Phantom Skins Valorant Best Collections – ACT 5 EP 1!

For good reasons, everyone is awaiting the release of the Valorant ACT 5 EP 1. The new Valorant Patch 5.00, supposedly, is confirmed to feature the new Valorant map Pearl and other game updates. Beyond it, the fans are more excited about getting the Valorant Gun skins, especially the newest addition to the Phantom Skins Valorant Collection.

Phantom Skins Valorant

How Many Phantom Skins Valorant Bundles Are There?

There are a total of 38 Valorant Phantom Skins to date, most of which feature additional weapon upgrades. These upgrades range from Color upgrades to SFX effects to multi-level VFX upgrades to include animations.

Luckily, some of these upgrades could also be found in eight of the phantom skins valorant battlepass items as follows:

EP 1 ACT 1 – Kingdom – Tier 25EP 3 ACT 2 – Artisan – Tier 25
EP 1 ACT 3 – Serenity – Tier 25EP 3 ACT 3 – Aero – Tier 45
EP 2 ACT 1 – Infinity – Tier 45EP 4 ACT 1 – Velocity – Tier 25
EP 2 ACT 3 – Lightwave – Tier 25EP 4 ACT 3 – Hue Shift – Tier 25

While you won’t be able to get these Phantom Skins Valorant Battlepass items now, you still have opportunities to get any of the other 30 Valroant Phantom skins in your Valorant Night Market or within your Valorant Store Discount Section.

So, how could you know which of the valorant phantom skins are a total steal?

Let us help you help yourself by checking out the top charts below!

Valorant Phantom WeaponTop Features Overview
Credits: 2,900Manufacturer: Bulwark Armory
No TracersRifle Type: Primary / AR
Fire Mode: AutoFire Rate: 11 Rounds/Sec @ 660 RPM
Run Speed: 5.4 m/secEquip Speed: 1 sec
1st Shot Spread: 0.2 degReload Speed: 2.5 sec
Magazine: 30Reserve: 90 (3 Magazines)
“A Balanced Weapon built for Stealth and Stability for Extended Shots.”

Top Valorant Phantom Skins By Valorant Points or Cost

There are five weapon skin classes in Valorant, namely Select-edition-icon.png Select, Deluxe-edition-icon.png Deluxe, Premium-edition-icon.png Premium, Exclusive-edition-icon.png Exclusive, and Ultra-edition-icon.png Ultra. Among them, the costliest phantom skins valorant items belong to the Ultra class, so grab them when you can! Usually, you’ll see them in your Valorant Night Market or your Valorant Store Discount Section at over 20% discounts!

Here are the top Valorant Phantom Skins you should be on the lookout for purchasing!

Phantom Skins Valorant

1. Spectrum Phantom (Exclusive-edition-icon.png)

There are collectively over 200+ Valorant weapon skins, but none can compare to the Spectrum phantom skins valorant upgrades. It is designed exclusively in collaboration with the globally famous musician Zedd, who is also a Valorant Fan.

The Spectrum Phantom Valorant Skin offers four levels of upgrades, wherein it has a custom muzzle flash, gunfire VFX and SFX with weapon hue shift. It is available in three additional colors, each of whose Finisher is truly a sight to behold.

Phantom Skins Valorant

2. Protocol 781-A Phantom (Ultra-edition-icon.png)

Appearing similar in terms of cosmetics within recon skins valorant bundle, the Protocol 781-A Phantom is a one-of-a-kind weapon. Apart from being the second most expensive Valorant bundle ever released, it is the first to feature five levels of Valorant Weapon Upgrades.

The fifth weapon upgrade, the first for any valorant weapon, features additional voice lines alongside a 3D animation within its Finisher. But that’s not everything that makes it precious. The new model VFX to reload SFX, gunfire & inspect animations, etc., are unique features that have never been before in any FPS PC game.

3. Singularity Phantom (Exclusive-edition-icon.png) | Ruination Phantom (Exclusive-edition-icon.png)

To name the most desired valorant phantom skins would be the Singularity Phantom, released with the Valorant Patch 1.10. During its time, the game had only completed a few months on the market. Yet, to receive such a refined and sleek valorant gun skin is rare, which has truly added to the game’s loyalty.

After the success of the Singularity Phantom, Riot decided to extend its League of Legends event called Sentinels of Light into Valorant. They did so by releasing the Ruination Valorant Gun Bundle. Within it, the Ruination Phantom is among the top 5 desired Valrorant Weapons by enthusiasts who prefer the Phantom weapon.

4. Ion Phantom (Premium-edition-icon.png) | Glitchpop EP2 Phantom (Premium-edition-icon.png)

The undefeated most favorite Valorant Weapon parallel to the Reaver Vandal is the Ion Phantom. Since its release, more fans have been developing its concept art besides requesting an Ion 2.0 Bundle release. While the Ion Phantom Valorant weapon only offers up to level four upgrades, its neo-futuristic Finisher, combined with all its VFX & SFX, is the best in class.

