Valorant PS4 News – Can You Play Valorant on PS4 in 2023?

A Valorant PS4 beta release may arrive in 2023, sooner than Q2-Q3 2024!

Play Valorant PS4 in 2023!

It has been more than a decade since the launch of PS4, and some new titles already demand the PS5. Still, the Valorant PC game should do well on PS4 since the graphics aren’t too demanding.

But the main reason the Riot devs haven’t yet brought the 5v5 agent-based tactical FPS game has something to do with the anti-cheat client. Luckily, users across the world have noticed a new development that can help PS users enjoy Valorant on their consoles.

What’s New – Is Valorant on PS4 in 2023?

The Career page of the Riot Games Inc team lists new vacancies for console experts in Los Angeles, i.e., at its HQ. It connects with the PS Valorant release since the list also states hiring Console UI dev, among other roles. So, it’s highly likely that the Riot team is gearing up to bring the Valorant PC game to consoles.

Whether this news comes to fruition is not a matter of chance but of time – since the game already ships with an Xbox game pass. So, it’s a good chance that 2023 can hear more updates on Valorant PlayStation release.

More to be revealed

As per previous talks with the devs, who are also rumored to announce Valorant mobile, the main challenge was its anti-cheat client. Since the job list also demands the ability to port Unity games, an Official Mac Valorant future can also be in the making.

If it happens, even as the download Valorant on Mac is already possible, Apple can become the biggest source of revenue for the game.

But, coming back to the subject of Valorant PS4, more news should arrive after the Game Changers event, so during late 2023. If anything leaks sooner, you know you can hear it here!

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Can You Play Valorant on PS4?

As of yet, in July 2023, No. You can not play Valorant on PS4 by trying any third-party hacks or tricks. Furthermore, we will advise you not to attempt such means as file tampering events can lead to bans. So, while you can not play the gameon PS4 yet, you can read our guides to install Valorant on PC and Mac!

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What is the Valorant PS4 Release Date?

For questions like ‘When is Valorant coming to PS4 and PS5,’ there is no official announcement yet.

So, if anyone were to expect, can you get the Valorant on consoles in 2023? – is also a no. It will remain like this until the Riot team delivers the PS4 beta news, which, if it happens in Fall, it’ll be ideal.

Can You Play Valorant on PS Emulators?

Answers to the questions like, ‘Can you get Valorant on PS4 using emulators’ would also be a no. It is because the anti-cheat client is quite aggressive and for the better. So we recommend you get a PC or Mac to Play Valorant.

Since it’s easy six or seven years more until PS6 arrives, you do not want to miss out on Valorant!

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