Does ex-CSGO Experience Help To Make a Valorant Career in eSports?

Playing Competitive Valorant games can become exciting or tedious depending on whether you face the 9-3 curse. But such games don’t offer the same level of competition as when playing against someone of Valorant Career eSports background. So, what does it take to have a Valorant professional eSports career? Do you need the eSports tacticalFPS gameplay experience?

Who can Participate in Valorant Professional eSports?

To participate in Valorant pro eSports games, you must first be familiar with the different tournaments and brackets. The competitive Valorant professional eSports pyramid includes College level championships, Regional Valorant Challengers Series, then the Global Valorant Masters & VCT Champions events.

You can participate in the college-level championships hosted by Riot or third-party sponsors to begin your Valorant Career eSports graph. Otherwise, you’ll need to be signed up with a regional Valorant team, who will have to register themselves for the regional Valorant Challenger Series.

Note: Depending on your native region, the procedure and the hierarchy of participation and registration for Valorant Valorant pro eSports career may differ significantly. Please contact the Riot Games Inc. Support team for more information.

How is Valorant Career eSports Participation Different?

Much like playing Valorant game matches differs from playing other FPS games, so does having a professional career in Valorant. Firstly, the player needs to do more than be a good aimer with sharp reflexes, i.e., Learn Valorant Agent Abilities.

The existence of Valorant agent abilities makes all the Valorant games challenging to play yet equally entertaining to watch.

Hence, learning about the different Valorant Agents Abilities kits is the primary thing to do besides regularly practicing gunplay.

Thereafter, hiring coaches, watching pro eSports player(s) gameplays, and practicing different strategies is a good way to prepare yourself. Lastly, you’ll need to get signed with a registered eSports team in order to participate in any Valorant Challengers Games.

Valorant Career eSports

What makes Valorant professional eSports rewarding?

What makes having a Valorant Career eSports experience rewarding is relative to the person participating in those games.

But, to name one positive aspect, players have to travel less to places where LAN events happen. It is because the (Regional) Challengers Series, having one of the biggest Valorant brackets, is played entirely online.

Does CSGO Pro Gaming Experience help in Valorant Pro eSports?

Being concerned about whether you lack the skills needed to enter the pro eSports league in Valorant is natural. However, it’s not a prerequisite that you must be an ex-CSGO player or an ex-Overwatch player.

At the same time, being either certainly helps you in the following ways with your Competitive pro eSports Valorant matches:

1. Learning Map Callouts

When you play as a squad, having Map callouts differ from the basic stated ones is a given. Besides it, learning to be attentive to the callouts and acting accordingly is a critical requirement. Hence, having a background in participating as a squad can ease you into learning the new callouts department.

2. Listening/Following IGL Orders

The primarily essential aspect that can make or break your Valorant Career eSports chances is following your IGL. No, it does not mean that you tail them, but to follow their orders, no matter how positive or negative the situation may be.

Going maverick in a game like Valorant can potentially lose you the whole match by the snowball effect.

3. Anticipating Tactical Strategies

When you have professional eSports experience or have played enough tactical FPS games, you learn and anticipate enemy movement & behavior. Similarly, having experience in ex-CSGO gaming helps you with positioning yourself better for securing map control to assist your team and yourself to victories.

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4. Following Conduct

All professional eSports games follow a set of specific rules that must be followed irrespective of anything. Breaching them often equals disqualification, which in VCT may result in the entire team being banned.

Since the rules exist to make the gameplay experience & the spirit of competition fair for every player, follow them invariably.

Final Words

If you’re starting your Valorant Career eSports journey, do check our Pro Valorant Tips, and remember to practice your gunplay daily.

Additionally, hiring a coach or playing with someone having such a background or experience will help improve your gameplay. So, aim your rifles for ‘Here comes the party!’ and GLHF!

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