Valorant Patch Notes 4.04 Ep 4 Act 2

Valorant New Patch Notes 4.04 Update EP4 ACT2

Riot Valorant Developers deliver everything they promised with the Valorant Patch Notes 4.04. Checkout All the Agent Updates, Map Reworks & Bug Fixes!

New Valorant Patch 4.04 Summary

The newest Valorant New Patch brings long-awaited Yoru rework and numerous other exciting updates, including map changes and more.

As an overview, the latest patch serves to balance the role of controllers in the game, improving their pick ratio. So, agents like Omen, Brimstone, Viper, and Astra now feature changes to their abilities deployment figures. Moreover, the Icebox Valorant Map Changes collectively make it more exciting to defend and attack, like the Breeze Map changes.

P.S. The Ascent Map Update is worthwhile to check!

Valorant Patch Notes

New Valorant Patch 4.04 Update Notes

1. Valorant Agent Updates

⨁ General Agents Updates

Agent abilities placement at target locations is improved to allow players to find placements at tight locations easily. The following abilities can benefit from these changes.

  • Shrouded Step – Omen
  • Viper’s pit – Viper
  • Trademark and Rendez-vous – Chamber
  • All Abilities – Killjoy
  • Gatecrash – Yoru
  • Barrier Orb – Sage

⨁ Controllers Agents Updates

The role of controllers in Valorant has long been limited to select Agent picks. Ultimately, it reflected an imbalance regarding their usefulness, so all Controller Valorant agent abilities are rehashed with new updates.


It has long been known that Omen is out of the Valorant Meta agents list for all seven maps. While it is unfair to the agent and the game, his previously nerfed abilities are modified to buffs. The changes ultimately aim to enhance his Combat supportive abilities, to justify his role as a valid agent pick.

  • Dark Cover
    • Cooldown Decreased from the 40s to 30s.
    • Purchase Cost increased from 100 Credits to 150 Credits.
    • Projectile Speed increased from 2800m/s to 6400m/s.
  • Shrouded Step
    • Decrease in the cost from 150 Credits to 100 Credits.
    • Pre-Teleport Delay lowered from 1.00s to 0.7s.
  • Paranoia
    • Forward Spawn Offset is added to prevent agents adjacent to Omen from being impacted.


The Old Dog has already been a valid pick in higher-tier Valorant Meta. Yet, his pick rate was shadowed by Astra and Viper’s abilities that they brought to matches. Thus, the introduced Brimstone nerfs will help justify his usefulness to the team and the individual on the map.

  • Sky Smoke
    • Deployment Time lowered from 2s to 1s.
    • Deployment Radius increased from 5000 to 5500.
    • Smoke Height is adjusted to match with Smokes from Other Agents.
  • Stim Beacon
    • Besides Rapidfire, it adds 15% Movement & Equip Speed Boost.


Astra has been the strongest agent pick among controllers, with her abilities that offer map-wide deployment. To prevent her abilities from eclipsing other controllers, they have been nerfed via increasing cooldown time & a few other modifications.

  • Stars
    • Reduction to Maximum Available Stars from 5 to 4.
    • Star retrieval cooldown timer increased from 14s to 25s.
    • Astra now picks up placed stars during Buy Round to immediately obtain a refund.
    • Max distance for star placement increased from 10,000 to 30,000.
  • Gravity Well
    • The Cooldown timer increased from 25s to 45s.
    • The size of Gravity Well is reduced from 525 to 475.
    • Gravity Well effects remain unaffected for players entirely underneath it.
  • Nova Pulse
    • The Cooldown timer increased from 25s to 45s.
    • Nova Pulse effects remain unaffected for players entirely underneath it.
  • Nebula
    • The Cooldown timer increased from 14s to 25s.
    • Nebula Cooldowns are now sequential instead of simultaneous.
    • The size of Nebula is enlarged from 410 to 475.
  • Astral From/Cosmic Divide
    • Within Astral Form, Astra could now view Pings regardless of level Geometry.
    • Astra’s Targeting Ring is reduced to one ring, reflecting the unified size of all her utilities.
    • The Targeting Ring disappearing randomly at placement time across map locations is fixed.
    • Overlay Speed increased, which appears when Astra Enters/Leaves Astral Form.
    • Fixed the issue of stars placement that were being placed slightly upwards than the actual spot.


