Valorant New Agent Leak: Neon – The Lightning Speedster!

Riot Games developers are excited to announce The Valorant New Agent called Neon. She’s touted to be the lightning speedster whose first look has been revealed via a YouTube Cinematic release video.

The cinematic clip, titled ‘Spark – Neon Agent Trailer,’ shows Valorant Neon agent being someone familiar with Sage, the Sentinel Valorant Agent. So, let’s find out everything Neon can do and how this makes up the Valorant Agents roster!

Valorant New Agent Revealed: Neon – What’s her Valorant Agent Class?

The newest agent to join the ranks of Valorant Agents after the release of Chamber is Neon. Her abilities were earlier showcased on Valorant Leaks Twitter channel but without a concrete visual. However, the cinematic released by Riot Games gives us more than a glimpse!

Note: The agent class for Neon Hasn’t been revealed officially, but it’s speculated she’s a Duelist.

Valorant Neon Agent: Origins

The cinematic doesn’t reflect her exact origins, but her accent suggests she’s a Manila-born Valorant agent. What’s exciting is that she could potentially be faster or parallelly quick as Jett, the Duelist Valorant agent.

But that’s not where the fun stuff ends…wait till you check out Neon abilities set.

Neon appears to be relaxing in her trailer in the official cinematic, where she dreams about her gameplay. The visuals suggest promising abilities that can help any player acquire easy map control. But no sooner than her dream ends, she’s shown to be thanked by Sage for joining the team.

 Valorant New Agent Neon

So what are the New Agent Neon Abilities?

Valorant Neon Agent: Abilities Explained

The upcoming Valorant Episode 4 Disruption will truly set the tone as per the namesake with the introduction of Neon. Along with the Patch, the players will receive the chance to Unlock Neon and explore her abilities, mentioned below:

Note: The Valorant Neon Agent Abilities may differ in terms of names & possibly the extent of utility.


Ever wanted to dash into a site quickly but afraid or tired of playing as Jett? Neon can be your ideal choice with her Quick Slide/Sprint ability. It allows her to move rapidly in a particular direction, which can be dangerous for Initiator Agents & Operator players. Say no more to holding angles tightly!

 Valorant New Agent Neon Slide

Double Wall

If you admire the Viper/Phoenix wall, Neon will find your fancy with her dual electric fences. The phenomenon of her ability will create a corridor, which can prove to be incredibly beneficial on Split, Fracture, etc.

 Valorant New Agent Neon Double Wall

Concussive Charge

When you enjoy dazing enemies and teammates by playing as Astra or Breach, Neon can be your replacement. Her Concussive Charge ability can bounce off two walls before pulsing on the ground like KAYO’s grenade. Naturally, as an outcome, dazing any valorant agents caught in it.

Valorant Neon Ultimate Ability: Lightning Projectiles?

The commotion & excitement about Neon being an electric agent becomes fruitful to watch when she activates her Ultimate Ability. She can use her fingertips to project electricity towards the crosshair, killing enemies in almost a second.

Neon Concussive Charge

The lightning beam projectile will be incredibly lethal, and she could also use it with her Sprint/Slide ability. Moreover, any Valorant agents on an enemy team hit by it will twitch, therefore losing the ability to aim precisely. Sounds too good to be true? We’ll see!

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Valorant Neon Agent: Duelist or Initiator?

The Agent Class of Neon is unclassified, but her Sprint/Slide ability reflects that she may be a Duelist. Like Phoenix, her abilities to Concuss enemies and Project Electric walls further support the theory.

But, only the official Release of Valorant Episode 4 Act 1 Disruption will show us the truth.

Valorant Neon Agent Release Date?

The New Valorant Agent Neon is supposed to arrive with the onset of Valorant EP 4 Act 1: Disruption. It’s impressive how the Valorant lore progresses, and fans should look forward to its trailers. Ideally, Riot may share those with the commencement of the VCT Challengers series in Jan.

Thus, the new Valorant Episode will likely bring the release of Valorant Neon Agent, which could be on 11th January.

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The Takeaway

The news of Valorant New Agent always helps build hype about the game because all Valorant Agents are unique. The Character-Based Tactical FPS game will naturally Disrupt and establish a new Valorant Meta after the release of Neon. So, be sure to update the Valorant Game Client or the Valorant Game between 11th January and 13th January 2022. GLHF!

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