EU Valorant Games: 5 Reasons Why EU Valorant is the Best!

The long upstanding rivalry between North America and the EU or EMEA region in eSports titles never gets old. While a stratum of the community takes delight in watching NA Valorant games, the EU Valorant Games are no less. They offer the perfectly contrasting side to the NA Valorant gameplay.

But, mistaking the EU Valorant Games as being any less indulgent would be a bold misunderstanding. It’s because the EU has long reigned the global eSports gaming turf, across famous BR AAA and FPS titles. Here’s why and how the EU Valorant gameplay carries forward the legacy!

5 Reasons Why EU Valorant Games Best The Global Valorant eSports Teams!

The Europe Valorant eSports teams are known to bring serious competition to other participants in both LAN and online events. Qualities that make the EU teams in Valorant a class apart from others are a handful but fairly ardent.

EU Valorant Games

1. Experienced pro eSports Players

The teams in the EMEA & EU region within Valorant are all composed of highly experienced ex-CSGO players. It translates to the team benefitting from the tactical strategic knowledge brought by veterans that are coaches or players themselves.

Additionally, their prowess and their skills from such other tactical FPS titles further aid their gameplay, boosting their confidence and team morale. EU Teams can shake off difficult losses like nothing, and revert to focusing competitively again. It assists their gameplay as a major plus.

2. Active Pro Esports Communities

Apart from the North American region, the EU & the EMEA regions host the most Europe Valorant eSports events. Since the same is also true for other game titles, it helps to build a space for young enthusiasts to enter the world of competitive global eSports gaming.

Participating in numerous competitive eSports events across various formats helps both players and teams learn better & improve their performance.

3. Strategically Adept

To confirm any single player as the best player in Valorant 2021 from the EU region is an endless debate. It is because every player experienced or familiar with the tactical asymmetric FPS shooter genre in the EU region knows how to adapt.

Spotting a player from the European Valorant teams who slips their mark, much less throws or fails in reading the opponents is a rarity. Even in clutch situations, the EU players showcase more stability and map presence as compared to the NA Valorant players.

4. Best IGL Pros

If the EU Valorant teams have anything in particular as an upper hand against other teams, it’s their roster & IGL. The IGL or In-game-leaders from this region are well versed in playing diligently while being lethal like the winter’s cold.

Moreover, the teams from this region rarely have frequent roster changes, signaling healthy team management & respectfully united growing environment. Therefore, almost all of the Valorant players across European teams reverently adhere to their IGL commands.

5. Bulls-Eye Aim!

Irrespective of whether you’ve caught any Europe Valorant Streams, you better expect their players to have the god-like aiming capability. It is also why the contending list of top 10 valorant players in Europe coincides with or even subsets global Valorant player rankings.

All of the participating team members from both the EU and the EMEA region have sharp aims and equally quick reflexes. It makes stealing kills or defusing the spike harder than usual when you know the opponent nearly never misses.

Final Words

Several other reasons make the EU Valorant Games among the best matches you can experience, live or otherwise. Something to take away from their gaming style in Valorant is to know the balance between having Map Control and downright owning the opponents.
Thus, make sure to catch some Valorant EU & EMEA eSports VCT streams when you can here. GLHF!


Q. Who are the Top 10 Valorant Players in Europe?

The Current top eSports players from the EUValorant Games are:
• ScreaM • Derke • Jamppi • Boaster • Nukkye • cNed • BONECOLD • AvovA • koldamenta • MAGNUM

Q. Who is the Best Player in Valorant 2021?

Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom is the best player in Valorant 2021 EMEA region, who continues to retain his spot in 2022.

Q. What is EU & EMEA in Valorant?

EU in Valorant Stands for the Europe region server/teams whereas the EMEA encapsulates the teams/servers from Europe, Turkey, and the CIS regions.

Q. Is ScreaM the best Valorant Player?

Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom is certainly among the top 10 valorant players in Europe, inclusive of names like Derke, Mystic, soulcas, Nukkye, AvovA, etc.

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