Viper is another Controller with a high pick ratio due to playing dual roles as Controller-Sentinel because of her abilities. Therefore, they are now nerfed to make her usefulness selectively specific as per requirements that may not align for all maps.

  • Fuel
    • When Poison Cloud & Toxic Screen are up simultaneously, fuel drain is 50% more.
    • The Fuel Bar appears red when Viper does not have adequate fuel to reactivate the abilities that use it.
  • Toxic Screen
    • The cooldown period after deactivation increased from 6s to 8s.
    • Timer for Cooldown now kicks in when the smoke begins dissipating than beginning when activation telegraph appears.
    • Delay for deactivation increased from 0.8s to 1s.
    • Toxic Screen lights now appear Yellow to reflect their cooldown state.
    • When Viper is suppressed, the delay in disabling the toxic screen is removed.
    • A new VoiceOver is added to be played whenever her screen smoke abilities are suppressed.
  • Poison Cloud
    • The cooldown after deactivation is increased from 6s to 8s.
    • Timer for Cooldown now kicks in when the smoke begins dissipating than beginning when activation telegraph appears.
    • Delay for deactivation increased from 0.8s to 1s.
    • Poison Orb light now appears Yellow to reflect its cooldown state.
    • When Viper is suppressed, the delay in disabling the Cloud is removed.
    • A new VoiceOver is added to be played whenever her Cloud smoke ability is suppressed.
  • Snake Bite
    • Its duration is lowered from 6.5s to 5.5s.

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⨁ Duelists Agents Updates


The most anticipated and promised Agent Rework is here for Yoru, with exciting updates that make him more choice-worthy. From Fakeout To Gatecrash to Dimensional Drift, everything is reworked to let players gain the full potential of Yoru abilities.

  • Fakeout
    • Total Charges Available reduced from 2 to 1.
    • Decoy HP now amounts to 150.
    • Decoys are now a fully running version of Yoru, only deployable as running forward.
    • Placing a Stationary Marker requires a Right-Click.
      • Behaves similarly to footsteps to create the running-forward decoy.
    • Upon taking damage from the enemy gun, the decoy wounds up to run towards the enemy that damages it and explodes with a short delay.
      • Enemies within the Cone will be flashed.
  • Gatecrash
    • Total Charges increased from 1 to 2.
    • New Cost assigned at 200 Credits.
    • Cooldown charge refresh is eliminated to facilitate a 2-kills reset.
    • Fake Gatecrash by pressing F while hovering over the beacon.
      • Fake teleport plays audio & portal visuals when Agent attempts a teleport.
    • Teleport Beacon time decreased from 1.5s to 0.5s.
    • Beacon In-game audio during travel is reduced from 22.5m to 12.5m.
    • Beacon speed increased from 675 to 800.
    • Activation of Beacon creates a tiny decal on the floor lasting 30s to indicate the fake teleport’s location.
  • Dimensional Drift
    • Ability duration increased from 8s to 10s.
    • Yoru is not revealed to Enemies when his ability is active.
    • Yoru could now cast all abilities from his Ultimate Ability mode.
    • Players could hear Yoru’s footsteps from 15m of his actual location.
    • Cast Delay is added upon Dimensional Drift deployment, preventing invulnerability at the cast.

2. Valorant Maps Updates

Valorant Patch Notes

⨁ Ascent Map Changes

  • The Orb on the B Main is now capture-accessible from the lower box without climbing on the elevated second box.
Valorant Patch Notes

⨁ Icebox Map Changes

The Icebox Map quickly became one of the liked maps upon its release. But, it’s been reworked to solve some space issues that aid to assist competitiveness and map control for both teams.

B Green

Changes mentioned below are made to help the Attacker side of the gameplay by making the space more comfortable.

