NRG Valorant Roster – Can They Make It To VCT Masters 2022?

NRG is an American eSports organization founded after NBA’s Sacramento Kings bought the LCS spot of Team Coast. NRG Valorant team has already qualified to Group B in VCT Challengers Stage 1 event, where it will battle Sentinels. Other rivalries of NRG eSports (formerly) include T1 Valorant teams like Cloud9 and XSET. Both teams have defeated them in the past.

NRG Valorant Team Roster

NRG in Valorant has seen several team roster changes since its inception in 2020. The first team member to be signed was daps, with Chet as the team coach. In the same month, s0m, KOLER, eeiu joined the team with XceeD on trial.

After the end of his trial, XceeD was replaced by effys, on trial from Gen.G eSports, who left after his trial ended. There were several changes to the NRG roster through the remaining year and all along 2021. Currently, the NRG Roster comprises the following team members:

CountryIDNameJoin Date
United Statess0mSam Oh2020-10-07
CanadaeeiuDaniel Vucenovic2020-10-14
CanadaANDROIDBradley Fodor2020-10-14
United StatestexIan Botsch2021-03-24
United StateshazedBradley Fodor2021-11-10

NRG Valorant Performance in Past

The NRG valorant stats are quite impressive to behold as they’ve improved significantly over the years. Initially, the team did appear to struggle in its matches from 2020, but in 2021 they beat notable teams like Envy, XSET, and others.

NRG consistently succeeded in making it to the Qualifiers rounds of VCT Challengers 1, 2, and 3 to be placed among 1-4th. Unknown to many, the NRG Valorant team is among the Tier 1 teams from the NA region. They have earned upwards of $50k in rewards throughout their career.

NRG in eSports Valorant VCT 2021

Although the VCT 2021 featured itself for the first time in 2021, the games were incredibly challenging. NRG played exceedingly well in most of its VCT 2021 matches across all the Challengers and Masters stages. Their rating currently stands at 1980 points with 88 Wins against 30 Loss results.

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NRG vs Cloud9: Battle of Ages?

Watching an NRG vs Cloud9 match can be comparable to watching pros compete with each other toe to toe. At least it appeared so, across the VCT and NSG Championship matches against Cloud9, wherein the latter emerged victorious in B03 rounds.

NRG Valorant

Still, the NRG valorant team isn’t someone any team should take lightly because of players like hazed, eeiu, s0m & ANDROID. Their team synchronicity is commendable, matching Cloud9’s leaf, Xeppa, mitch, and vanity.

NRG in eSports Valorant VCT 2022

The upcoming NRG matches for VCT Challengers 2022 Qualifiers begin on 11th February. Since NRG plays from the NA region, it has competed against Knights, Pioneers, and Rise. NRG beat each of these teams to secure its Qualifiers position and is headed towards competing against Sentinels, former Valorant Iceland Champions.

NRG Valorant

Final Words

Fans of the NRG team could expect them to clash against Sentinels and other teams with good form as per the team member stats from previous matches. You could look them up on, where you could also find their recent performance report in detail. Be sure to tune into their matches to support them! GLHF!

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