Valorant vs CSGO – 5 Reasons Why Valorant is Better Than CSGO

The gaming industry rarely sees its games last longer than a couple of years. In such a diverse and consistently re-adjusting gaming market, CSGO stands proudly as a timeless classic, until Valorant’s release. The introduction of a newer tactical FPS title in the form of Valorant has sparked an unending debate between Valorant vs CSGO fans.

Which game is the better FPS title? Which game has evolved or represented the FPS tactical gameplay concept effectively?

Amidst such questions, the large gaming community of Valorant is emerging victorious, especially with ex-CounterStrike pro players switching to Valorant.

Valorant vs CSGO: Ultimate Tactical FPS Showdown

Numerous comparisons have been made between both games since the launch of the former game in June 2020. From their game mechanics to the smallest elements, they’re compared to the depths & brim, with Valorant emerging as the victor.

Let’s learn why Valorant is said to be better than CSGO!

Valorant vs CSGO: Why is Valorant a Supreme FPS Title?

The numerous perspectives that drive the reason of thought to derive Valorant as the better game rests on these aspects:

  • Quick 128-tick Servers
  • Dedicated Team
  • Devoted Community
  • Age
  • Valorant Agent Abilities

Quick 128-tick Servers

The leading factor that makes Valorant better between a Valorant vs CSGO comparison is their 128-tick servers use. Creating a game system possessing an automation framework should output faster server performance. It is exactly what Valorant accomplishes against its age-old rival CSGO.

Quick 128-tick servers against the 64-tick servers in layman terms mean that the bullet and movement precision in real-time. The provision for such swift operations entails a better and accurate depiction and impact of everything like animation, physics, etc.

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Dedicated Team

The downfall of the prestige of CSGO can largely be attributed to the inefficient management of game development. It also led to the decline of its player base after encounters with hackers and cheaters grew by the number.

Valorant is quite mindful of this pitfall that they’ve managed to avoid by devising their Riot Vanguard system. It keeps cheaters at bay by preventing tampering with game files. Furthermore, Valorant developers quickly develop a bug fix or eliminate a flaw to maintain consistent game balance.

Devoted Community

Another major aspect that favors Valorant in a Valorant vs CSGO comparison is the activeness of the community. Sure, early CSGO players are now almost boomers, but the recent generation is much aware of what they want. Also, they aren’t shy about making those needs heard.

Fanart Valorant vs CSGO

From creating fanart to special fanfic and everything in between that aligns with Valorant lore, its player base is contentful. The game has also rewarded its community with more eSports events for gender equality & featuring fanart designs as in-game collectibles.


A game ages with time as technology develops, and it takes enormous efforts to keep it updated regularly. While CSGO did what it could during its time with what was available, Valorant instead had better resources at its disposal.

The availability of better technologies and game mechanics highly contribute to the game’s success, and Valorant is a testament. It arrived less than two years ago, and within its first year, it made $1 Billion in revenue.

Naturally, better revenue supports keeping the game innovative and fresh while maintaining its original strengths.

Valorant Agent Abilities

Its concept is the key comparison that makes Valorant emerge as a better tactical FPS alternative between Valorant vs CSGO. By allowing players to roleplay as Valorant agents possessing unique abilities, they took FPS to something beyond gunplay.

Agent abilities Valorant vs CSGO

It was indeed a gamble which, as we see, paid off handsomely for Riot Games Inc. Upon observing its success, they were quick to follow up the idea. They have a mapped-out storyline progression until at least Q2 of 2022, which is good for a game.

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Final Words

Several more defining aspects of a Valorant vs CSGO comparison establish Valorant to be a better game. However, a few of those can be subjective, like gunplay, recoil, movement ability, etc. Regardless, the newer FPS title offers more promise than the previous one because it keeps the gameplay fair. Additionally, the newer game will likely receive patches and new content for a long time before it joins its counter-opposition.

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