What is Valorant Elo?

Hearing about Valorant elo never gets old, mainly because players keep rambling about elo hell. It’s a subject that’s always right around the corner when Valorant Competitive games are discussed.  So, what is Valorant elo? And, does it matter?

Valorant Elo Meaning Explained

The Elo in gaming is a system that usually depicts a player’s skill level. Their Elo level is calculated based on their gameplay performance & game outcomes. There are two Elo levels, low and high, primarily established or present in MOBA and MMORPG games.

So, in Valorant, when players discuss Valorant Low Elo & High Elo, they’re referring to player groups of those skill levels.

But, what are the groups or ranks that belong in Valorant High Elo and Low Elo?

To understand this, it’s worthwhile learning about Valorant’s MMR system, which is responsible for queuing players together on a server.

valorant elo hell

Valorant MMR System

Valorant Uses the MMR system, which isn’t the same as the ELO or Rank Rating System (RR). MMR refers to the Match Making Ranking System that queues same rank or similar skill players with closest ranks. Please note that Valorant Rank is separate from Valorant MMR.

Therefore, the Valorant MMR system will pledge those players together that share the same MMR and not Ranks. So, then, how is MMR calculated, you ask? Well, the MMR calculation in Valorant comprises several parameters, like win ratio, ACS performance, Game outcomes, and so on.

valorant elo - MMR System

Therefore, based on the MMR system, players are placed in their respective ranks matching their skills – Low or High Elo.

Valorant Elo Hell, Low & High Elo Explained

Valorant Elo could be theoretically categorized into two parts, low and high. The High Elo Consists of players with the rank Gold or Higher, and subsequently, low Elo ranks consist of players in Silver or lower ranks.

Valorant Elo Hell means players becoming stuck on a particular rank or failing to advance into better/higher Valorant ranks.

Valorant Elo Tracker – Check Your Elo Level!

Are you wondering what Elo do you start at in Valorant? Well, players start with the lowest MMR by default as beginners. For advanced players or players that aren’t beginners also start from the lowest MMR as per their previous Valorant rank in the previous Act.

For example, at the end of the current Act, a Bronze 3 Rank Valorant player will start from Bronze Rank in their next Act. Such placements are made regardless of their Valorant Main agent pick throughout the Act.

So, players could access their Rank Rating points by checking the Competitive > Rank section. Here, they can see how many points they need to advance to a greater rank. But, one must note that this section won’t present the player with their MMR points. It’s why players use the Elo tracker website or Elo checker tools.

valorant elo tracker

Popular website(s) or tools that could offer Elo checker features are listed below.

Tips to Improve Your Elo

When you’re concerned about how do you get good ELO in Valorant, simply start doing the following things in Valorant:

  • No Cold Start before Matches – Practice Aim First & then begin Competitive Games.
  • Take breaks to recover post-match, especially after a series of defeats.
  • Learn about the Ideal Mouse Sensitivity suitable for your play style & stick with it.
  • Communicate with your Team about rotation, spotting enemies, etc. – without overdoing it.

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The Takeaway

The Elo tracker sites may only present you with your average performance and aren’t fully correct at all times. Moreover, the unofficial Github tool may be blocked by Riot Vanguard since it requires access to read game files. Hence, to truly improve your MMR & Elo Rank, you better improve your skills and gameplay performance.

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