Valorant Streamer Mode – Why it’s Both Useful Yet A Pain!

Valorant quickly became the top-grossing game of the year only after a short span since its release. Naturally, it attracted numerous live broadcasting personalities and live-game streaming players across the globe. However, their single complaint remained about getting stream-sniped, which is why Valorant Streamer Mode came into existence.

Read on to learn more about its fundamental need and why it can be a bothersome boon simultaneously.

What is Valorant Streamer Mode?

A Streamer mode allows players to become anonymous within the match rounds. It is only featured in multiplayer games to prevent the players from getting cheated.

The Streamer mode in Valorant delivers the same results but to an extent. It makes the player name anonymous by replacing it with their Picked Valorant Agent name, which cannot be viewed until the match ends. It is the same for both Valorant Attackers and Defenders.

Players thereon can see the actual names of all the anonymous players in the match by accessing the scoreboard after the match completion.

Valorant Streamer Mode

Fundamental Importance of Streamer Mode

A game like Valorant needs a streamer mode to protect the privacy of its players, especially ones who live-stream their games.

By doing so, they can prevent enemy players belonging to the same region from learning about their concurrent map positions and team strategies. Moreover, it’s also beneficial for players who are attempting to improve their Valorant Rank.

Usually, when players queue for another Competitive match subsequently, it is possible to be queued with the same allies or enemies again.

In such circumstances, often those players make it known that the respective player was bad or weak in holding or attacking a specific map area. Similarly, it also leaves the other players open to recalling the tactics previously used by the player by recognizing their name.

Hence, the Stream Mode in Valorant is incredibly useful for over 90% of Valorant Players.

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How to Enable Valorant Streamer Mode?

  • Launch the Valorant Game and access the Settings menu.
  • Navigate to the Privacy section within General Settings.
  • Use the toggle option to enable the Streamer Mode setting.
  • Return to your Game home screen or ongoing Valorant match.

Note: Players who turn on the Streamer mode during an ongoing match may not immediately see its effect, until queuing for their next match.

Valorant Streamer Mode

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Cons of Using Valorant Streamer Mode

On the other hand, enabling the Stream Mode in Ranked Valorant games can be severely disadvantageous for some players. Such players usually are the ones stuck in Valorant Elo Hell or possessing the Valorant Immortal and Radiant Ranks.

Firstly, it prevents them from recognizing toxic players from previous matches. Secondly, the mode prevents them from recognizing familiar friendly gamers who are their allies.

Although these cons are minor, it can be sometimes disastrous for players who live-stream the game to over 200 viewers. After all, who likes getting cussed on a live stream where the world is watching them? Also, remember that nothing ever gets deleted from the internet, ever.

Final Words

Against the opinion of some percentage of global Valorant players, the streamer mode is indeed beneficial for online content creators and live-game streamers alike. Still, whether you should use it or not is ultimately up to you. GLHF!


Q. Is there streamer mode for Valorant?

Yes, Valorant Offers a Streamer mode to all its players for all the server regions. Anyone can enable it by launching the game and turning it on from the privacy settings section in general settings from the settings menu.

Q. How do I turn on streamer mode in Valorant?

Toggle the Streamer Mode option found in Privacy Settings within the General Settings section in the Settings menu. It will require players to launch the game.

Q. Why does everyone use streamer mode in Valorant?

Streamer mode helps players remain anonymous during game rounds to protect their privacy and from being stream-sniped. Stream sniping translates to getting shot repeatedly by familiar players who use the live feed of your broadcast to find your location or learn about your game strategies.

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