The Glitchpop Phantom Valorant weapon is the next best thing to get when you cant acquire the Ion Phantom. Its pop aesthetics, combined with all the lighting effects and animations, make it a must-have for any Valorant weapon skins collector.

The Glitchpop Valrorant Gun Bundle collection from EP 2 offers a tribute to its first release in Valorant Patch 1.05. At the time, it was the first to represent a holographic image whenever the player re-equips it, leading the way for other future valorant skins to follow suit.

5. Oni Phantom (Premium-edition-icon.png) | Recon Phantom (Premium-edition-icon.png)

The next fan favorite, including numerous pro esports Valorant players like nAts, zombs, etc., is the Oni Phantom Valorant weapon. Its animalistic appearance and neon flair animations make it a super entertaining weapon to own. Although numerous players believe it may secretly have an aimbot, the weapon’s a classic collectible, with its supreme Samurai Finisher.

Onto the last phantom skins valorant weapons in this list, the Recon Phantom has a specific class that would appeal to the global Counterstrike game fans. Its complete tactical appearance is rife with kill effects, animations, foregrips, laser sight & flashlight. The unique weapon switch equips animations further establishes it as the top-grade valorant weapon to own and show off.

3 Top Valorant Phantom Skins By Valorant Community

The Valorant Community is the most satisfied and faithful among others because it’s formed of CSGO, Overwatch, and Battle Royale games fans. Naturally, the various Valorant Agents, seventeen to be specific, with unique Valorant lore add to the reasons to admire the game beyond its simple yet challenging gameplay.

Therefore, the following Valorant Phantom skins are by far the most voted favorites across Reddit forums and social media platforms.

Phantom Skins Valorant

1. Spectrum Phantom (Exclusive-edition-icon.png)

Again, apart from all the phantom skins valorant collectibles, the Spectrum Valorant Gun Bindle skins are at the echelon of fine craftsmanship. Despite costing a whooping 10,700 VP, these weapons, especially the Phantom, are a pure delight to own and use. You could also find numerous Valorant gun bait clips showcasing players wanting to get their hands on it after killing an enemy.

It is unknown whether the Valorant Night Market will ever feature the Spectrum Phantom considering its weapon class, but keep your fingers crossed and your crosshair ready, just in case!

Phantom Skins Valorant

2. Ion Phantom (Premium-edition-icon.png)

Any fan-favorite valorant phantom skins list cannot be complete without mentioning the absolute marvel, the Ion Phantom. During its arrival with the Valorant Patch 1.12 update, the Ion Bundle gained top 10 popularity on the Twitter platform. Moreover, not a single Valorant Player exists that could hate the Ion Phantom, especially not after using it at least once.

The chances are that you might get the Ion Phantom in your Valorant Store Daily Offers section, which refreshes every 24 hours. So hold your triggers to get it while you can on a lucky day!

3. Recon Phantom (Premium-edition-icon.png) | Protocol 781-A Phantom (Ultra-edition-icon.png)

All of the Recon Skins valorant collectibles and their successor (not officially) the Protocol 781-A Valorant Bundle skins are top-tier cosmetic items to own across any game. Forget all the CSGO knives, okay, maybe not, but the point is that fans who like their weapons to appear purely tactical and lethal would love these two Valorant Phantom Skins.

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The Takeaway

Although it’s not yet possible to gift phantom skins valorant collectibles between players, it would be impressive when it comes to being. Not only would fans get their hands on their favorite Valorant Weapons, but the game creators Riot Games Inc. also stand to gain hefty margins from it. Either way, be on the lookout for these Valroant Phantom weapon skins and the next one arriving with the Valorant ACT 5 EP 1! Happy gaming, GLHF!

Phantom Skins Valroant FAQs

What is the Best Phantom Skin Valorant?

The best Phantom Valrorant skin is Spectrum Phantom, followed by the Ion Phantom, Protocol 781-A Phantom, and Singularity Phantom.

Where can I buy Phantom Skins Valorant?

Valorant Players can buy Phantom Skins from their Store whenever a new Valorant Gun Bundle is launched. Alternatively, to buy already released cosmetic collectibles like the recon skins valorant item, players should check their Valorant Night Market and the Valorant Store Daily Offers section.

How many Phantom skins are there in Valorant?

Uptill Valroant Patch 4.11 Update, there are 38 Valorant Phantom Skins in total. Each is divided between the five Valorant Weapon Classes: Select, Deluxe, Premium, Exclusive, and Ultra.

What is the rarest Valorant Skin?

The rarest Valorant Skin belongs to the Valorant Spectrum Gun Bundle, designed in collaboration with the globally successful musician Zedd. Single weapons within the bundle cost 2675 VP, with the Melee costing 5350 VP and the bundle costing 10,700 VP.

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