Valorant KD Ratio – How To Increase KD in Valorant Game?

Playing Valorant can be fun but also absolutely disturbing when you’re hard stuck on a particular rank. You’ve played your way through competitive games and are maybe tired of slow progress or bad teammates. Either way, navigating yourself through these games won’t reap much unless you become MVP or improve your Valorant KD Ratio.

When you question – How to Increase KD Ratio? It is first crucial to trace back your steps & examine basic mistakes.

Common Valorant KD Ratio Declining Mistakes

Whether you’re scaling your way to the Bronze rank or hard stuck on Silver, Valorant Rank push can be challenging. The difficulty grows further in Valorant Gold rank with poorly MMR queuing outcomes, granting you Bronze teammates.

However, here’s a couple of mistakes to avoid that drop your Valorant KD Ratio and subsequently your Valorant Rank.

Solo Pushing Spike Site

Suppose you’re playing Bind & you plan to push the A Bath area alone with a Spectre for A Tower kill. Here, you’re enacting make-believe that the Spectre will easily get you a long-range kill in a solo push, no chance. Unless your aim recoil is spot on or you’re better with burst fire, no way you’re nailing A Tower Kill.

Valorant KD Ratio

Unnecessary Force Buy

Consider the same game scenario, except the game stands at 3-5, and you have enough economy for Spectre + Half Armour. At such times, it’s better to purchase pistols with a few Valorant Agent Abilities to make it an Eco Round.

You can pick the opponent’s guns when you successfully get a few trades when pushing a site in pairs. This way, you’ll have enough money to purchase Phantom/Vandal + Full Armor in the next round regardless of winning or losing.

Force buy Valorant KD Ratio

Valorant Agent Abilities Reliance

During a chaotic gunfight, being the one who dies holding an unused Valorant Ability at hand hurts deep. It sucks more when you have wasted your Valorant Agent Ultimate Ability, and you’re gunned on your face. It’s a pretty common mistake, and there’s no way around it except learning discipline or proactiveness to launch an ability.

Valorant KD Ratio Increasing Tips

Now with the basics out of the way, there’s still more that you can do to improve your gameplay. Regarding How to Increase KD Ratio, do the following things readily.

Learn to Save

When you are in a 1v3 scenario, it’s nearly impossible to clutch the round by yourself unless you get lucky. Hence, it’s better to save your equipment and not give the opponent a free kill by taking your chances. By doing so, you will retain your weapon & gain more economy in the next round, besides reducing the death rate.

Save Valorant KD Ratio

Lure Valorant Agent Abilities

When your death occurs primarily by using valorant agent abilities at the wrong time, learn to use them less. Instead of going full send when pushing a site with your teammates, use valorant agent abilities as required.

Let the opponent team empty their abilities initially, so they have no special advantage over you after the 30 seconds.

Peek in Pairs

The number one rule of trading kills is essential to follow in any tactical FPS game, especially in Valorant game. By hunting for opponents in pairs, you allow yourself the chance to score a kill or an assist. It will thereby save you or your teammate from certain death.

Peek In Pairs

Either way, you will build pressure on the opponents. While that’s true for when you play as Attackers, as Defenders, always have a teammate in your vicinity. Never let one agent defend a spike site, regardless if it’s Killjoy, Cypher, or anyone else.

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Want to know How to increase KD score ultimately? Pick your battles cautiously!

Seriously, it’s understandable to take the fight to the opponents, but that’s completely unnecessary when you’re defending. Moreover, when you hear multiple enemies approaching, it’s better to take cover & play retake instead of becoming a useless martyr. Yes, those are some harsh words, but they’re of absolute importance.

  • Take cover when you hear Reyna launching a Leer.
  • Hearing more than one set of footsteps is not the cue to use flash and go guns blazing.
  • Hold the spike site by positioning yourself at defensive angles.
  • Prevent positioning at locations where the nearest cover is more than 4 steps away.
  • Push sites in pairs. Never peek alone.
  • Beware of snipers, check opponents’ economy for their ability to purchase Operators.
  • Stop peeking mid when you’re getting killed in the same way repeatedly for two rounds.
  • Alter your locations of pushing/holding a site every few rounds to prevent predictability.

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The Takeaway

There’s a world of information regarding ‘How to increase KD ratio,’ and it rests on the idea of discipline. To want your Valorant KD Ratio to go higher, be less impulsive, or when you are impulsive, be less afraid. GLHF!

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