Can You Play Valorant on PS5, PS4, Xbox & Other Consoles in 2023?

Is the Valorant PS5, Xbox, and Consoles Launch Coming Soon?

Are the rumors true? Valorant is free on PC from its launch, and indeed, you can also get it on Mac! But are we finally getting to play Valorant on consoles like PS5, Xbox, and PS4 in 2023? Let’s see!

Free Download & Play Valorant PS5 & PS4 Game Title in 2023!

Fans of the game want a Valorant PS5 release from the time of its official launch in 2020. Over the years, several rumors have made headlines but with no concrete proof of release. However, the beginning of Q3 has brought good news for the Valorant fanbase of 2 million monthly active players.

A Valorant PS5 or PlayStation & Xbox release may already be in the works!

valorant PS5

What is New?

The news about Valorant on PS5 is trending after Riot Games featured a couple of job listings on its Career Page. Indeed, it concerns the Valorant game console development because they mention hiring Software Engineers for Console Tech & UI Development.

Furthermore, going by the listings, the Riot Game giant appears to have an ‘all hands on deck’ stance. Likely, it is for pushing the Valorant Console development full sail ahead, so it can finally perhaps offer Valorant Crossplay!

Although Riot is yet to make the announcement official, some Reddit users have already seen clips of Valorant console testing. While it’s a matter of time to see how the aim-assist will or won’t make an appearance, anything is possible. Hence, even if it may likely be leaked information, it’s some development! * Puts on the Hopium Copium Cap*

valorant PS5

So, when can you play Valorant on PS5? The answer to it is likely sometime in early 2024. But hold your sighs because it may also be an early beta release in the Q4 of 2023.

Until then, be vary of baits offering you Valorant on PS4 or affirmation to questions like ‘Is Valorant on PS4’ or ‘Can you get Valorant on PS4?’

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Download & Play Valorant Xbox Game Free in 2023!

If you own an Xbox, you might want to hold on to it for another year or more. The release of Valorant on Xbox is as clouded as the PS5 release. However, it does not exclude the possibility of a release. In the meantime, Valorant players can still connect their Xbox Pass with Valorant. Doing so can get them any new Valorant Agents for free on the same day.

Valorant Xbox Game Pass

What is New?

On the Xbox side of development in Valorant, the job listings are likely, in part, harnessed to also bring the game to its player base. It remains to be seen whether Valorant furthermore launches any new features with the Xbox pass, like maybe including the battlepass in the subscription or something else.

But until it happens, you know you can read all about it here!

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Free Download & Play Valorant Mobile Game in 2023!

Okay, on the subject of Valorant mobile, you must know that it has already launched an early beta and shut off again. After it, another game company also created a similar game. However, despite these events, the game is pending to see an official announcement on the Android or iOS platform.

Likewise, any news about Valorant on Nintendo Switch and the like is equally hush-hush, if not non-existent.

So, there you have it, all the updates on Valorant PS5, PS4, Xbox, and console releases. Until next time, GLHF!


When is Valorant coming to PS4?

Valorant is yet to have any official announcements for release on PS4 or any other consoles. Please be cautious before providing your credentials to any website or service.

Can you Play Valorant on PS4?

Valorant is currently available only on PC as a free-to-play game title.

Can you Play Valorant on PS5?

Valorant is not yet released for PS5 or any other consoles. But, it may have begun its in-house alpha testing.

Is Valorant on PS5?

No, Valorant is only available on PC for free.

When did Valorant Xbox release?

Valorant Xbox release is unknown. However, you can link your Xbox Game Pass with Valorant to unlock all Valorant agents.

When will Valorant Xbox release?

The timeline for the Valorant Xbox for Series X & S is yet unknown. Please download Valorant for PC and Mac for free until then.

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