Valorant Episode 3 ACTs – Everything You Need To Know

Valorant is still succeeding in keeping its player base active, even after more than 16 months of its official release! That’s undoubtedly a feat for any game in an exceedingly fluid market where attention span shifts quickly as pro reflexes. Still, Riot achieved it by succeeding the Previous Valorant Episode 2 and its acts with the Valorant Episode 3.

Valorant Episode 3 Acts: Battlepass, Updates & Everything To Know!

Valorant releases new content with almost every launch of its New Valorant Episode or one of its Acts. It can be a New Valorant Agent, New Valorant Map, New Valorant Game Mode, or even all three of them. Incidentally, it’s again mostly true for almost every release of a New Valorant Act under the Valorant Episode 3.

While it’s fortunate to obtain new features with outrageously fantastic (and costly) gun bundles, of course, staying in-the-loop isn’t easy. So, save yourself extra trouble & visit us here. Find all the latest scoop on the Newest Valorant Episode Act Update!

Valorant Episode 3 Act 3 – REFLECTION – Highlights & Major Content Release Info

The Valorant EP 3 Act 3 was launched on 2nd November 2021. It subsequently brought the following patches:

  • V3.09
  • V3.10

The onset of the Ninth Valorant Act was long-awaited like other acts for two reasons. First was the arrival of the New Valorant Agent named Chamber, the second being the new Valorant Battlepass. While the previous EP3 Acts helped propel the Valorant Lore forward, it’s pending to see the Fracture Map receive more patches.

Fracture is a unique map with roots to the identity of the new Sentinel Valorant Agent called Chamber. Players can access interactive buttons at various locations on the map to view the valorant lore that created Fracture.

Valorant Episode 3

Beyond this, the Valorant Episode Act 1 & Valorant Episode Act 2 add into the final Act of Episode 3 – Reflection. By the presence of Chamber and how the Reflection Duality pans into the game, it’s worth awaiting the Valorant EP 4 Act 1 with equal or more excitement.

Key noticeable improvements include buffing the Classic, which had become notoriously overpowered. Additionally, the EP 3 ACT 3 also celebrates the arrival of the Riot Arcane Event. It has a whole interactive page & a movie that premiered live between Nov 9 – 15 on Netflix & Official Riot Website.

All Battlepass Items
Player Cards
• Glowing Card • Kodiak Steel Card • Living The Nightmare Card • Downtime // Omen Card • Chamber ID Card
• Kingdoms Divided Card • Crying Sage Card • Genesis Card • Unstoppable // Viper Card • On Cooldown Card
• Versus // KAY/O + Brimstone Card • Live Wire Card • Epilogue: Downtime // Omen Card
Player Sprays
 • This Is Really Not Fine Spray • Mance On A Broom Go Zoom Spray • With Love, Reyna Spray • It’s Lit Spray
• Scavenger Spray • Sugar Muffins Spray • Sad Yoru Spray • Take My Creds! Spray • Volunteer Spray • No Bucky Spray
• Goldwing Spray • Plant Plant Spray • Turn It Up, Rudy Spray • Trevor Gets It Spray • Countdown Is On Spray
Player Titles
 • Unstoppable • Haunted • Hardstuck
Gun Skins
 • Goldwing (Classic, Ares, Judge, Ghost)
• Genesis (Bulldog, Shorty, Operator, Bucky, Melee)
• Aero (Spectre, Guardian, Phantom, Frenzy)
Gun Buddies
• Genesis Buddy • Ep 3 // 3 Coin Buddy • Magic Mance Buddy • Dumpster Fire Buddy
• Edible Ornament Buddy • Easy Breezy Buddy • Sock of Cheer Buddy • Get The Picture Buddy
• Winner Winner Buddy • Epilogue: Dumpster Fire Buddy
Radianite Points
 • 160 Radianite Points
Valorant Episode 3 Goldwing
RiotX Arcane Pass Items
Player Cards
 • Welcome to the Undercity Card • Arcane Embrace Card
Player Sprays
 • Calculated Spray • Boom! Spray
Player Titles
• Arcane • Liar • Cupcake
Gun Buddies
 • Arcane Cupcake Buddy
Radianite Points
 • 20 Radianite Points
Arcane Cards

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Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 – FORMATION – Highlights & Major Content Release Info

The Valorant EP 3 Act 2 was launched on 8th September 2021. It subsequently brought the following patches:

  • V3.05
  • V3.06
  • V3.07
  • v3.08

The 8th Valorant Act brought significant game improvements, and the release of a New Map called Fracture. It was long-awaited after its early foreshadowing in the previous act, and it brought some necessary agent buffs.

The Valorant Episode Act 2 was also peppered with fun battlepass items, including various Meme-inspired Player Sprays & Player Titles. In the ammunition department, the Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 delivered a special set of gun skins with its Battlepass. The Artisan Bundle offered Ghost, Bucky, Phantom & Marshall, which could swap skin colors to Red, Green & Blue using Radianite Points.