  • The Doorway from the Attacker Spawn building is moved towards the first cubby to assist Attackers, establishing a singular entry.
  • The Green Lane is widened slightly to make room for holding the space and simultaneous ally movement.
  • The Green Lane pocket area near Yellow is extended to make angles clear and readable for B Site & Snowman.

B Spike Site

Rework on B site aims to make Attacker map control and engagements easier and post-plant defense easier.

  • Yellow Container position adjusted along with adding penetrable stacked crates.
    • New adjustments help have Yellow serve as a good anchor for defending the spike plant.
  • The lower Open container is replaced with geometry adjustments to include a cubby area that faces the green.
    • It aims to isolate fights around spike plants and make room for better utility engagement.
  • The outer B Walls around the Crane Structure walls are made closer to the site, narrowing it.
    • It aims to help controller abilities utility and better combat engagement.
  • The B Back building is closed off to encourage attackers to push forward to hold more map space.
    • New adjustments help have Yellow serve It aims to help players anchor themselves better at Snowman and prevent B Fence rotation.
  • Spike Plant Area on B Site is readjusted to hold more space.
    • It aims to add diversity and space for safer default planting activities.
    • Attackers could now plant the spike on Kitchen Bridge and the upper container area.

Mid Area

Rework changes help make the Line of Sight better and more relaxed to hold or engage.

  • The back wall in Kitchen Area is adjusted to allow more space.
  • Crates are added to the Orange area to limit the open Line of Sight from under the tube to the Danger area.
  • The Geometry of the boiler ramp is simplified and narrowed.
    • Planting smokes should now cover the Boilers wholly and make head peeks from the ramp more predictable.

A Spike Site

Defenders should be better able to hold the site, with adjustments that help to isolate attackers and limit direct LOS.

  • The cover on the back of the A site is adjusted to allow Defenders more anchor space.
  • Head Peek area on Pipe from Attacker side is removed, reducing areas to watch for threats and entry.
  • Mid to A Doorway entrance lowered to prevent players’ shooting on Screen from the entrance.

3. Valorant Game Updates

⨁ Competitive Valorant Updates

Game AFK Detection Buff

It aims to help make the queue map rotations more realistic and prevent frequently receiving similar map picks. Presently limited to LATAM region only, and available for a global update after the implementation reflects positive success.

  • The Deterministic Map System will abide by three rules when selecting a map after players’ finalization to play a map.
    • The system factors in the recent 5 maps players have played for the respective game mode.
    • The system shall remove any maps that the players have played twice in the past five maps count.
    • The system delivers the least played map to players.
      • When all maps have been eliminated acc. to the Twice Played rule, they will be added back to the pool. The least played map among them is finalized.

4. Valorant Bugs Updates

⨁ Valorant Agents Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the rare situation where Cypher’s Trap wires wouldn’t get triggered when breached by enemies.
  • Fixed the non-appearance issue of Boom for Astra when she plants it in her Astral Form.
  • Fix added to show Yoru’s Gatecrash icon properly, which previously appeared as a white circle on Brimstone’s targeting map.
  • Fixed the inability of Chamber to teleport instantly after firing the last bullet from Headhunter.A bug is fixed that caused Chamber’s Tour De Force to randomly spawn slow zones when fired at KAY/O during NULL/CMD in effect.

⨁ Valorant Social Bug Fixes

  • Added a fix to detect AFKs in Valorant Escalation Game Mode correctly.

⨁ Valorant eSports Bug Fixes

  • Fix applied to the bug that caused the timer to overlap itself while viewing the mega map as an observer.

⨁ Valorant Game System Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the issue that allowed tapping scroll wheel to initiate spike diffuse audio without actually engaging it.

Valorant New Patch Notes 4.03 Update EP4 ACT1

Seemingly, the Riot Valorant Developers are on a roll to maximize players’ gameplay experience with useful game enhancements. The release of New Valorant Patch Notes 4.03 is a testament to it, featuring some unique game improvements & bug fixes.

