Valorant Lunar Celebration Event Pass Rewards + TIGRIS Bundle!

Riot is known to feature global special events in the Valorant game by offering in-game time exclusive collectibles. The Valorant Lunar Celebration Event is no exception to this activity, which is a welcome delight for several valorant players.

The Lunar Event Pass is free for all valorant players worldwide, supporting the introduction of the Valorant Tigris Skin Bundle.

Valorant Lunar Celebration Event

Valorant Lunar Celebration Event Rewards

The Event Pass offers numerous Valorant Free Rewards to all the players from all the regions across the globe. Valorant’s official Twitter handle (@PlayValorant) has already showcased some additional lore regarding the game’s celebration. Check it out below!

Valorant Lunar Celebration Event Pass Free Items

Please note that the items listed below are not Valorant Battlepass Free items, despite unlocking them being identical. The Lunar Event Pass items are exclusively available for a total of 13 days only. So, be quick to complete the XP requirements to get the following items for free.

Valorant Player TitleValorant SprayValorant Gun BuddyValorant Player CardRadianite Points
Reward Name• Tiger (Tier 1)
• Fortune (Tier 4)
• Lucky Tiger Spray (Tier 2)• Happy Dumpling Buddy x2 (Tier 5)• Wishing You Happiness Card
(Tier 7)
• 10 Radianite Points (Tier 3)
• 10 Radianite Points (Tier 6)

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Valorant Lunar Celebration Event

Valorant Tigris Skin Bundle – Exclusive Valorant Event Collectible!

Celebration of events in Valorant is rarely without the launch of a Valorant Skin Bundle or exclusive Valorant Gun Skins. Therefore, the Valorant Lunar Celebration Event features the Tigris Bundle for sale.

Players can purchase the entire bundle for 5100 VP or buy individual items separately by accessing the Store.

Tigris Bundle Item NameVP Cost
• Tigris Shorty1275 VP
• Tigris Spectre1275 VP
• Tigris Phantom1275 VP
• Tigris Operator1275 VP
• Hu Else Melee2550 VP
• Tigris Spray325 VP
• Tigris Card375 VP
• Tigris Buddy x2425 VP

The Takeaway

The Valorant Lunar Celebration Event surely brings worthwhile collectibles that will never feature again. Don’t miss out on unlocking these Valorant Free Rewards by completing Daily Missions, Weekly Missions & different valorant game modes.

Remember, the Tigris Bundle Valorant Gun Skins are only available till February 12, 2022. Happy Gaming!

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