Valorant Drops – Quick Guide For Free Valorant Items!

Are you excited about Free Valorant Gun Buddies
And Other Exciting Free Collectibles?
Here’s How to Get Valorant Drops in Easy Steps!

What is a Valorant Drop?

A Valorant Drop is a collection item obtained by players, which can be anything like a Gun Buddy, a Valorant Spray, or a Player Card. Usually, a Valorant Drop is made available during special promotions or events like during the Valorant Year One Anniversary or the VCT Championship 2022.

How to Get Valorant Drops

Valorant Live Drops in 2023

Valorant has recently completed its three years anniversary or birthday since its initial release, and there is plenty yet to be excited about the game! Among the various updates coming to Valorant in 2023, be prepared to get two new agents, i.e., a Sentinel & Duelist, and there’s still more!

Riot Valorant Devs are also set to bring a new Valorant TDM game mode, in addition to the final beta of Premier Game Mode arriving in July.

With these updates lined up, the global community is also set to receive freebies, including exciting Valorant drops with the arrival of the Valorant Masters Tokyo Championship!

So stay tuned for more updates about Valorant Drops at DownloadValorant!

How To Get Valorant Drops? – Claim Valorant Drops In Easy Steps!

The Valorant Drops are usually made exclusively available on live broadcasting platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

On these platforms, the users will need to fulfill definite criteria before they can claim the Valorant Drops. After claiming, the respective Valorant Drops will be added to their Valorant Collection, i.e., their Valorant Riot Account, and can be equipped to be used in the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about How to Get Valorant Drops and About Claiming Free Valorant Drops!

How to Get Valorant Drops

Step 1: Visit the Platform Distributing Valorant Drops

  • Launch your browser and visit any of the live broadcasting channels of a Valorant partner stream.
    • Valorant on Twitch
      • []
    • Valorant Americas on Twitch
      • []
    • Valorant on YouTube
      • []
    • Valorant Champions Tour on Twitch
      • []
    • And many more!
Fun Fact: Did you know that Valorant Beta Access was released on Twitch as Valorant Drops?

The lucky users to gain beta access were selected at random by receiving Valorant Drops after watching three hours of gameplay of partner streams. The whole event took place over a couple of weeks, with the game gaining over 650k viewership every day to peak past 2 million viewers in a day!

Step 2: Link Your Valorant Account With The Platform

  • After you arrive at the live broadcast of Valorant gameplay on a partner stream channel, click on the Valorant Drop notification.
  • Follow the URL redirection to access the Drops Settings Page (differs per platform)

  • Click on the Live Drop you want to claim.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the Connect button.
  • Enter your Riot ID credentials on the next screen as prompted.
  • After credentials are authenticated, you will be redirected to the Drops Settings Page.
  • You can now check the progress of your Valorant Drop criteria completion.

Step 3: Complete the Criteria To Claim Valorant Drop

  • Fulfill the respective criteria for claiming the Free Valorant Drop.
    • Typically, the criteria to get a Valorant Drop concerns watching a partner live stream for a specified length of time
    • Alternatively, the criteria may also demand the viewer (you) to make specific comments or follow specific instructions.
  • As you perform the required actions to fulfill the criteria to claim the free Valorant Drop, open the Drops Settings Page in another tab to check the overall progress.

Step 4: Claim The Valorant Drop

  • Depending on the platform, you will receive a notification in the chat box or in your account notifications stating that your Valorant Drop is Ready To Claim.
  • Click on the hyperlink of the Ready to Claim text or access the Drops Settings Page again, followed by picking the concurrent Valorant Drop Item.
  • Click on the Claim button.
  • Continue to watch the Valorant partner stream or close it as per your wish before proceeding to the next step.
How to Get Valorant Drops
Fun Fact: The ‘How to Get Valorant Drops’ became one of the top ten highest searched queries on Google for the duration of the Valorant Beta Drops promotion period. (April 7th – May 28th)

Step 5: Equip Valorant Drop Items

  • Run the Valorant game from the desktop (VALORANT.exe) or from the quick start shortcut(s).
  • Access the Collections sections from the home screen of Valorant Game
  • Pick the category of the Valorant Free Drop Item you recently claimed in the steps above.
  • Navigate to the acquired free drop item and click on the Equip button.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully claimed a Free Valorant Drop item and equipped it on your Valorant agent.