New Valorant Patch 4.03 Summary

The EP4 Act1 still awaits its completion, arriving in a fortnight, bringing the promise of EP4 ACT2 & Battlepass Items. In the meantime, Valorant game developers have gone ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ on game improvements, offering various updates & multiple bug fixes.

Valorant Patch Notes

New Valorant Patch 4.03 Update Notes

1. Valorant Agent Updates

⨁ Brimstone

  • Orbital Strike Ability Now Blocks Visibility When Active
    • Visibility of Enemies inside the Orbital Strike concealed on Minimap.
    • Abilities dependent on LOS updates, no longer functional in Orbital Strike (Agent Flash, Recon Pulse by Sova)

2. Valorant Game System Updates

⨁ Deathmatch Mode

The frustrating concern of many players regarding the spawn mechanism in Valorant Deathmatch mode is fixed for all maps. The set of changes are listed as follows:

  • ‘Dangerous’ Spawn Location removed or relocated.
  • Improvements to Spawn Logic & Spawn Placement for increased chances of facing players at the time of spawn.
  • Spawn Logic Improvements will now Respawn players far from their death location.
  • The inability of the Warm-Up Phase to use Spawn Logic is fixed.
  • Timeout for Respawn decreased from 3.0s > 1.5s.

⨁ Other Game System Updates

  • New Option added to Return to Strongest Weapon in the Inventory.
    • Pressing the ‘Equip Last Item’ button or auto-equipping weapon now lets players return to their strongest weapon.
    • Enable Prioritize Strongest Weapon from Settings > Controls > Equipment section.
    • The option was launched previously with New Valorant Patch 4.02 but missed the notes.

3. Valorant Social Updates

  • In-Game AFK detection system improved to prevent players from using game modes for farming EXP.
Valorant Patch Notes

4. Valorant Performance Updates

⨁ Global Invalidation

It is aimed to improve game UI Performance, for which UI elements are reduced that need updating in every frame. The Game Performance Team will monitor the overall impact of this improvement. More information will be provided in the next New Valorant patch update depending on the outcome.

  • CPU-bound players receive up to 15% improvement in their baseline game performance.
    • Primarily applicable to the mid-high specification machines.
    • The increment fissures are obtained from the Valorant PBE program. (Jan 22-23, Feb 5-6)
    • The impact on the machine performance of the player may vary from one another.

5. Valorant Cosmetic Updates

  • The color of tiles depicting the Valorant Sprays in the Collection is updated.
    • A few Sprays matched the color of the tile a little too much to make out the actual spray graphics.
  • Valorant Players can now Respray after 5 seconds of cooldown.
  • The life duration of Sprays is reduced from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
    • Sprays continue to disappear instantaneously as the buy time barrier drops and when the post-round phase starts.
    • Mid-round sprays continue to have restrictions. (No Animations, Agent Faces, etc.)

6. Valorant eSports Updates

  • Observer Followers no longer face the Projectile follow bug.
  • Observer Settings under Agent Portrait will now include a toggle button to turn it On | Off.
Valorant Patch Notes

7. Valorant Bugs Updates

⨁ Valorant Agents Bug Fixes

  • Chamber’s Headhunter & Tour De Force floating away effect occurrence is fixed.
  • An Exploit fix was applied that allowed using a particular line-up to glance inside the Viper’s Pit without receiving nearsighted debuff.
  • Fix applied to no longer allow the rare occurrence of Viper’s Pit to not expand through doorways.

⨁ Valorant Social Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where pressing Enter to access chat in pregame wouldn’t focus on the box.
  • Fix applied to the broken context menu that should now appear after right-clicking Player Portrait.

⨁ Valorant Performance Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix applied for when players could not view performance stats when spectating the spike.

8. Valorant Known Issues

⨁ eSports Features

  • A brief flash prevails when swapping into the free cam mode as an Observer Follower.

Valorant New Patch Notes 4.02 Update EP4 ACT1

Riot continues releasing game improvements for its vast global playerbase of Valorant with the New Valorant Patch Notes 4.02. The current update brings nothing major besides some bug fixes and a statement regarding known issues.

