How To Change Name in Valorant – Change Username in 5 Easy Steps!

Want to learn how to change your name in Valorant? You can do it free once every 30 days with these easy steps!

how to change name in valorant

What is Valorant Username?

When you launch the Valorant game for the first time, it will ask you to input a username. Whatever you enter in the box will become your first Valorant display name. 

Your Valorant name is also your Riot ID, but don’t mistake it for your Riot Login Creds. Luckily, you can change your name in Valorant for free!

The process to change your Riot ID game nickname or pick a new Riot ID name is pretty simple! You can have a new Valorant name in less than five minutes!

How to Change Name in Valorant? – Change Your Riot ID Username

For a name change, you will need access to your Riot account, and that’s all. Now you are ready to follow the given steps to change the name!

Riot Account Management Screen

Step 1: Close Valorant

Yes, the first thing you need to do is close the game client. Not doing so can prevent you from saving the changes after picking your new Riot ID name.

Step 2: Log in at Riot

Visit the Riot Games Sign-In page from your mobile or desktop. On the page, Use your login credentials, and input the OTP from your email or SMS.

Note: Please do not use any Valorant name changer tool, service, or app by any third party. You may get banned or lose access to your account if your login info is leaked. Always change your name on Valorant only through the Riot Portal.

Step 3: Switch to Riot ID Tab

Once logged in, under the Account Management tab, Click on Riot ID.

how to change valorant name

Step 4: Input New Valorant Name

Input the new Valorant username that you want to change in the Riot ID box. The dashboard will also display your Tagline next to Riot ID. You can change the Tagline, too, if you want, or you can keep it the same.

how to change name in valorant

Note: Valorant changing name field length is limited to 16 inputs for Riot ID and 5 for the Tagline.

Step 5: Save Changes to Riot ID

Click on the Save Changes button and launch the game again.

nickname in valorant

Your in-game name is now available for you to see. Please know you can change the Valorant name to pretty much anything as long as it is not offensive, hurtful, or of the sort. It can be fun to change it as many times as you may want – just make sure your friends can recognize you! GLHF!

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How to Change Name in Valorant?

Visit the Riot Sign-In page and log in to access the Riot ID box. Input the new name in the box and click the Save Changes button.

How to Change Name in the Valorant Client?

The Riot client has no option of changing the Valorant name. Please visit the Riot Sign-In page to change your Valorant username.

How to Change Nickname in Valorant from Riot App?

As of now, the Riot App has limited functions. Hence, you cannot change your game name from the Riot Mobile app.

Can you Change your Name in Valorant for free?

You can change your game name once for free every 30 days.

How to Change your Valorant name in the game?

Valorant name cannot be changed from the game. Please close the game client and visit the Riot Sign-In page from a browser.

How to Change Your Name on Valorant Premier Beta?

The Valorant Premier Beta is a game mode. To change your display name, you need to change your Riot ID name.

How to hide Valorant name change in the friend list?

Enable the Streamer mode to hide your Valorant name. But you cannot hide your name change in your friend list.

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