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Playing Valorant is a hobby for some, but it’s the go-to live streaming game or pro eSports career for others. Regardless, the Valorant Leaderboards are for everyone who can prove their game skills and gameplay prowess globally. Still, there’s but one distinction between them. There’s the eSports Valorant leaderboard and the Regional Valorant Ranked Leaderboard.

Valorant Leaderboards Explained

The global Valorant Rankings are calculated the same way but featured separately on two different channels.

The Valorant game leaderboard is featured based on the Valorant Rank Distribution of the current Act of the respective Episode. On the other hand, the Global Valorant leaderboard visible on various websites depicts the list of pro eSports Valorant players.

Both types of leaderboards calculate the game performance of the Valorant players similarly, but the parameters differ. Let’s look into them to learn more about how it works and find who is number 1 radiant VALORANT?

Global Valorant Leaderboard (eSports Valorant Leaderboard)

The eSports Valorant leaderboard exclusively features players’ performance statistics from Professional Valorant Game Events. Meaning, it is possible that it may be filled with Radiant Rank Valorant players, but not by the norm.

valorant ranked leaderboard - Tenz Valorant

This leaderboard frequently changes, if not daily, based on the outcomes of competitive valorant game matches and events. So, your favorite Valorant Player can slip or climb a few ranks here or there based on their performance in recent matches.

For instance, TenZ led the Global Valorant Leaderboard in the previous year by being in 1st position. He retained his global Number 1 Radiant Valorant status for several weeks until the VCT Championship events began across various regions. Yes, the eSports Valorant Leaderboards singularly list all the pro eSports players by accounting for their performance regardless of region.

Valorant Ranked Leaderboard  

The Radiant Valorant players are among the top 0.10% Valorant Players globally, collectively forming the Valorant Ranked Leaderboard. But, they aren’t featured together like the global leaderboard.

It is because the game servers are mainly divided into seven regions, which have their own subs servers. For example, the NA region has Texas, California, etc. Hence, the ranked leaderboard for the NA region will differ from that of the EU region or any other region.

valorant ranked leaderboard distribution

So, when you hear about Elo hell and wonder What is Elo, here’s where the valorant players are grinding to up their ranks. Hence, the Regional High Rankers Stats differ among individual regions but not among sub servers.

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Valorant Top 100 Leaderboard

Finding the Valorant Rankings of Regional Radiant Valorant Players and eSports players is simple. There are 7 Valorant leaderboards for every Regional featuring Radiant Valorant Ranks and 1 for Global Professional eSports Valorant players.

Here’s how you could check the Valorant Top 100 Leaderboard for each type:

  • Launch your Valorant Game to check the Regional Leaderboard.


  • Access websites like and others to check the leaderboard of all seven regions.


  • Visit the website to see the Valorant Global Leaderboard of all eSports players.

Note: The Valorant gameplay of players from each region differs from another for obvious reasons like queue lobby skillset, etc.

How To Join Valorant Ranked Leaderboard?

Making your way into the Elite Club of Radiant Valorant players requires understanding the Valorant Rank Distribution system. It’s not just by winning that you could climb up in the ranks because of the Valorant MMR system. It will queue you with players matching your skillset or you with theirs based on your region.

So, to make your mark, either on Valorant Leaderboards SEA region or on Valorant Leaderboards North America, grind it out! Happy Gaming!

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