Dot Crosshair Valorant – Everything You Should Know!

The Valorant META changes frequently with newer updates to the game, like map changes and Nerfs & Buffs to agents and weapons. But the one thing in Valorant that will never be not-META is the use of Dot Crosshair. It’s true! The Dot Crosshair Valorant META is for players who have a crisp aim or want to better their aim.

Let’s see why you should get on board the META!

Dot Crosshair Valorant – Why You Should Use It

It is vital to have good aim when you are playing FPS games, even when you are tactically smart and stealthy. A good aim is a mix of things where the Crosshair Placement holds high significance. Even if run & gun is your main style of playing, you need good aim, and a proper crosshair is a must to achieve it.

In Valorant, good crosshair placement can make all the difference between a win or losing the clutch. So, the fact that the crosshair plays a main role in your crosshair placement is unknown to most. Here, the benefits of Dot Crosshair Valorant profiles can be your saviors.

dot crosshair valorant

With an ideal size crosshair, you can easily follow the assist lines on the Valorant Maps. Most pro eSports players already follow them. A small crosshair can also help you aim accurately at the enemy’s head, especially when they are far away.

When are Dot Crosshair Valorant Settings Useful?

In open spaces, a large crosshair can make it difficult to aim at the head correctly. So, to bag your chance in these moments, the dot crosshair is small enough to allow you correct placement. After it, the one-tap kill can come as easily as aim, place, and shoot.

Consider the Icebox Map, which is one of the largest maps in Valorant.

“From the A Pipes position, you have to peek and kill the enemy at A Rafters.
You have less than a second to respond, and you need the correct placement of your crosshair.
You may get killed if you miss the shot by aiming high or low due to your crosshair size.
Plus, when the opponent has a Vandal or Operator, you will certainly die.
But, when you have a Valorant Dot Crosshair profile, you can make the shot accurately.”

It’s a truth that your first two or four bullets will precisely strike at the crosshair mark. Thus, it becomes all the more relevant to have a Dot Crosshair.

Valorant Dot Crosshair Settings Significance

dot crosshair valorant

Users mostly play the Valorant Game at the display resolution of 1080p. It is because the comfortable 16:9 aspect ratio is perfect for most AAA titles. The default resolution is also 1080p after you install Valorant on PC or Mac.

But, the Dot Crosshair use directly correlates with your display resolution.

The higher resolution at 16:10 will make your 1080p screen crosshair shrink more, if not make it invisible. So, when you switch your game display size, the game will adjust its assets to the available screen real estate. As an outcome, you must test your Dot Crosshair for the resolution you play before using it in Ranked games.

Valorant Dot Crosshair @ QHD (2K) (Please Fullscreen)
Valorant Dot Crosshair @ FHD (1080p) (Please Fullscreen)

Thus, please always choose and change the Dot Crosshair Settings as per your game’s display size.

Custom Valorant Dot Crosshair Series

The given Valorant Dot Crosshair Settings below are known to be used by pro players worldwide. These dot crosshairs can suit various play styles, from their sizes to their appearances, especially on maps like Fracture, Icebox, Breeze, Pearl, and Lotus.

The NA Sniper Dot Crosshair Valorant

People who choose precision over spraying would appreciate the Dot crosshair above anything. It is perfect and simple, making it suitable for pro gaming with a variety of weapons. The NA region Valo players are also seen to use it the most, hence its name. If we were to nit-pick, the only drawback that the dot has is low visibility when you have issues with focusing.

dot crosshair valorant

NA Sniper Dot Crosshair Valorant Profile Code

Anyone who wants to try the dot should use the settings profile, especially if you aim to play Sheriff & Ghost.


Star Wars Dot Crosshair Valorant

The 8-bit appearance should make the fans of the franchise happy, if not over the moon. It’s purely basic and a reminder of a time period when graphics were limited, as were the desktop systems. Still, one more positive aspect of this profile is that it does not make the Crosshair blend inside the white backgrounds.

Valorant Crosshair

Star Wars Dot Crosshair Valorant Profile Code

The perfect audience for this crosshair is if you are someone who uses or prefers Phantom or Spectre and prefers a dink than the one taps.


Pro Marksman Dot Crosshair Valorant

The players that Insta-lock duelists, or Jett and Reyna mains, must rely on precision. Irrespective of their fragging at the top or bottom (mostly), their role requires them to be precise and accurate to help the team get entry into the spike site. Once inside, it’s Duel time, where the Pro Marksman Dot can be of great use.

dot crosshair valorant

Pro Marksman Dot Crosshair Valorant Profile Code

Anyone that wants to increase their First Kill ratio should try the Pro Marksman Dot. Best suitable for taking peeks at Mid in Ascent and Icebox and peeking A on Lotus or B on Pearl.


The Limbo Dot Crosshair Valorant

If you are certain you are the aim-bot slash god of aim, the Limbo Dot is made for you. Who needs a crosshair anyways when you can one tap with anything? An upside of having the limbo dot is that it requires complete focus, or you will miss it yourself.

Limbo Dot Crosshair Valorant

The Limbo Dot Crosshair Valorant Profile Code

Try this crosshair at your own risk!


