Valorant Battle Pass Calculator To Win More Items Quickly!

Valorant offers exciting game cosmetic items in its Battle Pass Valorant Updates that are released with New Acts. Although the duration of Valorant Battle Pass lasts longer than a month, players sometimes fall short of completing all its missions. Here’s why players seek the support of using tools like a Valorant Battle Pass Calculator. So, is it worth trying?

What is Valorant Battle Pass?

A Battle Pass Valorant costs 800 VP, bringing numerous items scattered across its 50 levels. After the purchase, players will need to earn EXP equivalent to 50 levels to unlock respective items at those levels.

For instance, to unlock the first item, the players will need to earn 1,000 EXP, and so on until they reach the Epilogue Chapter.

Valorant Battle Pass Calculator

Therefore, each Battlepass offers up to 100 Radianite points and over 12 gun skins, which players could unlock by playing. But how do you earn so much EXP before the arrival of the Valorant Battle Pass End Date? And How many game hours do you need to unlock every item across the 50 levels?

It’s simple. You play clever, and maybe use a Valorant Battlepass Calculator!

What is a Valorant Battle Pass Calculator?

A Battle pass calculator is a simple excel sheet made by a Reddit user named SamK to help the community. It is free to use and is freely available here.

After opening it, you’ll be greeted with plenty of colorful cells stating different parameters and their individual values. Players can use it to learn how many games to complete valorant battle pass and other queries.

The battle calculator features numerous other parameters that help players determine the valorant battle pass total XP they need thereon.

Why & When To Use Valorant Battle Pass Calculator?

The use of the Battle Calculator is best fruitful when you’re running behind on your weekly and daily missions. When you are unsure how many games you need to play, you can use the valorant battle pass XP per level calculator. It can tell you how much EXP you can earn from a game on average.

By simply adding respective values to the fields, like the remaining Battlepass Weeks and EXP requirements, you can find the average XP you need per day and week. This way, you can focus on your games as you already know how much XP you’ll get per game.

When you know the average EXP required to complete all the Valorant Battlepass chapters, you can stress less & game more.

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Valorant Battle Pass Calculator

Additional Tips to Complete Valorant Battlepass Quickly

Besides relying on the Valorant Battle Pass Calculator Reddit sheet, here’s what you can do to fill your EXP quicker! Since there are game modes in valorant that are shorter than Unrated and Competitive, you can play them to complete your missions.

  • Play Spike Rush Mode to complete missions like:
    • Use Abilities X times.
    • Use Ultimate Ability X times.
    • Kill X enemies
    • Get X headshots.
    • And so on…
  • Play Replication Mode to complete missions like:
    • Buy from the Store X times.
    • Purchase a Shield X times
    • Buy Weapons X times.
    • Purchase Abilities X times.
    • And so on…

Note: Deathmatch game progress doesn’t count towards Daily or Weekly missions.

Q.    How long does it take to get level 50 battle pass Valorant?

You can use the valorant battle pass calculator to find how long it takes you to get to level 50 based on your current position.

Q.    How long does it take to finish the Battlepass in Valorant?

Typically, regular Valorant players complete the Valorant Battlepass chapters in less than a month.

Q.    How much XP does it take to max Valorant battle pass?

The Battle Pass calculator can show you how much XP you need to max out your Battle Pass unlockables.

Q.    How many games does it take to beat Valorant battle pass?

Depending on the game mode you choose, expect to play at least 50 Valorant Games to unlock all the Valorant Battlepass Chapters.

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