Rossy Valorant Twitter – 5 Reasons to Follow Now!

Valorant teams in the NA region gain unparalleled community following and support, wherein the TSM steadily grows every week. Besides their Valorant game performance, the team is often talked about because of the Rossy Valorant Twitter theatrics. Here’s why you should get in on it!

rossy valorant twitter

Who is Rossy?

Daniel “Rossy” Abedrabbo is a young and gifted Americal Valorant eSports Pro Player signed with TSM. He is known to make finesse Raze Valorant plays which assist his team members Subroza, Corey, seven, and gMd.

Looking further at his game performance is vital for several reasons before learning why the Rossy Valorant Twitter is worth following. For starters, he is resourcefully skilled in contesting enemy territory to align his team into favorable positions.

TSM Rossy Valorant Gameplay Overview

Rossy can read the enemy, wherein he pragmatically uses the Valorant agent abilities that gain him an advantage. Matching it up with his impressive aiming capabilities, Rossy can be lethal even with a Frenzy, especially in eco rounds.

Moreover, Rossy is good at being tactful whenever it comes to using Valorant Initiator agents, which primarily helps his team. Whether making bold moves or playing smartly in post-plant situations, TSM trusts Rossy to emerge victorious in Clutch situations.

TSM Rossy Valorant Settings

⨁ TSM Rossy Mouse Settings

MouseLogitech G Pro Superlight
Polling Rate (Hz)1000
Raw Input BufferOn

⨁ TSM Rossy Valorant Settings

Crosshair ColorCyan
Outlines Opacity1
Outlines Thickness1
Center DotOff
Center Dot Opacity1
Center Dot Thickness1
Override Firing Error OffsetOff
Override all Primary CrosshairsOff
Show Inner LinesOn
Inner Lines Opacity1
Inner Lines Length5
Inner Lines Thickness2
Inner Lines Offset3
Movement ErrorOff
Movement Error Multiplier1
Firing ErrorOff
FIring Error Multiplier0
Show Outer LinesOff
Outer Lines Opacity1
Outer Lines Length1
Outer Lines Thickness1
Outer Lines Offset1
Movement ErrorOff
Movement Error Multiplier0
Firing ErrorOff
Firing Error Multiplier0

⨁ TSM Rossy Valorant Keybind

JumpSpace bar
Use ObjectF
Equip Primary Weapon1
Equip Secondary Weapon2
Equip Melee Weapon3
Equip Spike4
Use / Equip Ability: 1Q
Use / Equip Ability: 2E
Use / Equip Ability: 3C
Use / Equip Ability: UltimateZ

5 Reasons to Follow Rossy Valorant Twitter!

The initial impression one obtains from seeing the flurry of TSM Rossy tweets is that the lad has a funny bone. But being hilarious isn’t his only accomplishment in putting his social media account to good use. Rossy often tweets about VCT games and even tweets on the news about other teams’ match outcomes.

Of course, all of it has a hint of KEKW, which his +25,000 Twitter followers collectively enjoy. So here are five reasons to follow Rossy Valorant Twitter profile!

1. Valorant TSM Rossy Game Clips

If there’s anything that delights Valorant fans, no matter their origins or background, it’s the Valorant game clips. From the days of Shroud Reddit clips, numerous gamers have continued the practice of posting their clutch moments. However, the thing about Rossy Valorant Clips that he tweets is that he often accomplishes unimaginable feats!

As you can see, the masterful Rossy gunplay backed by his lithe movement is certainly a charmer. The +3k likes are a testament to validate his performance, whose count averages the same for every TSM Rossy tweet of his gameplay.

2. TSM Rossy Valorant Twitter Banter

The second most admired aspect of having pro-eSports Valorant players’ main Twitter is all the light-hearted banter. Often, such tweets are playful digs on valorant match outcomes or player performances, and not to forget, TSM Subroza is why the Raze Ultimate is so famous as Roza ULT!

Above, you can see Rossy being playful with his team member TSM Subroza, hanging out together on their practicing turf.

TSM Best Plays Breakdown Banter – Another reason why you should follow Rossy Valorant Twitter account!

A rare featurette of the TSM Valorant team enjoying the Mobile Apex Legend Experience while chilling around on their turf.

3. Rossy – The Weeb!

It’s not the first that a Valorant pro eSports player has been known for admiring the world of Manga and Anime. The TSM Rossy tweets hold back nothing while showcasing his adoring nature towards certain someone from the Manga world. Can you recognize ’em all?

From going places to meeting Yuri Femme Fatales on dates, Rossy updates his fans on proverbial dating life!

The Rossy Valorant Twitter account is doing what it does best in its natural habitat.

It is said laughing on oneself is the greatest comedy, and Rossy wasn’t shy of demolishing his Weeb side to fans!

A chill afternoon can also be relaxing, especially with one of his fellow weeb.

4. Valorant Pre-Match TSM Rossy Tweets

Getting the fans together should be the responsibility of the respective team’s social media head. However, it’s more fun when the members do it themselves! So check out these funny pre-match Rossy Valorant Tweets!

TSM Rossy takes on the iconic Frog Meme to update his fans about the TSM Game going live in a few!

Rossy is advocating and boosting the TSM FTX team and fan morale by doing his bit.

5. Valorant Post Match TSM Rossy Tweets

Most pro eSports Valorant players are known to chill or laze around after their VCT games. Rossy is no exception, except he again makes good of his social media Twitter handle, giving his fans something to obsess about.

Rossy presents the State of the 100T Valorant Team Roster after landing in a 9-3 Valorant curse scenario.

A casual TSM Valorant Team discussion about being weebs & simps.

The Takeaway

The Rossy Valorant Twitter updates are purely intended for fun and laughter, which he duly himself enjoys regardless of whatever they convey. Often, Rossy responds on his TSM Rossy tweets, so be sure to follow him, and you, too, can be the lucky one to earn a response!

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