New Valorant Bundle Leak + Updates!

The global Valorant Gaming community appreciates newer game features, but it dearly awaits the leaks of any new valorant bundle. Everyone likes seeing something new, and valorant devs are not indifferent to this demand, which they support each month wholeheartedly.

New Valorant Bundle News

The latest new bundle leak brings the speculations of the launch of new gun skins with EP4 Act 2. It is derived from the history of Valorant releasing new gun skins with the introduction of a new act. Presently, the newest bundle introduced within Valorant is the Tigris Bundle, and no new skin leaks have surfaced yet.

Valorant New Bundle – Tigris Skin Bundle

Tigris Skin Bundle was released with the Lunar Celebration Event Pass launch and is only available for 13 days. The bundle’s contents include valorant skins for Shorty, Spectre, Phantom, Operator, and Melee.

Tigris new valorant bundle

Besides featuring Gun skins, the bundle also provides Tigris Spray, Tigris Gun Buddy, and Tigris Player Card. The new valorant bundle price amounts to 5100 VP when you buy the whole bundle. Players could also make individual purchases of the Bundle items at respective prices, but the items feature no VFX customization.

Valorant Give Back Bundle Results News

The premise of the Give Back Bundle is based on rewarding the game community with their chosen items. The gun skins included in the bundle are determined based on global voting, a portion of whose proceeds go to charity.

Give Back new valorant bundle

For fans asking questions like ‘What will be in the Give Back bundle?’ checking Announcements will be fruitful.

Players voted for Reaver Sheriff, Ion Operator, Valorant Go! Vol. 1 Spectre and Reaver Vandal on the previous Give Back bundle. It was available for purchase between June 22–July 8. Out of the proceeds of its sale, Riot sent 50% of gun skins and 100% of gun accessories sales to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund.

Overall, it made the Give Back bundle worthwhile for the community, gamers, or otherwise.

Previous Valorant Bundle Release Community Feedback

Protocol 781-A Collection was released with Valorant EP4 ACT1, socially featured on Valorant official YT & Twitter channels. Upon its release, the community response was positive regarding reception and sales. The included VFX effects and additional voice lines were a welcome addition, justifying the bundle cost.

Protocol Bundle new valorant bundle

Users seeking answers to questions like ‘How much is the new protocol bundle in Valorant?’ amounted to 9900 VP. Such cost is not an offshoot price considering it is an Ultra edition skin featuring seven cosmetic items.

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The Takeaway

It is yet to be seen (other than social media response) how the Tigris bundle will fare until the release of EP4 ACT2. However, in the meantime, Valorantis working on making the game more inclusive. So fans should expect more Valorant Skin Bundle items from its Celebration Event passes and Battlepass.

And you could always return to watch this space or bookmark it to get New Valorant Gun Bundle leaks news! Happy Gaming!

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