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Professional Valorant gameplay is exciting to watch because a lot goes into having a professional career in Valorant Esports. So, if you have been wondering how to become a professional Valorant player, here is everything you need to know!

How to Play Pro Valorant Games as a Professional?

You must do a few things to join the league of gamers that play professional Valorant Esports games.

Yes, you should First Become a Pro at Valorant.

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1. Learn the Valorant Basics

To have a career in Valorant, you must grind the game by learning the basics and its mechanics.

In Valorant, the basics comprise pretty much everything from learning Valorant Agent Classes to playing multiple Valorant Agents or roles. For instance, if you play as a Duelist main, it’s essential to learn how to play as a controller or a sentinel, or an initiator.

Additionally, the basics of Valorant also include learning gunplay or mastering nearly every weapon. When you see Valorant Pro players use the shorty like a smoking gun, you better believe they still grind it in scrims.

2. Climb The Ranks: Attain Radiant Rank

Once you have mastered the game mechanics, including weapons, gunplay, agent roles, and abilities (yes, of all 22 Valorant Agents), it’s time to Rank Up. Your rank must be at least Immortal, if not Radiant, to join an S Tier or A Tier Professional Valorant Esports team.

Your Valorant rank holds significance because it can be your easy pass to join a Pro Valorant Esports Team, but more on that later. However, the real reason the Radiant rank matters is that in your journey, you will learn a variety of gameplay and skills. These acquired experiences will help you grow as a Valorant player. So everything you learn will prepare you to play professional Valorant games.

Remember that all other professional players who have an active career or are beginning it grow continually, no matter what.

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3. Hire a Coach: Learn To Play Valorant like a Professional!

It should ideally be the first step when learning how to play pro Valorant games, but it will come with a cost. The more familiar you are with the game, the fewer initial hours you will have to spend with your coach learning the game.

So when you are looking for a coach, you should focus on the recommendations and their experience, of course, but also their coaching style. Get a few sessions in, and see how they gauge your skills, mistakes, and gameplay. Depending on how satisfied you are, you should sign them on for subsequent sessions.

play professional valorant

Having a coach makes all the difference because a good coach can help you with several things:

  • Polish your Strengths
  • Identify your Instinct Plays
  • Advise you on Mistakes
  • Enhance Your Gameplay Skills
  • And a lot more

Also, it is in your best interest not to get demotivated while being coached. You may have arguments or denials, but with patience & effort, your coach can help you get better at the game and elevate your gameplay skills. So get in there, put your head down and grind.

4. Put Yourself Out There

After you are ranked at Radiant in Valorant or its equivalent, you must showcase your skills to an audience. Meeting recruiters is not a one-time process, so building your credibility as a pro Valorant player in the meantime is definitely worthwhile. You can put yourself out there in two ways, i.e., live streaming gameplay and participating in local Valorant tournaments.

play professional valorant

Live Streaming Valorant Gameplay

You can start by streaming your games to platforms like Twitch or YouTube and don’t sweat it if you get views initially. Through consistent streaming regularly and having a positive personality, you will build your own audience. Over time, it can pay off by getting people to talk about you in online forums or local Valorant events.

You can also learn how to play pro Valorant games by seeing other streamers play games or join them in their games. Connect with your allies in previous matches and see if they would like to duo or trio together. There are good chances that they might already have a duo because all high-ranked Valorant players do.

For example, Grim earned global recognition for his unique Sage Valorant gameplay on Twitch & YouTube. It’s not too different from Shroud earning global fame with his CSGO & PUBG streams, career, and Reddit posts.

play professional valorant

Participating in Local Valorant Tournaments

As a youngster, you can find local Valorant Tournaments on your college campus or in your city and participate in them. The LAN parties are also a good option to explore for local tournaments near you. These events are crucial because they help you gauge the local talent level and offer you the chance to compete with the best.

One of the underrated aspects of participating in local Valorant competitions is that you gain exposure within the Valorant community. If you play well, there are good chances that someone in the tournament will reach out to you about filling in a role. You can also reach out to them with the same purpose or to build a team of your own.

By making your name familiar in the local Valorant Esports scene, you will boost your chances of signing a contract with a Valorant Esports Organization.

How to Play Professional Valorant in an Esports Team?

Now that you have made yourself capable of being known or seen as a pro, it’s time to become a professional Valorant player. Yes, there is a critical difference between being a pro and being a professional who can play Valorant Esports.

Note: Your experience or journey to join a Pro Valorant Esports team can differ greatly depending on your area of residence. Still, you can apply these practices or explore the following avenues to get picked into a Valorant eSports organization.

1. Networking

It pays to know people in the Esports community, especially if you seek to have a career in Valorant. But don’t lose heart yet if you are an introvert or cannot communicate with people to save your own life.

Networking in Valorant can be simple as playing as duos or full stack just between the students of your Coach. Likewise, networking in Valorant can also be playing with other Valorant Steamers or Signed Content Creators. Usually, these groups would be closed off, but if you can manage to align with their playing style, you can have a network fairly quickly.

