How to Put Valorant Smoke Like A Pro!

Blocking players’ lines of sight (LOS) can be beneficial and inconvenient depending on how smokes are deployed. In a game like Valorant, deploying smokes can be incredibly useful to the team in several ways. But, smokes in valorant aren’t available typically because only a handful of Valorant agents could deploy them.

Smokes in Valorant: Valorant Agents with Smoke Abilities

Most tactical FPS shooters provide smokes as throwable grenades, but smokes in valorant are different. The ability to introduce smoke differs between valorant agents, and only a handful among them could do it.

Brimstone – Sky Smoke (E)

Brimstone Valorant agent has his origin in the USA, and his physique and arsenal confirm his past in the military. Consequently, his Sky Smoke Ability allows him to deploy multiple clouds of smoke at a time. He does so using a digital screen equipped on his left arm, making his Valorant Smoke a unique ability in itself.

Brimstone smokes in valorant

Astra – Nebula (E)

The cosmic valorant agent from Ghana can reshape the battlefield even from afar using her celestial powers. She is said to possess one of the most potent abilities, wherein she could concuss enemies, pull them into a vortex, and deploy nebulous smokes. Watch out for those stars, as Astra could pop those at any time from any distance.

Astra smokes in valorant

Omen – Dark Cover (E)

The Unknown Origins of Omen add to his enigma and his phantom abilities that you should not take lightly. Though he has seen a decline in his pick rate, his valorant smoke ability can be placed through the map remotely. Moreover, you could also put his Dark Cover Smokes at strategic angles to assist the snipers in your team.

Omen smokes in valorant

Viper – Poison Cloud (Q)

Unlike other valorant agents in this list, the abilities of Viper are dissimilar, including the smoke orb that she can place. It’s a poisonous cloud that depletes the opponents’ HP temporarily down to 1 HP whenever they pass through it. Should they be shot during this time, a one-shot kill is certain. Still, she needs to throw it like a grenade and activate it. Also, it works on her poison fuel.

Viper Poison Cloud

Jett – Cloudburst (C)

The dashing speedster in Valorant, Jett, can be highly dangerous with her set of valorant abilities on any map. Among them, her cloudburst valorant smoke ability is the one that helps her escape from difficult situations. She can curve the smoke she deploys to put a smoke at heaven on Split while playing at the elbow by the right player.

Jett cloudbrust

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Valorant Smoke Tips: Deploy Valorant Smokes like a Pro!

Deploying smoke should fulfill more than one purpose besides limiting LOS on maps. Depending on which side you’re playing as Valorant agents, it’s crucial to know their ideal placement to make the most of them.

Playing Valorant Agents As Attackers

For attackers, smokes in valorant are of the utmost importance, as it can prevent snipers from picking you early. Besides blocking LOS, the smokes could also help to neutralize choke points on the map like C Long on Haven. So, focus on thinking ahead and place those smokes strategically, especially on map areas with higher altitudes.

For instance, a smoke placed at the screen, heaven, and ramps on Split, rewards attackers better than smoking their way to the ramp.

Playing Valorant Agents As Defenders

As it is for Attackers, Defenders could also make the most of their valorant smokes to limit urgent push to the spike site. By placing smokes on entry points, they can make the enemies pause, but by smoking potential choke points on the map, like the area between the C site and cubby area on Haven, they can confuse and take out attackers easy peasy.

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Final Words

It could take a while to learn to put smokes in valorant like a pro, so we suggest you practice it in Unrated games. Furthermore, watching players like SEN Dapr, NAts, etc., can help you learn some tricks to smoke like a pro! Happy Gaming!

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