Valorant Switch Release News – Real or Fake?

Dear Valorant Fans already admire the game as is, but not without the desire to play it on their consoles. Riot Developers may already have a plan to release a valorant switch price of the game, but is it real?

Anyone wondering how to download valorant on switch or unaware of its console release, please read on!

Valorant Switch Launch Updates

The arrival of Valorant saw the game being available as Beta Drops on live streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube. Such a method to create awareness about the game was largely successful, with over a million viewers receiving exclusive beta access.

In June 2020, Valorant was officially released by Riot Games Inc., making it available free-to-play on the PC/Windows platform. However, since then, Valorant players have wanted to see the game released on other platforms like Valorant on Mac.

But, are the developers working on fulfilling such wishes of the Global Valorant gaming community? Is there an official announcement?

Valorant Switch

Valorant Switch Release Official Announcement For Nintendo?

Fans awaiting “when is Valorant coming to console” will, unfortunately, have to wait a while or longer. The tactical-FPS shooter Valorant is already a huge success on the PC Platform, having made over $1 Billion in revenue. Still, developers are in no hurry to launch the game on consoles, be it Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo.

Furthermore, although there have been rumors about the Valorant Mobile release, there is no official announcement date for its release. Hence, take any news about Valorant Mobile Pre-Registration with a grain of salt.

Still, avid switch or mobile gaming fans could try these game titles that resemble Valorant Gameplay!

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Similar Valorant Switch Games for FPS fans!

Many games like Valorant are available on the Nintendo Store, Apple App Store, and Google Play Store for free. Check out the list below to start gaming on your devices today!

1. Overwatch

The Legendary FPS shooter Overwatch is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and other consoles. Players will feel right at home while playing this game because of the agent’s abilities. Overwatch Nintendo lets players pick among numerous agents to engage in a 5v5 battle across different maps.

Overwatch  - Switch

The game is available for $19.99 and isn’t free-to-play, but it’s well-optimized and may support crossplay in the future.

2. Hyper Front

Hyper Front is a mobile game released by NetEase and is touted to be a rip-off of Valorant. The game is available free-to-play on the Google Play Store, and it could very well be the competition Riot needs.

The Hyper Front game trailer depicts a similar 5v5 tactical FPS environment where players can queue and combat together. So, those of you who couldn’t wait for Valorant Mobile could give it a try!

3. Apex Legends

The global favorite Battle Royale game to take off after the success of PUBG will soon be available on mobile. Yes, the Apex Legends Mobile pre-registration has already begun and has seen over 2 million users pre-register for the game.

Apex Legends - Switch

The expected launch date for Apex Legends Mobile is after Q2 2022, but official announcements may differ. Do sign up for downloading it, especially if you don’t own a console or your PC isn’t up to the mark.

Final Words

Until the official news regarding the valorant switch release date, enjoy these games and hone your skills! What remains unknown is valorant free on nintendo switch or not, but it will most likely be; fingers crossed!

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