Latest New Valorant Leaks!

Valorant is growing progressively with each game patch update that often arrives with introducing the new Valorant Act. In-between, the valorant devs release smaller patches that may bring significant changes to the game.

Presently, the following Valorant Leaks have surfaced or are brought under the spotlight from various sources, including @ValorLeaks.

All Valorant Leaks

The data miners and Twitter user Mike have unearthed several exciting game leaks that could enhance the gameplay experience.

Note: This section will be frequently updated with the latest information as per the new leaks if any. Please continue reading further to read about Valorant leaks from the past.”

1. Valorant Game Leaks

  • Starting with the game leaks, Valorant may now feature Control or CTF game mode. Within it, two teams of five will compete and rush to capture points on the map, which secures their victory. Although this game mode isn’t officially announced, it may feature in the new Valorant Act.
  • Though the Valorant Skin leaks 2022 have been scarce, there are talks about the release of Progression Rewards. According to leaks, the Progression rewards will allow players to win boxes daily by logging in or winning matches. The rewards will incorporate an Act Points System, which will be awarded to the player’s account when the boxes are opened.
  • Valorant Players may soon be able to Favourite/Unfavourite the Gun Skins within their Inventory from the Collections section.
  • Sharing Valorant Crosshair profiles could soon become incredibly easy by accessing the option to download and upload crosshair profile codes.

2. Valorant Map Leaks

  • Valorant Icebox map could receive several changes to its layout, and they aren’t exclusive to one particular spike plant site.
  • On site A, renders of photoshop images from data mining efforts have revealed the transformation of the Yellow trailer. It may now be readjusted regarding its placement angle on the spike site, along with its structure. The yellow trailer could now feature two stacked boxes adjacent to it.

The Valorant leaks twitter sources have been kinder, as there has been more news regarding the changes on the Icebox map.

  • On site A, renders show the transformation of the existence of the green box into a non-penetrable box. The second change reveals modification of the pipe structure near the Attacker Spawn trailer beyond the Rafters. The pipes section will no longer accommodate space to peek from the Attacker to the Spike Site.
  • The B Site could now feature a cubby area on the Garage space. Based on the renderings, this space could help defend the Mid area and counter combat attackers approaching from the Yellow Trailer.

3. Valorant Skin Leaks

@ValorLeaks confirmed that the Tigris Skin Bundle guns would not feature any VFX effects that could be unlocked using Radianite points. While that may disappoint some, it’s worth knowing that those guns already feature some VFX of their own.

The newest Valorant Gun skin leaks may not feature until the gradual few days of the current Battlepass completion. So, check this space to get all the latest Valorant Skin updates!

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Valorant Leaks Community Response

Finding an appropriate community response to these leaks could be done by referring to the Mike Valorant Leaks handle. However, should there be any special criticism or a confirmed leak, you may surely be able to read it here. Stay updated, Radiants!

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