New Valorant Patch 4.02 Summary

The patch focuses on a few performance bugs & issues and some cosmetic element clashes that prevented flawless game functionality. It also features an improved AFK detection system, and Killjoy Mains can rejoice based on the listed agent bug fix.

Valorant Patch Notes

New Valorant Patch 4.02 Update Notes

1. Valorant Game Updates

⨁ Social Valorant Updates:

Game AFK Detection Buff

  • The in-game AFK Detection system is updated to recognize non-participatory player behavior.

Player Report Feature Clarification

  • Agent-select reporting is already possible by using RMB on a player’s name during pre-game > clicking Report, should they present disruptive activities.

2. Valorant Bugs Updates

⨁ Agents Bug Fixes:

  • The retrieval failure issue of the Alarmbot and Turret by Killjoy after her resurrection by Sage is corrected.

⨁ Cosmetic Bug Fixes:

  • The Spectrum Z Logo FX pulse appearing next to the trigger spot during the second inspection of the Bulldog weapon is corrected.

⨁ Performance Bug Fixes:

  • Latency on Windowed Fullscreen Mode is fixed to parallel Fullscreen Exclusive mode.
    • The improvements should help with the functionality of in-game overlays.
    • Benefits are negated when another program window takes over the game window.
  • Credits mentioned to @MyNameIsMJP and @SheriefFYI for helping devs with issue diagnosis.
Valorant Patch Notes

3. Valorant Known Issues

⨁ eSports Features:

  • Observer Followers shall have to continue facing the projectile follow failure.
    • The devs are working on a fix but, unfortunately, couldn’t include it in the patch.

Valorant New Patch Notes 4.01 Update EP4 ACT1

The launch of the New Valorant Act brought several exciting features to the game as well as Valorant Map changes. Following it, the new Valorant patch 4.01 proceeds to correct some overpowered improvements and other bug fixes.

New Valorant Patch 4.01 Summary

In the Valorant weapons department, the Ares Valorant Gun receives a nerf with improvements to the chat filter. The Valorant Melee action is further buffed to match players’ expectations from the previous patch update.

Valorant Patch Notes

New Valorant Patch 4.01 Update Notes

Primarily, the Valorant patch 4.01 refines the additions of the previous patch, with added fixes to its existing features.

1. Valorant Weapons Updates

⨁ Ares: (Valorant Nerf?)

The Ares weapon from the previous patch was too easy to control, so the developers have adjusted the inverse accuracy. Doing so helps them retain the gun’s adjusted fire rate while recalibrating its previously introduced reliable control.

  • Ares Valorant Purchase cost increased from 1550 to 1600.
  • Increment to Ares Pitch Recoil
  • Bullet Spread after 10 bullets modified to 0.7 (from 0.8) and after 13 bullets to 0.7 (from 1.0)
  • Crouch Firing benefits to recoil adjusted to 25% from 40%.

⨁ Melee: (Valorant Buff?)

Despite previously enlarging hit-boxes and other changes, relying on Melee’s kill wasn’t as expected. Therefore, the current patch makes the RMB & LMB Melee Attacks more reliable.

  • RMB hit-boxes increased by 1.5x
  • LMB hit-boxes are larger than RMB hit-boxes, with a minor range improvement.
  • Targets that are in proximity to the knife’s center get hit first, rewarding precision.
  • Knifing walls provides instantaneous feedback.

2. Valorant Game Updates

⨁ Social Valorant Updates:

Valorant features a new Muted Words List Section to prevent excluded phrases from appearing in the chatbox.

Muted Words Chat List & Other Settings

  • Although automated bad word detection exists, players can now include & list phrases they want to avoid seeing in the chatbox.
    • Helps developers formulate better bad words detection systems to improve the game’s social engagement during in-game rounds.
Valorant Patch Notes

3. Valorant Bugs Updates

⨁ Weapons Bug Fixes:

  • The idle animations from the Origin collection are fixed to no longer remain static when viewed from the Spectator mode.

⨁ eSports Bug Fixes:

  • The Observer hotkey swap issue that occurs after the side-swap is corrected.

