How Much Have I Spent on Valorant Money – Check Purchase History!

The purchase of gun skins in games can be on the costly side. Over time, they can add up to a sum that could shame most. Hence, it is ideal to check the money you have spent on games. Valorant players can view it too. Check out all that you can buy in the game, with the guide that answers ‘Check How much have I spent on Valorant?’!

How much have I spent on Valorant

What Can I Buy or Purchase in Valorant?

There are many things you can buy with money in Valorant using the Store. Below is a list of all the things you can purchase by spending money in the Valorant game.

  • Valorant Points (VP)
  • Radianite Points (RP)
  • Weapon Skins
  • Gun Bundles
  • Game Battlepass
  • Battlepass Levels
  • Upgrades for Skins (via RP)
  • Agent Contracts
  • Weapon Skin Levels

Note: Certain items can only be obtained by spending VP or RP, like gun skin upgrades and so on.

Check How Much Money You Have Spent On Valorant in Three Steps!

If you worry about spending too much or want to learn how much money I have spent on Valorant, you can use this guide to gain perspective. You can view your entire Valorant Purchase History using these steps:

You can view your entire Valorant Purchase History using these steps:

 Step 1: Visit Valorant Support Page

Please use only the official page to avoid leaking your Riot ID creds to third-party apps, portals, or services.

how much money I have spent on Valorant


Step 2: Click on Purchase History

Log in using your Riot ID (and Authentication Code or OTP) if required.

Valorant Money Spent


Step 3: Click the ‘Get My Purchase History’ Button

You should now be able to view your Valorant purchase records of times when you bought VP. It will also show you the date and time of transactions, VP count, chosen payment method, and sum amount.

How much have I spent on Valorant

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Does Riot offer a Valorant Purchase History?

Yes, visit the Valorant Support page to access the Get My Purchase History Button. It will view your transactions of the times you have bought VP.

Where can I see my Riot Purchase History?

Your Riot purchases in a game can be seen by visiting its support page. Please do not create a ticket to check your spending history.

How much have I spent on Valorant?

Probably too much if you have to check it to be certain. Jokes apart, you can check it on the Valorant support page using the three steps given in our guide.

How much money have I spent on Valorant?

Likely more than you should, or perhaps not enough? You can confirm your spending history by using the three steps given in our guide.

Can I see my Valorant total spending amount?

Yes, you can see the number of times you have spent money on the game. Click on the ‘Get My Purchase History’ Button on the game Support page.

Can I check how much I have spent on Valorant using third-party apps?

Please only visit the official support page to check your game data. The use of any other portals, services, or apps can put your account at risk, and you may get banned.

Can I get a refund in Valorant?

Yes, it is possible to get a refund in the Valorant game, but the process differs per case. Certain items cannot be refunded, and you can check their list on the game support page. All refunds may take 7-10 business days, if not less, to get processed.

Which items are eligible for a refund in Valorant?

You can only get a refund of the VP you have purchased using your money. No refunds are entertained for the prepaid codes you may have used. You can also get a refund on gun skins in special cases.

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