know to better hold your ground alongside using Valorant Fracture Defenders gameplay tactics.

1. B Tower Control

Playing passively on the B Tower is your best bet after neutralizing the B Arcade push. Generally, a player anchoring the B Tower will face at least two enemies, either both approaching from the B Arcade or that and the B Main.

One of the Fracture Tips for Defenders emphasizes holding the fort until a spike plant is confirmed elsewhere.

Paying vigilance to B Main from the Tower is essential to kill lurkers that might test their grounds of entry. Having an ally playing behind the boxes near the B Main Walls helps in this scenario to defend the site.

Fracture Valorant Defender

2. B Generator Control

Suppose you lose your Tower Control Valorant Agent. In this scenario, you still need to play defensively from the B Generator Area until the cavalry arrives. Losing this spot makes it extremely difficult for Defender allies to play retakes, much less trade any kills.

In a pincer movement attacker gameplay, defending the B Tower will be difficult. Hence, holding B Generator is essential to have a chance at winning. Any B Site Fracture Lineups can additionally come in handy.

Give up the site if need be but holding the B Generator Control is essential as it has both – a good cover and three points of LOS. But, watch out for bullets coming your way, because the Generator box is bullet penetrable. Have a teammate smoke it for you, to increase your chances of surviving here.

Fracture B Generator

3. A Site / A Main

The best approach for planting on A is by taking the A Main area. Hence, playing three Valorant Agents Defender Stack on A Site pays. Have one ally under the A drop, another at the A Rope, and one secure the A Site.

Always have one Valorant Agent on the A site at heaven or hell, to assist the second A site ally. Playing anywhere else in stacks risks getting walled off the site – a critical error that can cost you the round.

The key tip for playing as Fracture Valorant Defender is knowing when to give up site control. Yes, going down fighting is glorious, but foolish in a tactical FPS game. It is only honorable when you’re an Entry fragger playing from the Attacker side.

4. A Link / A Drop

The A Site hell is where 90% of Valorant Attacker Players will use their ability to clear it. It is also a good marker of which agent is about to approach, so use the comms and be concise. Meanwhile, the A Site is getting fragged, hold the A Link area and take out the enemy Entry Fragger.

Leaving the A Main empty with a sniper (Chamber) from n A Drop watching it can earn multiple kills. Do remember to smoke the A Main entry at Bomb Site as a Silve Peek to effectively use this tactic.

 Most times, Attackers will populate the A Drop, but when they don’t, it’s the perfect spot for playing Defense. One of the valuable Fracture Tips is that it is this position that permits retake. So, expect trigger-ready crosshairs aimed at expecting your peek or arrival.

Simultaneously, have an ally rotate from A link or your flank lurk to acquire the A Ropes, to kill off any player under A Drop. After clearing some ground, enter the A site.

Fracture Valorant Defender

5. A Site – Retake Tips

Be aware of getting walled off the A Site Area when the enemy team is using a Sage or Viper. Similarly, expect Killjoy Lockdown ability near A Main to cover the entire site when its windup completes.

Acquiring the A Ropes control along with the A Drop works well in Combination with acquiring the A Main and A Link.

Use abilities like Molly or Smoke to corner Valorant Agent attackers for improving your chances of winning gunfire trades. Lastly, never push solo, and expect a lurking Attacker to be playing from the A Ropes hell area.

6. B Site – Retake Tips

Retaking the B site is easier said than done because its elevation makes it a tad difficult to remain sneaky. Here, the ideal way to retake is to peek in pairs but peek in delay, except not to snipers. Use your Valorant Fracture Lineups to lower Attackers’ Valorant HP or to push them away.

Fracture Valorant Defender

When facing a Breach, always expect the B Arcade hell and B Generator to receive a Fault Line attack. Having flash for retaking the B Site works exceedingly better than using smokes because the site is relatively smaller. Any enemies playing the site will be blinded, except the one holding the B Tower.

Do what you can to re-acquire B Tower Control and together push the site from the B Generator area. Bonus points (not really) if you have an ally coming as flank from the B Main. On that note, watch out for passive B Main snipers who can be a pain to deal with while the spike ticks away.

Fracture Valorant Defender Lineups

Riot Inc. has built a marvelous tactical FPS agent-based shooter in the form of Valorant. The fans of CSGO lineups have plenty to learn and use in Valorant, even in their Fracture Valorant Defender gameplay.

Here are some ideal use cases for different Valorant Agent Abilities because your primary aim is to reduce enemy LOS.

1. Valorant Smokes

Here’s the list of sites you must smoke on the Site A as a Defender on the Fracture Map:

  • A Door
  • A Site Pillar (Silver Peek)
  • A Drop
  • A Link Entrance
  • A Ropes Elbow area

Here’s the list of sites you must smoke on the Site B as a Defender on the Fracture Map:

  • B Tower Elbow
  • B Generator
  • B Main Box next to Stairs
  • B Site x  B Arcade Entrance

2. Valorant Flashes

Deploying flash as Defenders is best useful when multiple Valorant Attackers are blinded. To do so, you may need to allow them into the B site via the ground under B Tower. Alternatively, as the common Fracture Tips may suggest, flashing the B Arcade from the get-go, as aggressive Defenders can land you a few early kills.

Although you may resort to using Fracture Lineups for Astra Nebula and Yoru’s Flash Grenade, shooting them away would be a better distraction. Making unprecedented Valorant Flash moves is the best way to confuse the enemy.

The above is also true for defending the A Site plants. However, flashing at ground level here can reap better rewards because the minute blindness of enemies can be just what you need. While their crosshairs are aimed upwards, landing a few precision bullets can turn those flashes into good investments.

3. Valorant Grenades

There are at least twelve different Fracture Lineups combined after counting all Valorant Agents with Grenades. While some of them demand positions at the A Dish, others demand it from outside of A Hall or the A Ropes.

Parallelly, the B Site lineups demand B Main Control alongside the B Tower or the B Arcade control. So watch out for those plays and learn them from the below-linked Fracture Tips video:

4. Valorant Abilities

As Defenders, the main part of making the best of Fracture Tips is using Valorant Agent Abilities as a response.

Do you hear a Jett Dashing onto the site or Raze preparing a Show Stopper? Bring out the KAYO knife or use Grenades at their landing spots. Using abilities as a deterrent to push enemies should only account for using Mollies. Everything else should be used to bide the time.

Hence, learning & timing the Fracture Lineups of Cypher, Yoru, Killjoy, KAYO, and Sage can save you several rounds of losses.

Fracture Valorant Defender

Final Words

As the Fracture Valorant Defender, you must prepare for chaos because the Attackers cannot get past it without creating it. Thus, having a controller is a must as a Defender on Fracture, which can benefit your Duelists and Initiators as Attackers.

Additionally, try to score at least 4-6 rounds when you’re the Defender first. It will help you struggle less in the pistol round as an Attacker and for rounds after it.

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