Valorant Weekly Missions Guide: Four Top Reasons To Complete All!

Complete Valorant Weekly Missions in 2023 to Win Big Rewards in Game!

Did you know that you can get rewarded for Each Kill & Assist that you can score in your match rounds? Yes, it’s true! When you play or queue for matches in specific game modes, you can earn +10k XP from each of the Valorant Weekly Missions you finish!

So as a Valorant player, you should look forward to checking off your Valorant Weekly Missions, especially if you are a beginner in the game. Read on to learn what they are and the top four reasons you should play and finish them now or in the week!

valorant weekly missions

What are Valorant Weekly Missions?

Valorant players are given three missions every week in sets. They are available for a limited time, after which they get reset, but they can still pile up after it. Any progress for all the Valorant Weekly missions can count on any of the Valorant Maps that you might play in certain game modes.

Each player on the server receives them the same, and the XP you can get from them will increase per set, given that you finish all three of them.

The following are the types of Weekly Missions you can get in Valorant and how to complete them each:

  • Deal Damage15,000 / 18,000 / 25,000
    • Deal a total of 18,000 HP damage to enemies in specific game modes.
  • Get Headshots25 / 30 / 50
    • Get the specified number of headshots from any weapon or rifle in certain game modes.
  • Purchase Items from the Armory100 / 150 / 200
    • Buy abilities, weapons, or shields from the armory for a total of the specified times in certain game modes.
  • Use your Ultimate15 / 20 / 25
    • Use the Valorant Agent Ultimate Ability for a total of the stated times in certain game modes.
  • Use your Abilities200
    • Use the Valorant Agent Ability in certain game modes for the mentioned number of times.
  • You or your Ally Plant or Defuse Spikes20
    • Plant or Defuse the Spike on any map with participation from an ally or self.
  • Play Rounds or Stages100
    • Play the required number of Valorant match rounds on any map in specific game modes.
  • Play a Game10 / 20 / 30
    • Start and complete a Valorant match in certain game modes for the stated number of times
  • Kill Enemies100 / 200
    • Kill a total of 100 or 200 enemies on any Map in certain Valorant game modes.

What Game Modes Count for Weekly Missions in Valorant?

As of 2023, the following Valorant game modes count for Weekly Missions in Valorant:

So, by playing these game modes, excluding Escalation and Deathmatch, you can quickly complete your weekly mission objectives.

weekly missions timer

What is the Valorant Weekly Missions Reset Timer?

Whether you open the game or not, you will obtain the Valorant weekly missions by default which reset in seven days or 7:00:00:00. This timer will run without a pause and will reset after the week when a new set of missions will take their place.

But luckily, the Valorant weekly missions refill instead of being lost. So you can complete them in progression. Still, please know that your Weekly Missions set will not provide you with new but piled-up missions until you complete the three pending missions.

Valorant Weekly Missions Rewards – Four Reasons To Complete All

Check your Weekly Missions in Valorant Now to get all these rewards!

1. Get 3x Valorant XP

So far, you have read that you earn XP for completing missions. Well, when you complete a weekly mission, you get anywhere from 15,840 XP to 18,000 XP, and you get three of those every week! In total, you can get up to 54,000 XP per week!

Thus, the XP you earn from weekly objectives in Valorant will mainly count towards increasing your Valorant Account Progression (AP). In other words, the more weekly missions you complete, the higher your account level can be.

valorant weekly missions xp

2. Valorant Battlepass Collectibles Progression 

You can unlock the items within each of the Ten Battlepass Tiers by earning the required XP for each of them. Here, the 3x XP that you earn from playing matches can help you complete the Valorant Battlepass Tiers sooner.

For instance, you only need to play about 5-8 Competitive or Unrated Games per week to unlock one tier set of Battlepass items. Plus, the Valorant Battlepass XP Boost you get when you have purchased the pass will gain you quicker progress.

valorant weekly missions

3. Valorant Agent Recruit Progression

If you are a beginner, you have about 20+ Agents to unlock in Valorant. It can sound like a hassle, but you can get all the Agents for free by connecting your Xbox Game Pass. But if you don’t have an Xbox pass, you can still unlock Agents after you complete the Weekly Missions in Valorant.

A new Agent will require 200,000 XP to unlock it. So, again, you can attain all that much XP the quickest by finishing your weekly missions. Moreover, when you unlock Agents with XP from weekly missions and game matches, you can save your KC to buy items from the Accessories Store.

valorant weekly missions

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4. Get Free Valorant Radianite Points

Completing Weekly Missions is the quickest way to get Free Radianite Points from Battlepass. After you unlock the Battlepass Tier 3, Tier 5, and Tier 7 with XP, you can get a total of 30 Radianite Points. For perspective, they are worth $50 – $80.

To recollect, you should always finish off your Missions in the game to unlock the max rewards per Act. May you have fun games and good times when you play with friends or solo play! GLHF!


How to Complete Valorant weekly missions?

How many weekly missions are on Valorant?

Three weekly missions are given to each player in Valorant. All players receive the same missions per week per Act.

Does Spike Rush count towards weekly missions?

Perform the given objectives in the missions by playing Unrated or Competitive games to gain the XP rewards. You can also play other game modes to complete the objectives when only a handful of counts are needed to unlock the piled-up ones.

E.g., You can play Swiftplay to complete Spike Plant or Defuse missions, and Spike Rush to finish missions that need using Abilities or Ultimate, and so on.

What modes are missions available in Valorant?

Spike Rush
Snowball Fight

Does Swiftplay count towards weekly missions?

Yes. Swiftplay game mode can help you get the count for Headshots, kills, use abilities, spike plant or defuse, and other objectives.

Does Escalation count towards weekly missions?

No. Escalation game mode can still earn you 800 XP + 16 KC per game if not any progress in weekly missions. You also get a bonus of 200 XP and 4 KC if you win.

Does Deathmatch count towards weekly missions?

No. Deathmatch game mode can still earn you 900 XP + 16 KC per game if not any progress in the weekly missions.

Does Valorant TDM count towards weekly missions?

No. Valorant TDM does not earn you KC, nor does it count towards the progress of the weekly mission(s).

What are the Valorant weekly missions Rewards?

The reward for finishing Valorant Weekly Missions is XP. But earning the XP from it can help you get rewards like Agents, Battlepass Items, Radianite Points, AP level, and more.

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