Professional Valorant Dot Crosshair Series

The new Valorant players joining pro eSports events are all in a different league. The likes of Kang Kang and others are surpassing most pros to date. Whichever could be their playing style, their aiming ability and crosshair placement are commendable. It is also a common thing among famous Radiant Ranked Valorant Players and pro eSports Valo champs.

TenZ Dot Crosshair Valorant

The best-known Valorant Player, Tyson Ngo or TenZ, is known for his agility and superior aim. Despite being younger than most, his FPS skills and gaming prowess are beyond the roof. You don’t want to miss when you’re against him because he extremely rarely does. The code below is of his usual crosshair since he only tried the dot for a short period.

TenZ Valorant Crosshair

Tenz Dot Crosshair Profile Code


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ScreaM Dot Crosshair Valorant

The Valorant star in the EU is none other than ScreaM, who uses a class-apart crosshair and gets crazy good results too. You may need to squint to find his crosshair because the dot is only barely visible, but it’s there. Many pro players can swear on the fact that he won’t miss his target since he also has the highest Headshot percentage.

Try the ScreaM crosshair and see if you can match his aim in your game!

ScreaM Dot Crosshair Valorant

ScreaM Dot Crosshair Profile Code


Hiko Dot Crosshair Valorant

The real ‘Old Dog’ in Valorant (no offense) is none other than Spencer ‘Hik0’ Martin. His smart lurks, accurate lineups, and aim placement are unmatched for a boomer. As for his clutch wins, it’ll be years before anyone can take his Clutch God title. You can find him as a partner content creator for 100 Thieves, whom he has professionally represented in VCT games in the past.

Hiko Valorant Crosshair

Hiko Dot Crosshair Profile Code


Boaster Dot Crosshair Valorant

Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett is a skilled pro eSports Valorant Player who represents the Fnatic Team. He is one of the select EU players from the UK who is both elegant and lethal. His shots at long ranges connect equally well with his strategies, be it as a controller, sentinel, or initiator. He has helped his team succeed in VCT Berlin Masters Tournament and many other pro league matches.

Boaster Dot Crosshair Valorant

Boaster Dot Crosshair Profile Code


Aproto Box Dot Crosshair Valorant

The lesser-known Tier-S Pro Valorant player from the NA region is Alex ‘Aproto’ Protopapas. As per rumors and his prestige, he has the aim and precision of an aim-bot. His Valorant Dot Crosshair is unusual because it appears like a box. However, his crosshair boasts perfect dimensions that can help Sheriff and Vandal users to score impeccable kills from long ranges.

Valorant Box Crosshair

Aproto Box Dot Crosshair Profile Code


Dot Crosshair Valorant Settings Key Considerations

Contrary to common beliefs, the best Dot Valorant crosshair is not about picking a pro player’s gambit and running with it. No, after finding a crosshair that suits your playing style, you should tweak it further. The changes should focus on making adjustments that help you aim accurately with your skills and movement.

Here’s what you should remember when deciding on a crosshair, especially when you aspire to play competitive Valorant games.

  • Your Valorant Crosshair should not distract you.
  • The Crosshair Visibility should be appropriate enough to be visible at all locations.
  • Pick a Crosshair Color that does not blend with the different game backgrounds.
  • Ensure the Crosshair size is good enough for you to hold and score long-range kills.

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The Takeaway

The correct Dot Valorant Crosshair profile can vary from one player to another. You should also remember to pick a crosshair that aligns well with the different Valorant guns. Such an arrangement will help you during game rounds when you have to switch between available guns on the ground.


What is Dot Crosshair Valorant?

It refers to a type of aiming instrument used in FPS games like Valorant, but rather than being a typical cross sign, it is a dot. Its small shape can help you aim better from a long range with one-tap kill guns to score an easy kill.

How do you get a dot crosshair in Val?

Navigate to the settings section inside the game and access the sub-tab called crosshair. Use the import button and paste the profile code of the crosshair. You can import up to 10 crosshair profiles in your settings.

How do I import a dot crosshair code?

The best crosshair code for Valorant can differ based on preferences. If you like a dot, you can have it as your crosshair, or you can use the typical one commonly used by people.

What is the best crosshair code for Valorant?

The best crosshair code for Valorant can differ based on preferences. If you like a dot, you can have it as your crosshair or use the typical one commonly used by people.

How do you get a diamond crosshair?

Copy the Diamond Crosshair Valorant profile code. Next, use the import button to load its settings to your game account. Don’t forget to rename the imported crosshair profile.

How do I get the perfect crosshair placement?

Perfect crosshair placement can be learned by focusing on map lines or the designs on the walls and boxes. Various sites on the map will have symmetry aligning to where you should place your aim to get headshots.

Who is TenZ?

Tyson Ngo, a.k.a. TenZ, is an American pro eSports Valorant player. He plays for the Sentinels team and is known for his crisp aim and flick shots, among other skills. He is also the most famous Valorant player, like Yay, Asuna, etc.

Who is Hiko?

Spencer Hiko Martin is a pro eSports player who is currently signed with 100 Thieves as a content creator. He has represented 100 Thieves in past Valorant tournaments like LCQ, Masters, and others.

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