How to Get Valorant Agents: Unlock Valorant Agents + Free Rewards!

Valorant is an agent-based tactical FPS game with more than 16 unique agents and 7 diverse and exciting maps. It is a free-to-play game, but beginners will need to unlock the additional Valorant agents apart from the 6 free Valorant characters available to them after the signup.

In times when the Battle Royale games continue to grow to fame, Valorant has successfully captured a significant player base amounting to millions of regular Valorant players. These players are well familiar with the different Valorant game agents and their abilities.

Unlike other FPS games, it’s not possible to purchase flashbangs, smoke grenades, Molotov, etc., in Valorant. While this may seem puzzling, such equipment is instead possessed by valorant agents as abilities. So, as a beginner, it’s only useful to discover them early for picking your battles wisely & making the right choices.

Valorant Agents Class Types Explained

All the Valorant Characters can individually and collectively accomplish different objects using their respective abilities. So, every Valorant Agent belongs to an Agent class reflective of the type of abilities they possess. There are four varied Valorant Agent Classes:

  • Duelists
  • Initiators
  • Sentinels
  • Controllers

The different sets of abilities of the Valorant characters help progress the game rounds in different ways apart from the inevitable Valorant gunplay.


The role of duelists is to be the forerunner of their team and lead the team into map sites. The abilities possessed by the Valorant Duelist class agents help them frag enemies quickly or easily, depending on their aim.

There are 5 duelists in Valorant, namely Jett, Reyna, Raze, Phoenix, and Yoru. These agents own their individual abilities like Curveball, Leer, Blade Storm, etc., to help them be the team’s spearhead.


While Duelists are tasked with leading the team, the role of Valorant Initiator agents is to ensure their team can enter contested sites with ease. They can accomplish this by using their abilities to help push away the defenders from a site.

Initiators possess the ability to gather information on enemies or stun them, which is beneficial to their purpose & the team. Currently, there are three initiators, namely Sova, Skye, and Breach.


Such agents possess abilities that help their team hold the ground when things get heated quickly on the battlefield. Their abilities enable laying traps, initiate or dismantle flanks, and enact such strategic plays make them quite formidable.

Usually, the Valorant Sentinel agents will be the ones that hold site control or mid-control as their abilities align with this purpose. As of now, there are four Sentinel agents, namely Sage, Killjoy, Chamber, and Cypher.


Retaining site control will be challenging, so call on your Valorant Controller agents to halt the chaos when things start getting rough. The set of valorant agent abilities of theirs could make the enemy team legit pause to stop and think or recalculate their moves.

Expect their utilities to block line of sight, slow movement, or pull a wall to hold back the enemies. It is advisable always to have one controller valorant agent on the team to control difficult situations effectively. There are four Valorant controller agents, namely Viper, Astra, Brimstone, and Omen.

How to Unlock Valorant Agents?

Are you excited to unlock Valorant Agents so you can try all their abilities? Well, you have two ways to unlock a valorant agent.

You can unlock valorant characters by activating their contracts and earning the XP required to obtain them. Doing so will also provide you with their collectible items like player sprays, player cards, gun buddy, and their signature weapon skins.

The second method to unlock valorant agents is by activating their contracts and purchasing them using VP. The VP is an in-game currency that you can obtain in exchange for real-world money.

Regardless of whichever method you may choose to unlock valorant characters, you can earn free agent rewards either way.

Note: Obtaining valorant characters signature weapon skins may require you to make additional purchases after purchasing XP that unlocks them.

All Valorant Game Agents Explained

The Valorant lore justifies the presence of similar Valorant Characters on a map by presenting the premise of their duality. The Valorant Fracture Map is a fine example of this, whose existence is linked with the actions of two Chamber agents.

The lore also doesn’t miss out on presenting the origins of each of the valorant characters. A simple tactical FPS game that includes such content makes the game seem well-rounded. Moreover, it allows the audience from different parts of the world to connect better with their favorite agents.

So, let’s get an overview of every valorant agent and their abilities, which also link with their in-game voice lines!

