Valorant Deadlock Abilities Guide + Deadlock Meta Gameplay Tips!

Valorant new Agent Deadlock abilities & gameplay have wrapped
the Valorant Community in both excitement and fear!
Check out the Complete Valorant Deadlock Abilities Guide Below!

valorant deadlock abilities
New Valorant Agent codename Deadlock – hails from Norway and is voiced in Valorant by Nora Gjestvang.

Valorant Deadlock Agent Guide – Introduction

Originally known as Iselin, the arrival of the Deadlock Valorant agent takes the total count of Sentinels Agents to five, and total Valorant Agents to Twenty-Two!

The introduction of the Deadlock Valorant agent is evidently a gripping event, pun intended because her Valorant abilities kit make her a formidable opponent in clutch situations. The same abilities also easily make her one of the most cracked Valorant agents of all time, besides the most well-equipped to defend a spike site.

Valorant Trivia: The previous Sentinel class Valorant agent release
was Chamber, all the way back in patch 3.10!

Let’s check out all the Valorant Deadlock Gameplay Abilities, their applications & uses, the roster combinations she can support, and the Valorant Deadlock meta (best) maps to play!

Valorant Lore – Deadlock Agent

Deadlock Valorant Agent release continues the pace of Valorant Lore, where global agents from respective countries are experiencing the effects of Radianite Exposure and Fracture. The newest Norwegian Sentinel Valorant agent is depicted infiltrating The Vault in her Deadlock release cinematic, where Sova is sent only to discover her as a lone survivor in the containment room.

Following the discovery of Deadlock, the seemingly thirty-or-so years old entity with an obliterated arm, is found to be one of the three elite hunters from Ståljeger. Her involvement in escorting the Project Landfall scientist instead met with one of the Landfall experiments, i.e., The Bear.

“Deadlock had her arm chewed off by the Bear in an attempt to rescue herself after the escaped Bear killed the scientist and her associate. Unfortunately, his bite made the Landfall experiment substances inside him enter Deadlock’s bloodstream. In no time after, she was able to decimate the containment chamber and the Bear along with it before she activated the beacon and collapsed.”

Upon the successful rescue of the Norwegian Valorant Agent by Sova, Deadlock was brought to the VALORANT HQ and offered a prosthetic arm by The Protocol. Her resentment upon gaining consciousness towards Gekko’s critters, as shown in the Cinematic, is due to them also being the products of Landfall experiments.

Valorant Agent Deadlock Gameplay Abilities Guide

Continuing the pace of Valorant Lore, wherein agents from respective countries are working with The Protocol for individual reasons, the Valorant Deadlock abilities indeed add freshness to the game.

Following are all the Valorant Deadlock Abilities in action!

GravNet (C)

It equips a GravNet grenade which can be hurled like a Killjoy Nanoswarm grenade. After it detonates upon landing on the ground, enemies caught in its radius will be forced to crouch and move slowly.

Available at mere 200 credits with less than half a second time to equip, it’s one of the most advantageous abilities to stop a team from pushing onto a site.

Sonic Sensor (Q)

Equip an audio monitoring sensor that you can place on vertical surfaces like walls or boxes. When triggered by sounds like footsteps, weapon reload, or gunfire in its sensory field, it causes a concussive blast.

The concussion lasts for a good 3.5 seconds, besides dealing 20 HP damage while costing only 200 credits, again. For a sentinel, it’s an essential tool for tracking enemy activity remotely.

Barrier Mesh (E) – Deadlock Signature Ability

A Barrier Mesh disk launches forward at the ground, which after a detonation, creates a transparent barrier with four nodes or arms. The best part of the Valorant Deadlock ability-barrier mesh is that it limits the movement of Valorant agents and abilities like Skye Bird without blocking bullets.

It lasts for a solid 30s, and global Valorant players are already using it as a means to lock the Spike diffuse. The Central Orb of the Barrier has 1200 HP or 680 HP after and before fortification, with its outer orbs having 570 HP and 320 HP, respectively.

Valorant Trivia: The best Valorant Agents that can overcome the mobility blockage
of the
Barrier Mesh are Omen, Raze, and Yoru & Reyna’s Ultimate state.

Annihilation (X) – Deadlock Ultimate

If the Valorant Agents’ voice lines were to make you run for your life ever, the ultimate Valorant Deadlock ability has them the best:


The Valorant Deadlock Ultimate Ability entails releasing the Nanowire Accelerator that will capture any first enemy in its contact. Once caught, the enemy will be cocooned and pulled to the origin point of the nanowire release path, eventually dying when arriving at it.

However, the cocoon (7s) is destructible (600 HP), which means you can save your allies from certain death by shooting at the cocoon.

Valorant Trivia: The Sentinel-class Valorant agent Deadlock voice lines are presently
evoking the most fear, succeeded only by the Ultimate voice lines of Neon & Raze and Jett.

Valorant Agent Deadlock Meta Gameplay Guide

Since Deadlock is a Sentinel agent, most would believe that she may not offer much when playing as the attackers. However, her Barrier Mesh ability, along with other abilities, can be a nifty instrument in helping her be an initiator momentarily.

Similarly, her Gravnet ability and the Annihilation abilities can help you to gain elevation to land or jump onto objects at altitude. Such feats easily make Deadlock a Valorant Meta agent since using those abilities in combination with her Defense/Defender-sided gameplay makes her a competent opponent or ally.

valorant deadlock abilities

Check out the Valorant Deadlock abilities Meta gameplay guide to become the best agent!

Valorant Deadlock Best Maps

The Valorant Deadlock gameplay and abilities can be incredibly useful on several Valorant maps, both as standalone and for teamplay. While the Valorant new agent Deadlock abilities indeed shine on maps like Bind, Split, and Haven, her kit can also fulfill its utility potential on maps like Fracture, Icebox, Pearl, Lotus, and Ascent.

valorant deadlock abilities

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So that’s nearly every map, then, correct? Indeed. Although it’s quite debatable if she can serve as an equally capable replacement for Killjoy, the Valorant Deadlock roster can certainly make the opponents sweat easily.

Valorant Deadlock Best Roster

Speaking of the Roster, the Valorant Deadlock meta gameplay can pair fairly well with agents, namely Skye/Sage, Sova, Astra, and Raze. Alternatively, having Deadlock as an ally can also be fantastic and rewarding with Viper, Yoru, Jett, and Breach.

For Chamber or Killjoy/Cypher mains, the ally Deadlock Valorant Abilities can be extremely useful for defending two spike sites simultaneously. Likewise, with Viper’s Pit (Ultimate ability), the Deadlock GravNet can convert rounds into easy dubs, even more so when the Barrier Mesh helps Brimstone get the perfect Orbital Strike.

Valorant Deadlock Meta Tips

The Valorant Deadlock new agent brings plenty of promise into the game! You can experience all of them to their full potential by as a seasoned Valorant player.

For newbies or beginners trying Deadlock, when on the Attacker side, it’s ideal to retain her abilities for the post-plant gameplay.

As for the experienced Valorant Players, who may be familiar with Sova’s Ultimate ability, using the Annihilation Deadlock Ability can come easy and handy for making Initiator plays. Of course, it’s equally useful for clutch rounds in the hands of both beginner Valorant players and experienced pros.


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