How to Surrender in Valorant Game – Quick Guide!

Most Valorant Players are still unaware of many game features that can aid their gameplay or competitive matches. Among them, learning How to Surrender in Valorant is one of the lesser-known methods that can save your rank.

How to surrender in valorant

Can You Surrender in Valorant?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to forfeit or surrender a competitive game. You can also opt to surrender an Unrated mode Valorant Game for various reasons, but it’s possible all the same.

Typically, players don’t choose the surrender option, but it’s not always wise to be courageously hopeful. When your Valorant game stands anywhere between 1-10 or 3-10, it’s wise to surrender the game to save RR points.

You can prevent the RR penalty for losing a match by surrendering early, which is usually high at higher ranks. E.g., when a Bronze Rank Valorant Player loses 1-10, their RR penalty lies between -15 to -25. Likewise, the penalties can be higher at higher ranks, resulting in multiple rank losses by losing only a couple of games.

So, How to Surrender in Valorant? Let’s find out!

How to Surrender in Valorant?

Valorant surrendering exists so that players can forfeit a game for any number of reasons. This feature is most useful in Valorant LAN games, although no team has performed it so far in VCT matches. However, you cannot initiate a surrender during the initial game rounds.

A Valorant Player can only initiate a Surrender Request after the end of the 4th round, regardless of standings. A  player can submit a Valorant Surrender request only once per session, so beware of wasting it.

Steps to Perform a Valorant Match Surrender

There are two ways by which you can initiate a Surrender vote, via the Text box or the Game Menu.

  • Initiate a Surrender Request Via the Textbox Command.
  1. Access the Chat Box by pressing the Enter key mid-game.
  2. Input the command /surrender and again press the Enter key to send.
  3. In the next round you play, the Surrender Vote will appear on your Screen at the Buy Time.
  4. Press F5 to Vote Yes or Press F6 to Vote No.
  5. Remember, not submitting a vote equals a No vote.
  • Initiate a Surrender vote in Valorant is via the Game Menu.
  1. Press the Esc key to access the Game Menu.
  2. Under the General Match Settings screen, you’ll find the Surrender button at the bottom.
  3. Click on the Surrender button once to submit a request.
  4. During the Buy Time, the Surrender Voting will begin in the next round.
  5. Press F5 to Vote Yes or Press F6 to Vote No.
how to surrender in valorant

When is it Best to Surrender in Valorant?

Depending on the gameplay, there can be various reasons why you may think surrendering the game can be ideal. However, to prevent throwing an opportunity of becoming victorious, read on to learn when it’s best to surrender.

Valorant Smurfs

Smurfs in Valorant were a significant hindrance to many low Elo players and the Game Developers. While it has been addressed to an extent, there can be matches where you may encounter them.

When you do, going up against them is naturally a good strategy. But, when you’ve lost 6-8 rounds in a row or collectively, consider the valorant surrender option. Most likely, the Valorant smurf wouldn’t bother about their RR, but you should about yours. When you encounter them, save your RR points if you’re confident you’d lose.

Saboteur Allies

When one or some of your allies are AFK, it’s bound to affect the team. It does more when they’re throwing the game purposely. When you find yourself in such situations, discuss it with your team in Valorant team chat or Voice during the buy round.

By surrendering, you’ll not only save your rank but also avoid becoming frustrated by factors outside of your control.

Valorant Full Stack

Another scenario when surrender seems ideal is when you’re a solo/duos player against a full stack team. No, a team’s full stack on a site differs from a full stack team that queues together. You can recognize evidence of it by observing the coordination of the players.

When facing a full stack at a higher rank and if your allies aren’t playing as they should by their rank, discuss surrendering the game. You’d all probably save yourself from falling several ranks by getting a basic RR penalty.

Unlucky Games

Sometimes, the aim works, and your team performs well, but it’s possible to get unlucky for no reason at all. At such times, it’s wise to recollect yourself and discuss with allies if surrender would be ideal for everyone.

Normally, being unlucky in Valorant is common because of many Valorant Agent Abilities in use. However, ruling a game unlucky in the initial 9 rounds is rather poor judgment than an oversight. So, surrender the match, refresh yourself by playing a Deathmatch, and queue again if you may.

We hope this guide helped you accurately determine when and How to surrender in valorant!

how to surrender in valorant

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Q: Is it Better to Surrender in Valorant?

A: It is better to surrender in Valorant only when you’re sure that the match outcome won’t turn in your favor. Make-believe works, but surrendering in Valorant can help you save your Competitive Rank when it doesn’t perform.

Q: Does surrendering hurt your rank?

A: Valorant Surrender indeed hurts your rank, but comparatively, with losing by a high margin, you’ll lose fewer RR points. First, it’s ideal to discuss the idea with your team before initiating a vote. A team can only initiate a Valorant Surrender once per 12 rounds.

Q: Is it Better to Surrender in Valorant?’

A: Surrender in Valorant can help you end the ongoing match by forfeiting it to hand victory to the opposite team. The scenario where it’s better to Surrender in Valorant is when you suspect the game result won’t be a victory. Otherwise, you can surrender for other reasons, but you’ll need the votes of your allies for a successful valorant match surrender.

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