Brimstone (Controller)

He is the commander that has reportedly trained Viper, and he’s from the USA. His arsenal is capable enough to prevent enemy advances on a site. His abilities also ensure his team has an advantage because he can deploy different kinds of utilities from a distance with incredible precision.


Brimstone Abilities:

  • Incendiary (Q)
  • Stim Beacon (C)
  • Sky Smoke (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Orbital Strike (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Phoenix ( Duelist )

Phoenix is the first known duelist whose origin from the UK is evident in his accent in his voice lines. He’s portrayed wearing a flaming jacket, reflective of his pyro abilities. Watch out for him as he can and will blind you beyond using the abilities that also allow him to heal. A genuinely nifty lad!


Phoenix Abilities:

  • Curveball (Q)
  • Blaze (C)
  • Hot Hands (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Run it Back (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Sage ( Sentinel )

The beacon of hope and life, Sage hails from China and is capable of securing her team to safety. Her abilities can prevent advances from the enemies by walling them off or slowing them. She can also heal you and resurrect you, making her a vital valorant agent of any team in any match.

Sage Valorant Characters

Sage Abilities:

  • Slow Orb (Q)
  • Barrier Orb (C)
  • Healing Orb (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Resurrection (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Sova ( Initiator )

The Russian hunter Sova is adept at tracking his enemies and eliminating them using his abilities. His origin from an eternal cold region befittingly presents him prepared and ready for scouting & efficiently wiping away enemies. Beware of his custom bow & arrows by which he can find you and wipe you from across the map.

Sova Valorant Characters

Sova Abilities:

  • Shock Bolt (Q)
  • Owl Drone (C)
  • Recon Bolt (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Hunter’s Fury (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Viper ( Controller )

The brilliant chemist from America, Viper, can be your favorite valorant agent if you enjoy being toxic to your enemies, literally. Her arsenal of poisonous chemical equipment can hurt enemies, limit their map control and their line of sight. Picking Viper will be ideal on smaller and bigger maps like split and Breeze, respectively.


Viper Abilities:

  • Poison Cloud (Q)
  • Snakebite (C)
  • Toxic Screen (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Viper’s Pit (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Cypher ( Sentinel )

The Morrocan agent Cypher is your best pick for having maximum map awareness. His surveillance abilities can benefit the team and himself in learning the location of the enemies. He is useful in every map, whether you’re the attacker or the defender. No lurk is safe because Cypher is watching your every step.


Cypher Abilities:

  • Cyber Cage (Q)
  • Trap Wire (C)
  • Spy Cam (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Neural Theft (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Reyna ( Duelist )

Reyna, the Mexican Empress, is a class combatant whose abilities and lithe movement can be activated by scoring kills. Nearly all of her abilities are dependent on how the player performs. So, if you think you can own kills, Reyna is your best option to become the MVP of the game.

Reyna Abilities:

  • Devour (Q)
  • Leer (C)
  • Dismiss (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Empress (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Killjoy ( Sentinel )

If a gadget ever shoots you in the game, it’s probably Killjoy’s turret, the genius German engineer. Her inventive qualities have led her to design gadgets that help the team get easy kills from across the map. Her abilities/gears can debuff enemy movement while dealing frequent damage, and it’s also rumored that she’s made the Valorant spike.

Killjoy Valorant Characters

Killjoy Abilities:

  • Alarmbot (Q)
  • Nanoswarm (C)
  • Turret (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Lockdown (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Breach ( Initiator )

The Swedish bionic Agent can be the brute aggression required when you need to push a spike site. His skillset is perfectly suitable for disturbing a Valorant stack situation, disrupting the enemies, and slowing them. His additional abilities can also deal lethal damage to enemies. No corners are safe when he’s right around them.


Breach Abilities:

  • Flash Point (Q)
  • Aftershock (C)
  • Fault Line (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Rolling Thunder (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Omen ( Controller )

The phantom agent – Omen has unknown origins, which adds to his enigma of moving soundlessly between map locations. If you aim to be stealthy for scoring kills, then Omen has all the right abilities to help you achieve it. He can teleport or blind his enemies, so you won’t catch him lurking behind, watch out!

