Is Your Raw Input Buffer Valorant Setting: On or Off?

Changing a singular setting could make a world of difference in FPS games after the emergence of high-speed & low-latency peripherals. Gaming without essential peripherals still offers satisfaction, but special gaming devices indeed help to improve gameplay performance. To meet such requirements, Riot developers have provided the Raw Input Buffer Valorant settings.

What is Valorant Raw Input Buffer?

Maintaining game performance balance is of critical importance for any tactical FPS game. When a player cannot make accurate shots, defeat is their last worry when their ranks are on the line. Here’s where the raw input buffer valorant settings come into play.

 Raw Input Buffer Valorant Setting

The function of the Valorant raw input buffer is to feed the peripheral equipment input data into the game directly. Otherwise, it passes through the Windows OS via a filter, causing input delays in on-screen response time.

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How Does Raw Input Buffer Valorant Help Gameplay By AskReddit

Does setting the Raw Input Buffer Valorant on or off option make a difference?

When the option is enabled, the game settings use the device’s API (Application Programming Interfaces) to process its raw input data. Thus, by enabling it, players using gaming mice will allow the game to receive real-time feedback from their mouse.

 Raw Input Buffer Valorant Setting

The option exists to handle the high polling rates of mice, and it’s currently capped to support up to 8000 Hz. The raw input buffer lets the game offer improved mouse performance in simpler terms. However, it’s worth noting that only high polling rate devices will observe the maximum benefit from this option.

When to Turn Off Raw Input Valorant Option

Using a high-grade mouse on a system that suffices only the minimum requirements to play valorant may cause FPS issues. On top of it, when users enable the raw input option, they may notice further frame drops, overall resulting in experiencing choppy gameplay.

Hence, turning off this feature is useful when you experience such in-game visual performance issues.

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Q. Does raw input buffer help Valorant?

Enabling the option helps improve the gameplay experience, but raw input buffer Reddit additionally suggests something else. Non-gaming mice or mice with fixed polling rates may not obtain a maximum advantage by using this option, so it’s beneficial to turn it off instead.

Q. Does raw input buffer decrease FPS?

Turning on the Raw Input buffer on adequate systems offering a maximum of 60 FPS may cause the game to have frequent, yet inconsistent FPS drops.

Q. Should you use raw input CSGO?

Using the Raw Input CSGO option aims to help players get low latency device input feedback in the game. So it’s advantageous to turn it on when using a high polling rate mouse. Do it, especially when your system cannot bear the slightly extra resource utilization.

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