⨁ Performance Bug Fixes:

  •  Performance charts demanding NVIDIA Reflex, which could not be hidden, are fixed.
  • Credits to TowerofShadow for reporting the bug.

Valorant New Patch Notes 4.0 Update EP4 ACT1

The Valorant gaming community should be delighted because the new Valorant Patch Notes brings several in-game changes with a New Valorant Agent Neon. The Entire Valorant New Patch Notes from EP4 ACT1 are explained below, including Valorant Buffs & Valorant Map Updates!

Enter the new Valorant Meta!

Valorant Patch Notes

New Valorant Patch 4.0 Summary

The Valorant New Patch features significant Valorant weapons buffs and nerfs besides improving the Valorant Melee Experience. The reshaping of two Valorant Maps, namely Breeze & Bind, is also enacted to improve the Defenders/Attackers Dynamics.

The New Valorant Patch also introduces its newest Valorant Agent Neon. Lastly, the Valorant Patch 4.0 establishes Minimum Account Level Requirements for Comp Queue to stop Valorant Smurfing. A Fresh Battlepass & Skinline are also included!

Valorant Patch Notes

New Valorant Patch 4.0 Update Notes

The Valorant Patch Notes begin with announcing the release of its 18th Valorant Agent Neon, A Duelist. But, that’s not all! Read on to learn more about Agent Updates, Weapons Updates, Map Updates, Competitive Updates & Bugs Fixes in the latest Valorant Patch Notes.

1. Valorant Agents Updates

Valorant Patch Notes
Valorant New Agent Neon goes Live!

Neon Abilities:

  • Relay Bolt – (Q)
  • High Gear – (E)
  • Fast Lane – (C)
  • Overdrive –  (X)

Check out Neon Valorant Agent Abilities to learn all the things she can bring to the Battlegrounds! And be sure to activate the Neon Agent Contract from the Agents section to unlock her!

2. Valorant Weapons Updates

The Valorant Weapons that previously saw less buy rate or were abused a little too much are updated. Fundamentally, these weapon updates change the dynamics of every game, potentially forecasting the upcoming Valorant Bulldog Meta & Valorant Ares Meta!

⨁ Melee: (Valorant Buff?)

  • The Hitboxes of Melee weapons hit on Right-click(RMB) are enhanced by 1.5x times. Left-click(LMB) hitboxes are now larger than RMB with a slightly better range.
  • Targets near the Melee weapon’s attacks in the center will receive the first hit, rewarding precision hits.
  • Knifing walls now provide instant feedback.

⨁ Ares: (Valorant Buff?)

  • The Initial Spin up at the beginning of firing is removed.
  • The Fire Rate of Ares is increased to 13 from 10, similar to Odin Valorant Weapon.

Spectre: (Valorant Nerf?)

  • Firing Error kicks in early, affecting early bullet stages.
    • Instead of firing errors previously applicable on 4, 7, 10 bullets, it now occurs at 3, 6, 8 bullets.
  • When firing while running/jumping, the Horizontal & Vertical Recoil (Yaw & Pitch) multipliers when firing while running/jumping are increased at 1.5 from 1.25.
  • Protected Bullet count from horizontal recoil switching while spraying is decreased to 5 bullets from 8.
  • Spectre weapon switching time from yaw firing is lowered to 0.18 seconds from 0.24 seconds.
    • Spraying activity when switching yaws will occur more frequently. (yaw fly rate)

⨁ Bulldog: (Valorant Buff?)

  • The Hip Fire Rate of Bulldog increased to 10 from 9.5.
  • Burst Fire bullet recovery improved to 0.35 from 0.40.
    • Inaccuracy kicks in whenever Bulldog is re-fired before a complete Gun Recovery Time.
    • Better recovery times allow improved efficiency for Burst-firing.

⨁ Guardian: (Valorant Buff?)

  • Firing Rate Penalty removed when firing via ADS (Aim Down Sight)
  • The Recovery Curve now accommodates one more bullet, taking the count to 3.

