Valorant Neon Abilities Explained – New Valorant Agent!

The arrival of Neon – the newest Filipino Agent, was among the most-awaited after Chamber release in Valorant Agent Roster. Her Cinematic Trailer, revealed earlier this week, showcased Valorant Neon Abilities, hyping her popularity! So, let’s see all she has to offer on the battleground of Valorant across seven Valorant Maps!

New Valorant Agent – Neon (Duelist)

Yes, the latest Valorant Agent to join the team is a Duelist, and fittingly so! Valorant Neon Abilities are indeed cracked, it appears from her gameplay, which indefinitely again changes the Valorant Meta! But how exactly does she fit alongside other Valorant Agent Classes? Also, could she potentially replace Jett?

The Valorant Neon Agent brings more than speed, with her origins linked directly into Valorant Lore. Her presence & abilities confirm the need for Killjoy to make the Everett-Linde portal functional. Neon’s voice is backed by the Philippines Star, Vanille Velasques, who elaborates on the agent’s backstory.

The reports also state that Yoru’s story might come next in Valorant EP4 ACT2.

Valorant Neon Abilities

Valorant Neon Abilities Explained

The Neon Agent abilities are unique in several ways, despite mirroring Valorant Agent Abilities of characters like Phoenix and Jett. Be that as it may, her abilities can also be used simultaneously, a rare feat, except for some Valorant agents.

(Q) Relay Bolt

Release an Energy Bolt that electrifies the field wherever it comes in contact with a surface. The outcome of whoever is in the field will be concussed, and it can bounce on any surface, once.

The Relay Bolt Ability surpasses Concussive blasts featured from other Valorant Characters like Astra, Breach, Cypher, Killjoy, Skye, and Chamber. It can help both Attackers & Defenders push or retake a spike site, fulfilling the purpose of an Initiator Agent.

(E) High Gear

Access the Slide charge exclusive to the New Valorant Agent Neon to increase movement speed. (It’s 30% faster than running with a melee weapon) She can also use the charge to perform an electric slide. Use the latter when sprinting using the ALT FIRE button, while the charge resets every two kills.

The High Gear Neon Ability assists her to contest corner peeks and quickly dashing into the map sites. It is comparatively less quick than Jett Dash, but it can remain active longer.

(C) Fast Lane

Raise two parallel walls of static electricity that deal 5HP damage per second. The walls can block vision while hurting enemies and can breach surfaces. However, unlike the Viper wall, it cannot always pass through all surfaces. Still, the Fast Lane can pass through objects like Yellow Container on Breeze or Icebox, and so on.

Neon’s Fast Lane can be incredibly useful in various situations. Not only could it allow her or allies entry into a site area discreetly, but it also functions to serve as a cover by blocking LOS.

(X) Overdrive – Ultimate Valorant Neon Agent Ability!

Activate it to equip Neon with a deadly Lightning Beam, besides engaging high movement speed and full power for a short duration. The ability resets after scoring one kill, so use it decisively when you’re against the wall facing Clutch moments. You can direct the ability by moving the crosshair/aiming it at enemies.

The New Valorant Agent brings perhaps one of the most lethal Ultimate Valorant Agent abilities to the Duelist roster. According to the live gameplay, the ability can kill an enemy in less than 1.2 seconds when aimed directly. Furthermore, engaging the ability allows Neon to move quicker and use it simultaneously with the Dash slide.

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The Takeaway

Neon Valorant Agent changes the Valorant Meta again, especially with the game updates. The Valorant EP4 ACT1 is aptly called ‘Disruption’ after witnessing the Valorant Neon Abilities combined with Valorant Weapon Buffs & Nerfs.

Don’t forget to ‘Activate Neon Agent Contract’ from the Agents Section. Happy Gaming!

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