How Long is a Valorant Game? – All Game Modes Duration Explained!

Users that already enjoy playing the Valorant game know it can take time to complete a match successfully. Based on how both Attackers and Defenders perform on the map, the time in Valorant matches can differ significantly. So, How long is a Valorant game on average?

How Long is A Valorant Game Mode – Timeline & Buy Round Details

The various available game modes in Valorant each offer distinctively different game times to its players. While some games could take longer than an hour to complete, others could end in less than fifteen minutes. So, let’s find out which game modes take up how much time in Valorant.

1. Valorant Unrated & Competitive Game Mode

There are 25 and 32 rounds in Valorant Unrated & Competitive games, spanning for 40 and 70 minutes at max, respectively. But, calculating the precise time in this manner isn’t correct because one cannot rule which team first wins 13 rounds.

So, let’s first define the predetermined time limits of both game modes. Both Unrated and Competitive Valorant game modes grant the following periods for respective purposes stated below:

  • Buy Phase/Pre-Round Time – Grants players 30 seconds.
  • Round Time – Grants both Attackers & Defenders 1 minute and 40 seconds.
  • Spike Time – Detonation of the Spike requires 40 seconds.
How Long is a Valorant Game

The game round time can go beyond the one minute and forty seconds post successful spike plant. Thus, the game round lengths for the Unrated and Competitive games aren’t all too linear per round.

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2. Spike Rush Game Mode

The answer to how long is a valorant in Spike Rush mode is 8 to 12 minutes on average. Its classification is listed below, with respective time distributions.

  • Buy Phase/Pre-Round Time – No Buy Phase, but Pre-round time is 20 seconds.
  • Round Time – Grants both Attackers & Defenders 80 seconds.
  • Spike Time – Detonation of the Spike requires 20 seconds.

3. Replication Game Mode

Time in Valorant for Replication mode also takes about 8-12 minutes per round regardless of which team wins. Players get 80 seconds of round time per round in a Best-of-9 bracket, with 20 seconds Pre-Round Time to use their credits.

How Long is a Valorant Game

4. Escalation Game Mode

It is a TDM game mode where player agent equipment rotates for both teams after randomly assigning valorant agents. The 5v5 gameplay pans out between 7-9 minutes, within which the first team to surpass level 12 secures victory.

5. Valorant Deathmatch Game Mode

The Valorant Deathmatch mode takes 9 minutes to end, but its length is ultimately dependent on two criteria. Whichever player scores 40 kills or has the highest kills until the 9th minute brings the Deathmatch round to an end.

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Q. How many rounds are there in Valorant Unranked mode?

The Unrated or Unranked Valorant mode has 25 rounds (Bo25) where the first team to score 13 rounds wins. In the event of a tie at 12-12, the Sudden Death round decides the winner.

Q. How many rounds are there in Valorant Competitive mode?

The Competitive Valorant Game Mode has 32 rounds (Bo32), where the first team to score 13 rounds wins. However, in case of a tie at 12-12, the Overtime rounds will playout for the remaining 8 rounds until one team gains a two-round lead.

Q. Why are Valorant Games so long?

The Valorant game length is standard and equivalent to rounds length in other tactical FPS games of its competition. To prevent feeling the game rounds are long, stay alive and don’t die within 20 seconds after the round starts.

Q. Does Unrated Valorant Game mode have Overtime?

Unrated Valorant Game mode does not have Overtime rounds but has a Sudden Death round as the tiebreaker. Whichever team wins this round wins the match.

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