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3. Valorant Maps Updates

Valorant Patch Notes

⨁ Bind

Bind was arguably one of the most loved maps compared to Split or Ascent. Yet, it receives helpful changes that allow the gameplay to become balanced for Attackers on and near the A Site.

Short A + Spike Site A

  • The cover of double-stack boxes opposite A Cubby area is removed and replaced with half-height horizontal box stacks.
    • The change should now help Attackers enter the site better, eliminating the one-way chokehold scenarios.
  • The Barrel between A Short to A Link area is now replaced with a wide bench.
    • It will change the dynamics of peeking from the flank or holding A Short area.
Valorant Patch Notes

⨁ Breeze

The Breeze Map was infamous for favoring Attackers on the A Site. It now features updates or changes to the A Site, Mid Area, and B Site. The latter Valorant Spike Site is balanced to favor both Attackers & Defenders, along with other changes on the Breeze Map.

Site A Breeze

  • The width of A Main choke has been increased by removing the 50/50 peek objective while entering site A.
    • Defenders could now better approach A Main area towards A Site by entering or exiting the cave.
  • A Site Cover on the backside is adjusted along with the pool extended to the far wall.
    • The New Cover should provide Defenders with better chances to hold the site and retake.
  • The Pool Shape is modified, leveling the elevation for Attackers to defend the spike better.
  • The Tube’s Door on A site could no longer be re-activated until it is fully open or closed.
  • The A Cave area now holds two boxes stacked vertically.
    • Attackers now have a cover for pushing the Cave area, which also helps contest spike plants better near A Pyramids.

Mid Stack – Mid Area Breeze

  • The Mid Stack area no longer features the extra pocket.
    • The wall curve (limiting Peeker’s advantage) adjacent to Mid is modified.

Site B Breeze

  • The pillar on the B Site now features a cover in the form of a wooden box.
    • It assists Attackers in spike pre-plant and post-plant situations near the pillar.
  • The back of the B Site area now has a new wall.
    • It helps the Defender better retain site control when Attackers push it from B Main area.
  • The B Wall area now hosts a vertical crates stack.
    • It allows for limiting B Main angle hold along with limiting vision from Defender Side Arches area.
    • The crates stack works as another cover area to hold the site.

4. Valorant Game Updates

⨁ Competitive Valorant Updates:

Learning Valorant may be difficult for new players with the introduction of Neon Valorant Agent, but it has been remedied. New Valorant accounts below LVL 20 can no longer participate in Valorant Competitive Game Queues, effectively solving Valorant Smurfing to an extent and allowing players to experience and improve their core gameplay.

Competitive Game Mode Limits

  • New accounts below LVL 20 that are yet to participate in Competitive matches will need to level up before accessing the Ranked queue.
    • Old accounts that have played Competitive games but are below LVL 20 can continue accessing the game mode.

5-Stack Rank Rating Penalties Reduced

  • RR Penalties reduced by 25% for players holding Diamond 2 rank or below it.
    • The RR penalties in the past amounted to 50% reduced gains/losses.

Increment to Map Randomization at Queue

  • Applicable to all game modes, the map variety will now feature more maps than the previous duplication issue.

5. Valorant Bugs Updates

⨁ Valorant Game System Bug Fixes

  • Signature Kill Counter auto-update issue bug is fixed.

⨁ Valorant eSports Bug Fixes

  • Occasionally failures, when Coaches swap targets using number keys + mouse clicks, are corrected.
  • Credits to RobWiz for reporting the bug!

⨁ Widejoy Valorant Bug Fix?

Valorant Patch Notes
  • Killjoy Banner appearing wide after queue agent selection is pending to be fixed.
    • The Valorant New Patch 4.01 could potentially bring a fix for it.

The Takeaway

A New Valorant Meta is on the horizon in the light of the Valorant New Patch Release for the EP4 ACT1. While the Map Updates certainly satisfy some players, the Valorant Weapons Updates could essentially be a concern. But it’s all good for Valorant since the EP 4 is titled DISRUPTION!

Watch this space for more Latest Valorant News & Updates, and until then, GLHF!

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