Omen Valorant Characters

Omen Abilities:

  • Paranoia (Q)
  • Shrouded Step (C)
  • Dark Cover (Signature Ability) (E)
  • From the Shadows (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Jett ( Duelist )

The quickest agent in Valorant, Jett, is known to be highly dangerous due to her abilities. Her home country is South Korea, and her agile and elusive fighting style makes her hard to catch off guard. She can literally disappear into thin air using Cloudburst and tailwind! Good luck to you for surviving against her, if you can!

Jett Valorant Characters

Jett Abilities:

  • Updraft (Q)
  • Cloudburst (C)
  • Tailwind (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Blade Storm (Ultimate Ability) (X)

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Raze ( Duelist )

Brazil’s most explosive Valorant Agent can hurl grenade packs and even bring a whole Rocket into the map. Raze is the class duelist, brimming with abilities that can take out an entire team in a split second. When you hear a “Boom” on the map, understand that Raze is clearing out tight spaces with playful ease.


Raze Abilities:

  • Updraft (Q)
  • Cloudburst (C)
  • Tailwind (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Blade Storm (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Skye ( Initiator )

The home country of Skye is Australia, so she knows her way around creatures and hostile territories. Count on her to gather intel and daze enemies that go bumping on her way and her beastly abilities. She’s also the only agent that can heal the entire team in a go, not instantly, though.

Skye Valorant Agents

Skye Abilities:

  • Trailblazer (Q)
  • Regrowth (C)
  • Guiding Light (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Seekers (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Yoru ( Duelist )

The most awaited duelist from Japan, Yoru, completes the dream team of having 5 duelists on a team. His ability to rip apart and manipulate reality to his advantage will leave the enemies blinded and unaware. Stealth and deception are his tools, so count on the enemy to use them when he plays on their side.

Yoru Abilities:

  • Blindside (Q)
  • Fakeout (C)
  • Gatecrash (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Dimensional Drift (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Astra ( Controller )

Get ”Help from the Above” when Astra, the valorant agent from Ghana, is playing by your side. Her astral powers allow her to access the entire map to her desire to plant cosmic charges that alter reality. Her strategic abilities are well suited for players who like to control the game.

Astra Valorant Characters

Astra Abilities:

  • Nova Pulse (Q)
  • Gravity Well (C)
  • Nebula (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Cosmic Divide (Ultimate Ability) (X)

KAY/O ( Initiator )

Another agent with unknown origins, KAY/O, is a machine of war, literally. His arsenal will suit all the classic FPS players as his primary purpose is to neutralize all Radiants (Valorant Agents). He will suppress and cripple the enemies from using their abilities besides dealing them damage or blinding them with flashes.

Kayo Valorant Characters

Kayo Abilities:

  • Flash/drive (Q)
  • Frag/ment (C)
  • Zero/point (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Null/cmd (Ultimate Ability) (X)

Chamber ( Sentinel )

The sophisticated French Valorant agent Chamber does everything with unwavering finesse and is always prepared with contingencies for everything. He’s a weapons designer, so bring your precision to use his abilities to the fullest extent to neutralize every threat. He can also limit enemy progression from afar to hold the line, especially when needed the most.

Chamber Valorant Characters

Chamber Abilities:

  • Headhunter (Q)
  • Trademark (C)
  • Rendezvous (Signature Ability) (E)
  • Tour De Force (Ultimate Ability) (X)

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Get Valorant Game Agents Unlock Rewards!

When you play hours unlocking Valorant characters, the rewards should match the efforts, and they certainly do. Get collectible valorant items exclusive to agents by unlocking them as you unlock the Valorant Characters.

From player cards, sprays, guns buddies to gun skins, get it all by completing 100,000 XP per Valorant Agent. Refer to the table below to get a glimpse of what can be unlocked per Agent.