GLHF, See you in the game, and ‘Level Heads, until we’re home, yes!?’

How to Get Valorant Drops? – Quick Guide!

What are Valorant Drops?

The valorant game collectibles are specific items that players can obtain by performing a task or viewing live Valorant games. These Valorant games being viewed are often from the VCT series, whose newest season starts from Jan 10th, 2022.

The items can be anything from Valorant Player titles to Player Cards or even Gun Buddies. It isn’t dissimilar to when developers provided the Valorant Beta drops pre-June 2020. Those Valorant drops allowed random players to obtain a Valorant Beta key. Using it, players could play the Beta Valorant game before its official launch.

Similarly, providing Valorant drops isn’t something that the developers have abandoned. And why not? When their game gets over 250k daily viewers on a single live-streaming platform like Twitch, rewarding the community is only ideal.

Furthermore, offering Valorant collectibles helps increase player engagement and incites newer players to join the game. So, it’s a win-win for both the Valorant game creators and its player base. But, there are two ways to get game drops that a player can obtain depending on where they live.

How to get valorant drops

Live Valorant Drops

The Live Valorant Drops are available globally to any player who fulfills the criteria to obtain them. Their parameters are often like watching the Valorant game for an hour on a streamer’s channel with enabled Valorant drops. The same method was also used to create a buzz for the game, averaging over 650k viewers every hour for nearly three days.

Following the success of Valorant Drops, such live events now offer Valorant Sprays, Valorant Buddies, and other special collectible items.

Amazon Prime Valorant Drops

Amazon Prime users gain additional benefits in obtaining collectible items for their Valorant game. For instance, such drops are featured every month & a player has to claim them using their Prime Amazon status.

How to get valorant drops

Alternatively, the game also features a banner on its home screen for those who haven’t claimed them. However, such drops are currently limited to most countries in regions like NA, EMEA, etc.

How to get valorant drops

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How to Get Valorant Drops?

So, how can you get your hands on Valorant Drops? Simple, you’ll need to link your official Riot ID with your viewer profile on Twitch or Youtube. After doing so, you are eligible to participate in the Drop event. Otherwise, you won’t get ’em delivered to your Collection.

Since there are two different ways in which you can obtain drops, the method to get them to differ slightly:

Get Amazon Prime Valorant Drops

To get the Amazon Prime gaming drops, follow these steps below:

  • Login to your Prime Amazon Account on your desktop.
  • Access the Valorant game home screen and click on the Amazon Prime Rewards slide.
  • Your game should open an in-browser window within the game space, demanding the Amazon log in.
  • Input the required information and click on login, and allow the process to deliver your Prime Valorant reward.
  • You will get a confirmation on your screen about the Prime Valorant Drop being sent into your Collections.
  • Exit the in-game browser and check your Collection for the existence of your newly claimed drop.

Get Live Valorant Drops

The typical method to obtain valorant items is to view a drops-enabled Valorant game stream. But here’s how you can link your account (Twitch or Youtube) to obtain these drops into your Collection straight away.

  • Access your User Profile Settings.
  • Navigate to the Drops section.
  • Locate the Riot Games Valorant Section and click on the Link button.
  • Provide your authentication details to link your Riot ID with Twitch/Youtube.
  • Once the authentication is successful, you will see a Green Tick with a message reading Drops enabled.
  • Now, fulfill the criteria to obtain the Live Valorant Game, whose notification will also be sent separately to your Twitch/Youtube account.
  • You can access the Valorant game to check whether your reward is delivered.

Usually, the Valorant Giveaways are announced on the game’s official Twitter handle @PlayValorant. So, to get maximum Drops, keep your eyes on the prize!

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