NA Valorant Games: 5 Reasons Why NA is the Best!

The Valorant game continues to receive critical acclaim for its numerous achievements – periodically releasing fresh Maps & Valorant Agents, as promised. But, what’s primarily driving the business of Riot Games Inc. via Valorant is the playerbase & NA Valorant Games.

NA Valorant Games

NA or the North American region has an active history of participating in and hosting regional and global eSports events. From MOBA games to BR to tactical FPS game titles, the eSports events feature several players, especially youngsters. Such players, with their competitive eSports gameplay experience, have added to the Valoran type.

But, there’s still more as to Why NA Valorant Games are Best, so read on!

5 Reasons Why NA Valorant Games Best The Global Valorant eSports Teams!

The North American Valorant eSports games aren’t the sole reason why its teams perform phenomenally well on the global stage. Several additional reasons contribute to making the NA Valorant Games the best in the league!

1. Vast Gaming Community

Whether players are interested in playing Valorant passively or for professional reasons, the active Valorant playerbase is immense. Majority of the NA region valorant players belong to the Gold Valorant Rank, with over 30% belonging to the higher ranks.

NA Valorant Games

Such a varied playerbase allows every gamer to test their mettle against equally or more challenging opponents & even smurfs. Irrespective of the latter types of players populating the Valorant MMR system, the game flourishes with a playerbase that grows daily.

2. Regular eSports Events

The present North American Valorant eSports scene isn’t as grand as the CSGO or Fortnite tournaments in the past. However, it can change in a matter of months since it’s mandatory in a post-pandemic world to uphold safety regulations.

NA Valorant Games

Despite it, the NA region eSports tournaments or championships has a plentiful colorful history, registering over 200 games tournaments annually. Such highly-active channels for promoting gaming further influence the players to try their skills at regional/global competitive games.

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3. Indulgent Valorant Players

Against the proof of the truth of how players have successfully converted ‘Raze Ults’ to ‘Roza Ults’, the NA region players are definitely indulgent to the brim. It is also one of the reasons why several names from the NA region feature in the charts of the list of best player(s) in Valorant 2021.

Watching aggro moves by players allows the game audience to witness Valorant Agent abilities in their absolute glory!

Not only does this present the Valorant Game on Mac or PC in a better light, but it also incites the audience to try the game, raising the challenge for its existing players.

4. Masterful Gameplay Tactics

The rivalry between NA and EU or EMEA regions is old as the days, especially since the CSGO eSports era. Fortunately, it has made its way to Valorant eSports, where teams from both regions are seen going toe-to-toe until the NA teams choke (kidding) or the EU teams lose.

Irrespective of the outcomes, the NA Valorant teams have showcased master Valorant gameplay tactics beyond its aggro-brute approach. The VCT 2022 events outcomes are a testament to their rational use of abilities and improvements in their gameplay.

5. Maximum Valorant Live Streams

A region known for having the maximum Live streams of a game should surely have the best players right? Indeed. The North American Valorant Stream channels daily feature gameplay from noteworthy names like Shroud, Tarik, Asuna, Hiko, ShahZam, TenZ, etc.

The NA Valorant Region live streams, therefore, feature Live broadcasts of some of the top 10 valorant players in North America. Such streams help numerous viewers learn better gameplay tactics, indirectly improving the competition level of Valorant games.

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Final Words

Additional reasons that make the NA Valorant Games fun to watch and learn are the experienced coaches and ex-CSGO players. Both entities bring their experience to a newer tactical FPS game that is barely out of its corn. Still, Valorant is closer every day to making its 2nd Billion in revenue, after long surpassing $1B in earnings.

So make sure to catch some Valorant NA eSports VCT streams when you can! Happy Gaming!

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Who are the Top 10 Valorant Players in North America?

The Current top eSports players of NA Valorant Games are:
• Baybay • curry • leaf • PureR • Nathn • Cryocells • thief • yay • Smoke • Corey

Who is the Best Player in Valorant 2021?

Jaccob ‘yay’ Whitaker is the best player in Valorant 2022 VCT games, with TenZ as the former Best player in Valorant 2021.

What is NA in Valorant?

NA in Valorant stands for the North American region/server in Valorant game/events.

Is Tenz the Best Valorant player?

TenZ is among the top 10 valorant players in North America but yay sans ‘EL Diablo’ (Jacob Whitaker) is the Best Valorant Player in NA.

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