Valorant Agents NamePlayer TitlesSprayPlayer CardGun BuddyGun Skins
Brimstone– Old Dog
– Coach
– High Command
– The Big One Spray
– Getting Reps Spray
– Brimstone Spray
– Valorant Brimstone Card
– No One Left Behind Card
– Dog Tags Buddy– Peacekeeper Sheriff
Phoenix– Hotshot
– Flashy
– All-Star
– Claim The Crown Spray
– Spotlight Spray
– Phoenix Spray
– Valorant Phoenix Card
– Firestarter Card
– Hot Bling Buddy– Spitfire Frenzy
Sage– Warden- Enlightened
– Ascendant
– All Good Spray
– Pulse Check Spray
– Sage Spray
– Valorant Sage Card
– Journey Of Trials Card
– Radianite Orb Buddy– Final Chamber Classic
Sova– Hunter
– Sharpshooter
– Deadeye
– Take Flight Spray
– On Target Spray
– Sova Spray
– Valorant Sova Card
– Through The Looking Glass Card
– Owl Charm Buddy– Protektor Sheriff
Viper– Biohazard
– Toxic
– Pick Your Poison Spray
– Deadly Venom Spray
– Viper Spray
– Valorant Viper Card
– One Dark Night Card
– Venom Vial Buddy– Snakebite Shorty
Cypher– Watchdog
– Mind  Thief
– The Seeker Spray
– I See You Spray
– Cypher Spray
– Valorant Cypher Card
– Redeemer’s Folly Card
– White Hat Buddy– Hush Ghost
Reyna– Empress
– Savage
– Leer Spray
– Marked For Death Spray
– Reyna Spray
– Valorant Reyna Card
– Revenge For Life Card
– Soul Capsule Buddy– Vendetta Ghost
Killjoy– Techie
– Genius
– Variable Removed Spray
– Don’t Cross Me Spray
– Killjoy Spray
– Valorant Killjoy Card
– Bot Buddy– Wunderkind Shorty
Breach– Concussive
– Catastrophic
– K.O. Spray
– Guns Out Spray
– Breach Spray
– Valorant Breach Card
– Big Payday Card
– Hammer Time Buddy– Ragnarocker Frenzy
Omen– Harbinger
– Revenant
– It Hunts Spray
– Dark Focus Spray
– Omen Spray
– Valorant Omen Card
– What’s Another Death Card
– Grim Delight? Buddy– Soul Silencer Ghost
Jett– Swift
– Hasty
– Hurricane
– Watch This Spray
– You Better Run Spray
– Jett Spray
– Valorant Jett Card
– Mirrored Edge Card
– Pocket Knife Buddy– Game Over Sheriff
Raze– Warhead
– Ballistic
– Boomshaka Spray
– Bombshell Spray- Raze Spray
– Valorant Raze Card
– Rising Up Card
– Blast Pin Buddy– Pistolinha Classic
Skye– Trailblazer
– Nature’s Wrath
– Wild Life Spray
– On Your Trail Spray
– Skye Spray
– Valorant Skye Card
– The Great Reclaimer Card
– Hawko Buddy– Swooping Frenzy
Yoru– Gatecrasher
– Unmasked
– Who’s Next Spray
– Sharp Spray
– Yoru Spray
– Valorant Yoru Card
– Unmasked Lineage Card
– Dimensional Fragment Buddy– Death Wish Sheriff
Astra– Stellar
– Infinite
– Galaxy Brain Spray
– Astral Plane Spray
– Astra Spray
– Valorant Astra Card
– Cosmic Origin Card
– Stardust Buddy– Eclipse Ghost
KAY/O– Bot
– Built Different
– Drained Spray
– Training Bot Spray
– KAY/O Spray
– Valorant KAY/O Card
– Memory Log Card
– Memory Chip Buddy– Fire/Arm Classic
Chamber– Charmer
– High Class
– One In The Chamber Spray
– Seeing Double Spray
– Chamber Spray
– Valorant Chamber Card
– Joint Venture Card
– Call Me Buddy– Finesse Classic

Unlock Valorant agents to maximize your win options across all the Valorant Maps and get rewarded immensely! Happy Gaming!

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