How to: Valorant Username Change Guide – 5 Easy Steps!

The Valorant game developed by Riot Games Inc. offers FPS enthusiasts plenty to cherish and celebrate. Among other things like Valorant Maps, Valorant Agents, Music Videos, etc., Valorant Players can also opt for Valorant username change. Yes, unlike other games where your chosen game name remains the same throughout your career progression, Valorant lets you change it.

So here’s what you need to know about What is a Valorant game name and how you can change it!

valorant username change

What is Your Valorant Username?

After signing up with a Riot ID, accessing the Valorant game for the first time will ask you to input a name. The name you enter on the screen will be your Valorant Username.

You can see this Valorant username displayed in multiple places, like on

  • Valorant Player Card
  • Valorant Agent Select Screen
  • Valorant Map Loading Screen
  • Valorant Match Round Scoreboard
  • Valorant HUD
  • Valorant Kill Feed
valorant username change

There are still several other places where you can check your Valorant Username, like in the Career section, which reveals your match history. Therein, clicking on any of the match results will show your username in the stats table. It is also visible after the end of the match.

But what can you do when you want to change your username? Can You? Does it require a name change card or something similar?

The answer to all such questions is that yes, you can have a Valorant game name change!

But, it comes with certain conditions. Additionally, it’s worth knowing that your Valorant game name or username is different from your Valorant Login Credentials.

Are Valorant Username & Riot ID Same?

No, your Riot login username and password are your credentials to access the game client & Riot Games services. The Valorant Username or Riot ID, as shown in the pictures above, is your display name in the game.

valorant username change

You can opt to hide it by using the Streamer Mode, which will hide it for the duration of the match rounds. However, after the match rounds are over, your results scoreboard screen will display your Valorant Username.

So, when you attempt to change Valorant username by yourself, please know that you cannot change your Riot ID login username.

Please read below to learn more about changing your valorant username using five simple steps!

How to Change Valorant Username: Easy Valorant Username Change Guide!

It takes less than five minutes to change Valorant username into whatever you may like. (Almost whatever!)

Please follow the steps below to change your Valorant username or game display name successfully.

Step – 1: Visit Riot Login Page

  • Please click on this link to access the Riot Games Sign-In page.
  • Beware of fake portals and redirections, as fake websites can steal your Valorant Game data and credentials.

Note: Changing Valorant game name should always be performed from the official Riot Games Sign-In Page.

valorant username change

Step – 2: Login Using Riot Games

  • After landing on the Riot Games Sign-In Page, please input your Username and Password.
  • If you have used a different Sign-In option, please pick the relevant login option between Google, Apple, and Facebook.
  • After entering the correct credentials of your Riot Account, you will be asked to enter the OTP from your connected email account.
  • Access the OTP (six numbers), and enter it into the Riot Games Login page.
  • You will now be redirected to the Riot Account Dashboard page. It will offer you options to customize your Riot Games preferences, including an option for Valorant username change.
valorant username change

Step – 3: Navigate/Access

  • On the Dashboard, you can check your Riot ID and Tagline.
  • You can modify both Valorant Username & your tagline by editing those input fields.
  • Proceed to the next step if you want to change your Valorant Username.

Note: You can only modify your Valorant Username or Valorant Riot ID once per 30 days. The same also applies to changing your Valorant Tagline.

Step – 4: Input Valorant Username Change

  • Please input the new Riot ID you want to be displayed as your Valorant username in the game.
  • You can also change your Valorant Tagline visible after your Username, but only 5 alphanumeric characters are allowed.

Step – 5: Save Changes

  • After you have entered your new Valorant username details, click on the Save Changes button.
  • It must be noted that it’s not mandatory to change your tagline when you change your Valorant Riot ID or username.

Valorant Username Change Error: Here’s What You Need to Know!

The process to change Valorant game name is pretty simple, but it’s not without certain protocols. If you face a Valorant username change error, your new username may be breaching the Riot Games policies. Check out the following prohibitions and regulations applicable to the Valorant Username change option.

  • Use offensive and abusive words as your Valorant Username is prohibited.
  • Your username cannot exceed the limit of 16 characters.
  • You cannot use special characters as your Valorant Username.
  • Users are only allowed to change their Riot ID once per 30 days.

Why Change Valorant Username?

Changing game name can be for various reasons, and it’s completely free to change your Valorant User name! Unlike other games, Riot Games Inc. allows players to change their username free of cost or fees. However, players cannot change their username again for 30 days.

Here’s why Valorant players usually change their Riot ID or Valorant game display name:

  • To have a custom and unique player tag 
  • For fun
  • To add the Prefix of a team name. (E.g., SEN Shroud)
  • To make it anonymous or dissimilar to their real identity.
  • And many more.

The Takeaway

Now that you know how to change Valorant username, make sure to do it only via the official Riot Games login page! Happy Gaming!


Can I change my name in Valorant?

It is pretty simple to complete the Valorant username change process.

Step 1: Visit the Riot Games Login page.
Step 2: Login using your Riot Account Credentials.
Step 3: Access your Riot account dashboard.
Step 4: Edit your Riot ID and Tagline
Step 5: Click on Save Changes.

How do I change my name in Valorant 2022?

The procedure to change valorant username in 2022 is still the same and quite easy. Access your Riot Account and at the dashboard, replace your current Riot ID with your new Valorant username and click Save Changes.

Is changing your Valorant name free?

Yes, changing your Valorant name is free, and you can do it 12 times a year! It is because you can change the Valorant username only once per 30 days.

Why can’t I change my Riot ID after 30 days?

Getting an error while trying to complete the valorant game name change process after 30 days means your username is offensive or uses special characters. If you haven’t used any special characters or it isn’t abusive or offensive, please raise a ticket about the issue with the Valorant Support team.

How do I change my Riot name?

Login to the Riot Account Management page and access your dashboard. You can edit the Riot ID and tagline on the right side of the screen. Changing this name and replacing it with the new one is equivalent to changing valorant game name.

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