Know Your TSM Roster for VCT 2022!

TSM is an American esports organization whose arm TSM Valorant was founded in May 2020. The team is known to compete professionally against the likes of Sentinels, Cloud9, Envy, 100 Thieves, and others in VCT. TSM’s rivalry with the 100T team has been a subject of attraction due to the fierceness of the competition between them.

TSM Valorant Team Roster

For the uninitiated who wonders – Does TSM have a valorant team? Yes, they do. At the team’s inception, mouseSpaz was signed, followed by the signing up of LeviathanAG, and bang, a few months later.

TSM valorant

Soon later, TSM signed Chet as a coach for the valorant team, and in March 2021, brax returned as the 6th member. Currently, the TSM roster for VCT 2022 features the following members:

CountryIDNameJoin Date
CanadaWardellMatthew Yu2020-05-22
CanadaSubrozaYassine Taoufik2020-05-22
United StatesLeviathanAGAleko Gabuniya2021-07
United StatescoreyCorey Nigra2022-01-20
United StatesRossy (IGL)Daniel Abedrabbo2022-01-20

TSM Valorant Performance in Past

Watching a TSM match is incredibly entertaining because of the team’s gameplay and everything it does on the field. While it’s difficult to say how precise their comms are, you can bet they have synchronicity on the maps they play.

Being a Tier 1 Valorant team from NA, TSM has all the brain and the brawns. Corey, the IGL himself, has been a former professional Overwatch player, so he’s familiar with the tactical-FPS esports games. At the same time, the ACS of the rest of the members easily exceeds well over 260, making them a formidable team to battle.

TSM in eSports Valorant VCT 2021

According to TSM valorant VLR statistics, the team has had a fair share of successes throughout VCT 2021. It maintains a record win of 127 matches while losing only 27 with a rating of 1810. Although these figures do include their performance in the #1 Qualifier VCT 2022 matches, TSM easily ranks among the top 10 teams in NA.

TSM vs 100T Valorant: Battle of Ages?

In the VCT 2021 matches, a spotlight moment was the combat between TSM and 100T teams. Since both teams feature young and experienced players that coincidentally share similar Valorant agent preferences, their clash was quite entertaining.

TSM valorant vs 100 theives

The maps played in the TSM valorant match were Icebox and Ascent, the first instances when these teams competed against each other. Unfortunately, TSM could not secure the win against the 100T Valorant team, but the incredible frags made by TSM members are, to date, swoon-worthy.

TSM in eSports Valorant VCT 2022

Based on the brackets features on vlr, TSM has played a total of 14 matches in the Qualifiers VCT 2022 event. Among them, they have faced defeat four times from teams, namely Knights, Akrew, Ghost Gaming, and Built By Gamers.

The TSM schedule is cut short due to their failure to qualify for the Group Stage Matches in VCT Challengers 2022. TSM’s failure has also earned social attention from its fans, who were disappointed. Other team members of the NA region have also stated the same.

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Final Words

Despite the disappointing performance,  TSM is looking to improve its mistakes by learning from them. Fans could expect another TSM vs 100T showdown when the VCT Challengers Stage 2 begins on May 5, 2022.

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