How to Remake in Valorant: Guide for Competitive Valorant Rematch

Valorant can be fun to play when you have equally capable or better players as allies. But, what can you do when you have AFK players or players that leave the match as soon as it begins? Players should remember the How to Remake in Valorant Steps for such occasions to avoid playing at a disadvantage.

The number one reason anyone should learn how to Remake in Valorant is to avoid being outnumbered. Though you may be capable of Clutching the game rounds, often, a 4v5 or 3v5 situation in Competitive Valorant games can be disheartening to play. So, let’s see how to use the Valorant Remake Option.

How To Remake in Valorant

Can you Remake a Match in Valorant?

Yes, it is possible to remake a Competitive Valorant match due to AWOL players or otherwise. However, doing so will require a Yes vote from every player in the team. Usually, players agree for a match remake because it’s better to have 5 members in a team to face enemies.

There are two ways to initiate a Match Remake. Let’s see them each.

How to Remake in Valorant?

Remaking a Valorant may seem bothersome to a few players, but it helps maintain the game’s balance. By remaking a Valorant game, both teams get the opportunity to contest on an equal footing. 

Steps to Initiate a Valorant Match Remake

There are two ways by which you can initiate A Valorant Remake, i.e., via the Text box or the Game Menu.

Initiate a Valorant Remake using the Text Box Command.

  1. Access the Chat Box by pressing the Enter key mid-game.
  2. Input the command /remake and again press the Enter key to send.
  3. The Remake Vote will appear on your Screen at the Buy Time in the next round you play.
  4. Press F5 to Vote Yes or Press F6 to Vote No.
  5. Remember, not submitting a vote equals a No vote.
/remake How To Remake in Valorant

Start a Valorant Remake via the Game Menu.

  1. Press the Esc key to access the Game Menu.
  2. Under the General Match Settings screen, you’ll find the Remake button at the bottom.
  3. Click on the button to submit a request to demand a Match Remake.
  4. During the Buy Time, The Voting for Match Remake will Start.
  5. Press F5 to Vote Yes or Press F6 to Vote No.
How To Remake in Valorant

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When Should You Use the Valorant Remake Option?

It is critically important to remember when you can start a remake. That’s right because the remake option becomes unavailable after certain rounds are completed. You can only initiate a Remake during the first three rounds of the game. After it, sending the remake command will not start the Remake voting.

So, start a Remake whenever you get Absconding players in the first three rounds. Otherwise, good luck leading the round, or you can also surrender to avoid facing RR penalties if you lose. Lastly, remember to discuss the match Remake before starting the vote, so no one mistakes it for Surrender Vote. Happy Gaming!

Draw in Valorant

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Q: When can I Remake Valorant?

A: A Player can only initiate a Competitive Match Remake during the first three rounds. After starting the remake, all available players must vote Yes to Remake the match. Otherwise, the match will continue until one side emerges victorious.

Q: How Do You Remake a Valorant Match?

A: There are two ways by which you can Remake Match. You can either use the Remake Button from the Game Menu or submit the /remake command in the textbox.

Q: My Valorant Ally is AFK. Should I initiate Remake?

A: You can contest a match remake, but you cannot provide all Yes votes with one AFK member. So, by default, the match will not fulfill the remake request and proceed with the subsequent game rounds.

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