Valorant Phantom Skins – 5 Top Community Favorite Picks!

Players who like to Play Valorant, who don’t hate it, mostly use the Phantom weapon for its stable reliability. To reward such valorant players and add to the Valorant Store, Riot has featured several excellent Valorant Phantom Skins. They were mainly featured in bundles prior to their chance appearance in your Valorant Night Market.

Top Community Favorite Valorant Phantom Skin Picks!

You may perhaps not feel the same way about these phantom skins based on their rank or cost. However, these are the top 5 popular Phantom skins, ranked by global popularity among all the 32 skin releases!

Ion Phantom (1775 VP)

Ion Bundle launch in Valorant Store drew the maximum positive appreciation from the community for the Riot developers. The Phantom skin included in the bundle was admired the most, featuring 4 VFX effects unlockable using Radianite Points.

Valorant Phantom Skins - Ion Phantom

The finesse of the Ion design and the VFX upgrades made it the best Phantom skin of all time and the second-best Ion Bundle skin.

Singularity Phantom (2175 VP)

The Singularity Bundle features the next best or arguably the best phantom skins valorant weapons. It is also one of the rarest Phantom Skin in Valorant, featuring exclusively scarcely in the Valorant Night Market.

Valorant Phantom Skins - Singularity Phantom

Undoubtedly, the Singularity Bundle brought many fantastic weapons with its futuristic & timelessly sleek design that is loved globally to date.

Prime 2.0 Phantom (1775 VP)

The Prime Phantom Valorant Skin makes the top 3 list by its active users’ ratio & its classic beauty. But, more than others, there’s a rumor surrounding this weapon’s skin that it has an aim-bot.

Valorant Phantom Skins - Prime 2.0

Whether that may be true is inconsequential, or a secondary matter (rumors, right?) compared to its affirming reception. Fans with buying power rarely miss this skin whenever it features on their Valorant Store sale. It’s a collectible in all regards.

Protocol 781-A Phantom (2475 VP), Recon Phantom, Radiant Crisis 001 Phantom (1775 VP)

The Valorant EP 4 ACT 1 launch brought its global fans the Protocol 781-A Phantom, with future-ready VFX effects. But, it’s closely contested with other Phantom skins in terms of its popularity or being a favorite.

The former is the Newest to the group after the Tigris Phantom. The latter is a favorite from the previous Act. And the Recon Phantom is famous because of its bundle featuring the Butterfly knife for the first time in Valorant.

Valorant Phantom Skins - Radiant Crisis 001 Phantom

Honestly, it’s a matter of personal taste, determining the best among the three phantom skins. Get anyone as soon as you get your hands on them because no True-Valorant-fan ever hates them.

VALORANT Go! Vol. 1 Phantom (1775 VP)

Riot developers adore the Valorant community, which is why they never shy away from offering new items and delightful surprises. The launch of the VALORANT Go! Vol. 1 collection is a testament to it, featuring Anime skins of Valorant agents.

Valorant Phantom Skins - Valorant Go

The decision of the particular agent to feature on the skin rested on the global poll outcome among valorant players. And the Phantom Skin from ‘Go!‘ now forever features Reyna, along with bundle items containing Reyna Player Cards, Gun Buddies & Spray.

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Honorary Mentions of Other Valorant Phantom Skins!

You can find the list of all valorant phantom skins and prices by visiting the Valorant Wiki Page. The list contains all the Phantom Skins in Valorant featured to date. Still, the honorary badge belongs to a few Phantom Weapon Skins pushed down after the new additions to the list above.

  • Oni Phantom (1775 VP)
  • BlastX Phantom (2175 VP)
  • Minima Phantom (1275 VP)
  • Prism Phantom (1275 VP)

Final Words

Getting Valorant Phantom Skins is easy. You could buy it from the Valorant Store Sale or the Night Market. These options are helpful when you missed purchasing the new phantom skin when it became available in the bundle collection. Indeed, the vandal skins valorant weapons have their admirers, but not more than Valorant players that main or favorite Phantom!

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