Valorant Patch Notes 5.0 Ep 5 Act 1

The wait for the Valorant New Patch 5.0 is over, and it’s been live since June 22nd, 2022! The Riot Valorant Team has also released Valorant Patch Notes 5.0, which explains the new exciting game changes!

The New Valorant Players have a chance to get the exclusive Alpha // Omega Crossover Event Pass items, besides trying out the Newest Valorant Map called Pearl and more! Check it all out below!

Valorant Patch Notes

New Valorant Patch 5.0 EP5 ACT1 Summary

Rolling with the flow, the Valorant Game Dev team has been creatively busy bringing its global community a new Valorant Map! But that’s not everything! The Valorant Patch Notes 5.0 also describe some much-needed Valorant Split map changes alongside introducing a New Valorant Rank – Ascendant!

Additional mentions within the Valroant Game Updates state some important Valorant Bug fixes relevant to the game, agents, and maps!

P. S. Don’t miss out on checking out the Valorant Map Pearl Trailer Below!

Valorant Patch 5.0 Update Notes

The Official Valorant Patch Notes 5.0 states the following game updates have been included with the arrival of the Valrorant EP5 ACT1.

Valorant Map Update

Valorant Patch Notes

Pearl Valorant Map

  • NEW Valorant Map is Live!
  • An Exclusive Pearl-only Queue option is live!
    • The Pearl Map can be selected exclusively in Unrated until July 11th.
  • Pearl Valorant Map joins Competitive and All Game Modes from July 12th. (Patch 5.01)
  • Pearl goes globally live for all pro-eSports VCT games after the August LCQ VCT event ends.
Valorant Patch Notes

Split Valorant Map

  • Split Valorant Map is temporarily removed from Unrated and Competitive Game Modes.
  • The Valorant team describes several reasons, including the following vital information:
    • Split Valorant Map exits the eSports map rotation after the August VCT LCQ games.
    • Split Map will only be available in Spike Rush, custom games, and other game modes until further notice.

Valorant Game Updates

Competitive Valorant Updates

On the competitive Valorant side of the game, the Valorant Patch Notes make a never-before announcement of introducing a new Valorant Competitive Rank. It is supported by adding further MMR queue optimizations, rules, Valorant RR penalties, and more!

Valorant Patch Notes

New Valorant Rank – Ascendant!

The introduction of a new Valorant rank arrives after severe critical thinking towards addressing the problems like Valorant Elo Hell and Valorant Smurfing issues. Aiming to ease the bell graph of player distribution according to their Valorant ranks, the Ascendant rank with its separate tiers should help justify each rank before and after it.

Added New Valorant Competitive Rank – Ascendant!

  • It sits between Valorant Diamond Rank and Valorant Immortal Rank.
  • MMR Rank targets that determine the rank down and rank up figures are changed.
  • Rank targets for Valorant Ranks below Ascendant are moved down.
  • Rank targets for Valorant Ranks Immortal & Radiant are increased.
Valorant Patch Notes
  • Valorant Immortal Rank and higher ranked players will have an uphill rank climb.
    • Immortal Rank leaderboards across regions will have a fewer population.
  • According to Seasonal Reset, players may not see Rank Upgrade at the start of the Episode.
    • The current Rank Reset is less hard than the previous Episode reset based on the introduction of Ascendant Valorant Rank.
    • Please Note Next Rank Reset will be harsher than the current one.
  • Grouping restrictions for Valroant Party with an Ascendant Player are as follows:
    • Players with 3 ranks above or below the Ascendant rank can queue together.

Evidently, these updates appear to establish the base for the Upcoming Valorant Game Updates, including a possible Valorant Maps Rework, Valorant Agent Rework, and other features in subsequent Valorant 5.0 Updates.

3. Valorant Bugs Updates

Every time the Valorant Patch Notes comes around, it brings some necessary game bug fixes to improve the game’s performance. The current update adds some fixes involving weapon equipment, Valorant agent abilities, and UI elements.

Maps Bug Fixes

  • The bug in Haven preventing players from wall spraying in A Garden is fixed.
    • The dev team credits @eminakob for bringing it to their attention

Agents Bug Fixes

  • The bug enabling Jett to equip the weapon after engaging Tailwind ability is fixed.
  • The bug instance when Sova’s Recon Bolt and Faze’s Haunt agent reveal briefly showing incorrect enemy location on the minimap is fixed.
  • The bug responsible for making the scope visual effect disappear of Tour De Force when aiming with it is fixed.

System Bug Fixes

  • A bug where using the Ultimate Orb or defusing the Spike from the maximum range flickers, the progress bar is fixed.
  • An instance where the channeling progression bar doesn’t update after a player has reconnected after disconnecting from the game/match.
  • A bug fix is performed when the player weapon equip animation and speed were incorrect. According to developers, the situations that were impacted by the bug include:
    • Cypher existing his Spy Cam mode.
    • Capturing Ultimate Orbs.
    • Canceling or completing the Spike plant.

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