Also included in the Battlepass was the ‘Manifest Elegance’ Player card as a foreshadowing to the upcoming Valorant Agent Chamber.

All Battlepass Items
Player Cards
• Rainfall Card • Falcon Firearms Card • Skin Bait Card • Taking Note Card • Unstoppable // Reyna Card
• Ascent Schema Card • Artisan Card • 100% Aimbot Card • Teknika Firearms Card • Escalation Card
• Manifest Elegance Card • Versus // Phoenix + Phoenix Card • Epilogue: Skin Bait Card
Player Sprays
 • Promises Kept Spray • Yikes Spray • No Judge Spray • Not Impressed Spray • Love > Hate Spray • Hooked Spray
• OTL Spray • This Is Not Fine Spray • Artisan Spray • Trust In My Healing Spray • Crispy Spray • Nice Try! Spray
• Hold Up Spray • To The Moon Spray
Player Titles
 • Cheap • Lurker • Aimbot
Gun Skins
 • Nitro (Vandal, Operator)
• Artisan (Marshal, Phantom, Bucky, Melee, Ghost)
• Varnish (Bulldog, Judge, Sheriff, Stinger)
Gun Buddies
 • Bruno Coin Buddy • Ep 3 // 2 Coin Buddy • Sample 36-K Buddy • Root Beer Buddy • Artisan Buddy
• KNG Meridian Buddy • VLT/R Buddy • Time’s Up Buddy • Follow Me Buddy • Epilogue: Bruno Coin Buddy
Radianite Points
 • 160 Radianite Points
Valorant Episode 3 Nitro

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 – IGNITION – Highlights & Major Content Release Info

The Valorant EP 3 Act 1 was launched on 22nd June 2021. It subsequently brought the following patches:

  • V3.0
  • V3.01
  • V3.02
  • V3.03
  • v3.04

Being the 7th Valorant Act, it brought plenty of game improvements as usual. But, what was included for its global player base was a brand new valorant agent called KAY/O. He was a delight to play for any and all the early adopters and loyal fans of CSGO.

Moreover, Valorant Episode Act 1 helped to make the Competitive Valorant eSports scene more popular. Why? Because the Valorant Champions Tournament (VCT) series gained peak viewership during those months. Furthermore, it celebrated its 1st Anniversary with a special YR1 Anniversary Pass to reward over 16 Million global Valorant Players.

Valorant Episode 3

Besides such impressive featurettes, the Valorant Episode 3 Act 1  also offered a seasonal Battlepass and a Singularity Gun Bundle. While the latter slowly became a desirable valorant gun skin, the ACT 1 accompanied – Account level system – is nifty to date. (It helps find better Competitive Match-making opportunities)

But that’s still not where the glory of the Valorant EP 3 Act 1 ends. It also features a special Valorant Player Card called ‘Testing Grounds,’ a silent teaser for the upcoming ‘Fracture’ map. The community admired the launch greatly, including its EP 3 Kickoff trailer, which was showcased during the VCT events.

All Battlepass Items
Player Cards
 • Feel The Rush Card • Snowbirds Card • Naked Op Card • Save Card • Force Card • Dropoff Card
• KAY/O ID Card • Best For Last Schema Card • Rotie Botie Card • Testing Grounds Card • From the Ashes Card
• Cosmic Connections Card • Epilogue: Naked Op Card
Player Sprays
 • Pump Action Spray • Cracked Spray • Max Money Spray • Sova Says Sorry Spray • Greatly Increased? Spray
• Killjoy! I Choose You! Spray • Hardstuck Spray • No Pen Spray • Surprised Penguin Spray • No Guardian Spray
• Sand Sculpture Spray • Greatly Decreased? Spray • Clutch Or Kick Spray • Too Heavy Spray • Sands Of Time Spray
• Epilogue: Cracked Spray
Player Titles
 • Cracked • No Breaks • Salty
Gun Skins
 • K/TAC (Sheriff, Bulldog, Vandal, Operator, Melee)
• Monarch (Shorty, Bucky, Frenzy, Marshal)
• Jigsaw (Ares, Judge, Guardian, Ghost)
Gun Buddies
 • K/TAC Buddy • Ep 3 // 1 Coin Buddy • One Direction Buddy • Rubber Ducky Buddy • Caught Buddy
• Island Dreams Buddy • The Key To Ancient Mysteries Buddy • Salmon Nigiri Buddy
Radianite Points
 • 160 Radianite Points
Year One Anniversary Pass Items
Player Cards
 • Year One Card • Ep 3 // REFLECTION Card
Player Titles
 • YR1 • Year One
Gun Buddies
  • Year One Buddy
Radianite Points
 • 20 Radianite Points

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