Solista Valorant Settings for One-Shot Kill Accuracy!

Valorant is all about aim precision and tactical skills, where players compete in 5v5 matches with asymmetrical win objectives. However, one of the common win objectives is to kill all enemies, and Solista Valorant gameplay does justice to it. Still, Solista’s career as a Valorant Streamer was short-lived.

Solista Valorant Full-Time Streaming Career

Solista is one of the well-known names in the NA Valorant Region Ranked leaderboards, who used to stream Valorant. His performance was classified as legitimately suspicious after he quickly rose to the Radiant Valorant Rank in a short time.

His steep climb to the Valorant NA leaderboard was assisted by his use of Triggerbot, which was discovered quite late. In the Meantime, he frequently played against notable eSports players like Shroud, Hiko, Tariq, etc., by being queued together.

Solista Valorant

He earned the suspicion after landing clean kills match after match, using the Guardian valorant weapon. His aiming prowess also influenced other Valorant players to use the gun more, including Shroud, the famously proven Aim-god.

Solista Valorant Ban Controversies

Gamers are no strangers to cheating in games or seeing cheaters ruin the game, and Riot is not the one to entertain the latter. Solista Valorant Twitter was flooded with clips of him being banned on live stream by Riot for cheating.

The ban was activated on 14th April, when Solista engaged in a ranked valorant game on Spilt after the 18th round. The controversy was already predicted (jokingly) by Shroud a few days earlier, and that’s why the rumors of shroud cheating also flew.

Shroud hasn’t gotten banned from games, except the one time shroud gets banned on PUBG. It was after he carpooled with a hacker who used a flying-cars-hack.

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Solista Valorant Settings

Although Solista is banned, perhaps permanently, his settings are worth using, at least for those who use the Guardian. Don’t worry. You won’t get banned if you use his Valorant in-game settings, as long as you don’t use cheats.

Solista Valorant Crosshair

OutlinesOff | 1 | 1 
Center DotOn | 1 | 1
Inner Lines1 | 3 | 1 | 2
Outer Lines0 | 0 | 0 | 0
Movement ErrorOff
Firing ErrorOff

Solista Valorant Mouse Settings

Polling Rate1000 Hz
In-game Sensitivity0.64
In-game Scoped Sensitivity1
Windows Sensitivity6

Solista Settings for Valorant Game Elements

Valorant Minimap Settings

RotateRotate | Rotate Based on Side
Keep Player CenteredOn
Minimap Size1.2
Minimap Zoom0.89
Minimap Vision ConesOn
Show Map Region NamesAlways

Valorant Keybinds Settings

CrouchLeft Ctrl
WalkLeft Shift
JumpMouseWheel Down
Ability 1E
Ability 2Q
Ability 3C
Ultimate AbilityX

Valorant Video Settings

Material QualityLow
Detail QualityMedium
Texture QualityLow
UI QualityMedium
Anti- AliasingMSAA 2x
Anisotropic Filtering1x
Improve ClarityOn
Enhanced Gun Skin VisualsOff

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Q. Why was Solista banned?

cSolista was banned from Valorant, in mid-game, on 18th April on his live stream for using the Triggerbot hack.

Q. Is Solista a cheater?

Solista is labeled a cheater in the valorant gaming and twitch communities for using aim hacks in valorant games.

Q. Did Solista get banned?

Solista got banned on 18th April on his live stream during an ongoing match on Split, where he played as Reyna.

Q. What happened to Solista?

After receiving Valorant Ban from Riot, it is unknown what happened to Solista.

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