How to Play Valorant Replication Mode Quick Guide

Valorant games can be fun or downright devastating, but something brings you back every time. But have you tried another fun game mode called Replication? Instead of dueling on DM or Spike Rush, the Valorant Replication Mode can be a fun way to engage with the agent-based FPS game without losing your rank.

What is Replication Game Mode?

The answer to What is Replication lies in the namesake. The queue agent pick screen replicates the agent choice in this game mode and offers limited credits per round. Here are all the reasons why this can be rewarding!

Exposure to Valorant Agents

The Replication mode makes all players in the team play with the same agent, which is exclusive to this game mode. Forget the option to play 5 duelists. Everyone can be a Jett, Raze, or Neon in this game mode!

Agent Exposure How To Play Valorant Replication

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Access to Match Credits & Buy Store

Players can access the Buy Store in Replication, unlike other game modes like Spike Rush or Snowball Fight Mode. It allows players to pick a gun of their choice in each round with limited credits. Such provision is only provided in Unrated & Competitive Game modes.

Fewer Game Rounds

Players not wanting to commit to a whole Unrated or Competitive match can still experience the fun of it all. Securing a Victory in the Replication Mode requires either team to be the first to win 4 rounds. It’s that simple and that hard.

How to Play Valorant Replication Game Mode?

Now onto How to Play Valorant Replication Match. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Run the Valorant Game
  • Click on the Play Button at the top-center area of the screen.
  • Choose the Replication Game Mode
  • Click on the Start button to enter the Queue.
How To Play Valorant Replication

Perks of Playing the Valorant Replication Mode

Firstly, it’s crucial to learn that Replication Mode will be available only for a limited time. Nobody knows the rotation of these game modes, as Riot may switch it with Escalation or Snowball Fight Mode in the Future. With all that said, here’s why players enjoy playing the Replication Game mode.

Complete Valorant Daily/Weekly Missions

Among the varied missions presented to players, some are easier to complete than others in Valorant Replication Mode matches. For instance, Buy items from the Store x 10, You or Your Teammates Plant, or Defuse the Spike x 5, are good examples.

No other game mode offers store access except Unrated & Competitive Game mode. It makes the Replication mode a fortunate opportunity for fewer and quicker matches & mission objectives completion.

Play Same Agent Full-Stack Team

Replication will delight players who want to play the same agent or have multiple same agents on their team. Imagine having 5 Neon on the same team or 5 Viper, but be prepared to expect the same condition from the opposing team, like 5 Reyna or 5 Jett, etc.

How To Play Valorant Replication - Same agent

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Final Words

Depending on the Agent pick, the Valorant Replication Mode offers plenty of fun game hours. A Tip for winning the Replication mode would be to pick Viper because her poison vial could prevent site push. Additionally, her Toxic Orb can both work as a Smoke and deal damage so that nobody would dare take your spike site, and the timer will run out. Try it. Happy Gaming!

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