Another way to network yourself is by joining Valorant communities on forums and social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. Presently, these two platforms are among the best hubs to connect with global Valorant communities other than Discord and TrackerGG.

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2. Join a Local Esports Team – Play Professional Valorant

Before you play for a S-Tier or A-Tier team, you might want to join a B-Tier Valorant Esports team. It is because, depending on your region, the Valorant Esports organizations can be scarce. If they are not scarce, you should look into joining A-Tier Esports Organizations.

An ideal approach to joining an organization would be to first contact them and arrange a meeting. Alternatively, you could also showcase your skills (portfolio) after you contact them, including revealing your coach history and so on.

Based on the details you provide them, and some live gameplay moments they see, you may as well get recruited.

3. Participate in Local Tournaments as a Team

On the off chance that you cannot find success with an Esports organization near you, seek to join local tournaments. Winning at those tournaments will increase your exposure to players who play professional Valorant matches frequently. Moreover, it will put you in an environment where local Esports recruiters often scout for talent.

It is one of the simplest ways to network yourself and to raise your chances of being recognized by an Esports company or recruiter.

play professional valorant

4. Contact Pro Esports Recruiters

When you have tried with an Esports organization in your geographic region and still couldn’t find your luck, reach out to overseas recruiters. For someone who has already attained the Radiant rank, recruiters wouldn’t bat an eye to give you an opportunity to perform.

Even if they may not select you for their team due to region or other concerns, you can still sign up with them as a Content Creator.

Such opportunities are equally viable to help you climb the ladder of success toward your dream of playing Valorant Esports matches. It is because there is a good chance that someone notices your gameplay and finds you the perfect addition to their roster.

5. Join a Pro Esports Academy

Anyone younger than 18 years of age who wants to learn how to play professional Valorant can explore Esports Academies. It is one of the best ways to begin your professional Esports journey because it makes several things possible for you:

  • Get Professional Coaching
  • Learn Healthy Team Social Skills
  • Improve Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Learn Time Management
  • Balance Career & Personal Life
  • Learn Handling Success & Failures
  • Obtain Scholarships
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Beyond these aspects, an important part of joining the Esports Academy is understanding how the World of Esports functions. A manager or a group of people looking out for your best interests and guiding you can be vital to have a successful career in Esports.

6. Be Humble & Don’t Give Up

Lastly, to have a professional career in Valorant, you will need nerves of steel, patience, grit, and innovation. Sure, these things are equally important in every profession, but in Esports, success comes with a dark side, i.e., bashing.

In the cancel culture world, it’s mandatory that you learn not to take failures to heart but as experiences to learn and grow yourself. Pursuits of success in the professional gaming world with perseverance, a humble attitude, and continuously innovating your skills will pay off eventually. So stick to it because pros don’t fake!

The Takeaway

It is highly recommended that you hire a coach to learn more about how to play Valorant professionally. A coach with an Esports career would be able to solve your specific concerns and could help you overcome them. Parallelly, it would also do you well to keep an eye on any Valorant Updates. It is because all professionals know their craft in and out at all times, so check the posts here regularly.

See you in the VCT, hopefully! GLHF!

play professional valorant


How to become a Professional Valorant Player?

The best way to become a professional Valorant player is by mastering multiple Valorant agents and improving your communication skills. Next, you should attain the Immortal or higher rank and join an Esports organization.

How to Turn Valorant Gaming into a Career?

Create a regimen with the help of a coach and follow it for a period. It will help you understand the commitment it takes to play professional Valorant matches. If you still want to turn Valorant gaming into a career, ask your coach to help you network and meanwhile participate in local Valorant tournaments.

How can I join Pro Valorant Esports events?

You can play Valorant Esports by joining the Valorant Premier matches or participating in local Pro Valorant Esports events. To join the VCT events, contact the Valorant Esports Organizations near you or in your country.

I’m ranked Silver. Can I become a Pro Valorant player?

If you feel hard stuck on a Valorant rank, improve on your mistakes by recording your gameplay and checking online guides. As for becoming a Pro Valorant player, hire a coach to learn how to develop Pro Valorant skills to play in the big leagues. With practice, improvement, and innovation, you can become a pro Valorant player.

How can I find local Valorant tournaments?

Check your local gaming centers or college campus announcements for local Valorant tournaments. You can also participate in national Valorant tournaments by joining Valorant communities on Social media. It’s vital to have participated in local or regional tournaments, to play Valorant professionally in VCT, and so on.

How to Hire a Valorant Coach?

You can reach out to an ex-Esports player to hire them as a coach or contact an Esports Organization in your country. Valorant Coaches can also be hired by reaching out to them from the info available on their Twitch or YouTube channels. Getting a coach early on will help you to have a successful professional career in Valorant.

How to join a Valorant community?

Join the Reddit Valorant Community and Discord Groups of popular Streaming personalities like Shroud, Tarik, Asuna, kydae, Tenz, MeL, tokibbi, etc. You can also find local Valorant communities on social media platforms as well as use TrackerGG to connect with local Valorant players.

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