What Happened to the ‘Time In’ Ninja Valorant Team?

Valorant Fans are delighted to hear their favorite players from other eSports careers join Valorant gaming. Be it professionally or for streaming, the Valorant community is always welcoming all new members, including the Ninja Valorant Team.

So, is there a reason why anyone hasn’t heard them qualify for VCT events, and have they played VCT games?

Ninja Valorant Team Time In Career

The Ninja Esports Team in Valorant is Time In, formed in mid-2020. Tyler ”Ninja” Blevins, the former Fortnite World Champion, movie star, and full-time streamer, created his own Valorant team to join the Valorant eSports.

Ninja Valorant Team

But, his run as a team member, despite being the founder, was short-lived, according to his public announcement. On 8th April, Ninja mentioned he would be quitting the team roster due to personal reasons. One of the reasons he mentioned was his guilt regarding his entertaining duties taking a toll on the team.

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Ninja Valorant Team Members

Ninja formerly played for Time In, his team, which included Austin ”Morgausse” Etue, a friend. The latter member is the only remaining core member of the team after the departure of Michael ”Sonii” Sherman. Michael was the former founder of Time In, who was booted from the roster after disagreements between him and Ninja.

Ninja Valorant Team

Later, the new members to join Time In were Alexander ”LeX” Deily and Gregory ”Grego” McAllen. Both the players have previous eSports experience, playing for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Apex Legends, respectively. Shortly after, the current member Kurtis ”Kurt” Gallo joined the team and also practiced with Ninja.

Time In Controversies & Valorant Return?

The ninja time in the team was a matter of concern for himself as he had no experience playing tactical-FPS games professionally. The alternate name for Time In was then labeled 100 Blifted, sometime before booting Michael ”Soniii” Sherman.

Currently, the team will have to look for sponsors to participate in the VCT games or the Summer Championship events. Regardless of all the discombobulation and inconsistencies, the roster members are happy with the decisions that have been made. Fans might see the team compete in the third-party Valorant events that will happen after September VCT Champions Finals.

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Final Words

Interested fans could learn more about the team by visiting the Ninja Valorant Liquipedia page, where they could also look for Ninja Valorant Settings.


Q. Does Ninja have a Valorant team?

Ninja formerly had his own Valorant team named Time In or 100 Blifted (later renamed). However, he is no longer a part of their roster.

Q. What team is Ninja on?

The ninja valorant team is presently known as 100 Blifted, but Tyler is no longer part of it. The active members of the team include ”Morgausse”, ”LeX” and ”Greggo”.

Q. What’s Ninja’s name in Valorant?

Tyler ”Ninja” Blevins goes by the name of Ninja in Valorant Game.

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