How To Unlock Agents in Valorant? – Easy & Quick Tips!

Valorant as a tactical FPS shooter is globally garnering positive reviews from its vast gaming community. Its pattern of releasing regular valorant patch notes alongside new game features makes it pretty successful. Among the host of features it adds like new Gun Skins and New Maps, players also get new Valorant Agents. Yet, the latter does raise a question of how to unlock agents in valorant for thousands of new valorant players.

Why Unlock Valorant Agents?

The benefits that a player can receive by choosing to unlock valorant agents are several.

Firstly, players can multiply their opportunities to pick a suitable valorant agent that aligns with their gameplay. Secondly, having multiple agents unlocked lets players pick the ideal agents in the valorant competitive game mode. Such choices can help them improve their K/D ratio as well as improve their Valorant Rank.

Lastly, when a player gets to unlock valorant agents, they also receive agent-related player cards, gun skins, and sprays.

how to unlock agents in valorant

How to Unlock Valorant Agents: Earning Valorant XP or Spending VP

Unlocking a valorant agent is possible in two ways, by earning XP or by spending VP.

The latter demands players to make in-game purchases to obtain VP, which can cost up to $200 per valorant agent. Hence, earning XP is better for those who prefer not to spend and are comfortable unlocking valorant agents slowly.

Four options exist for those who choose the former way of unlocking valorant agents, i.e., via earning XP.

  • Completing Daily Missions
  • Playing Short Valorant Games
  • Finishing Weekly Missions
  • Participating in Unrated or Competitive Valorant Matches

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Daily Valorant Missions

Players daily receive two valorant missions at maximum, and the completion of each offers 1,000 XP. The objectives of those missions can be anything from scoring 10 kills in total or completing 10 games. Failing to achieve the objectives before they reset will result in losing the progress for the objectives.

Additionally, valorant players also obtain the third objective, but it carries a Win criterion. Players who get the First Win of the Day can receive 1,000 XP. Unknown to most, this reward unlocks after winning one game during the day instead of winning the first match.

Daily missions how to unlock agents in valorant

Short Valorant Game Modes

Arguably the most preferred option to unlock valorant agents, shorter game modes are best for completing the daily missions. Such games can last anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes, and players can enjoy a shorter format of valorant matches with near-similar win criteria.

The examples for Short Valorant Game Mode are:

  • Spike Rush
  • Replication
  • Snowball Fight
  • Escalation
Short Game modes valorant

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Note: The Short Valorant Game Modes aren’t permanent, and they keep rotating between available and disappearance. However, the Spike Rush game mode is ever ardently present throughout the year.

Weekly Valorant Missions

Another ideal way to unlock valorant agents is by completing the Weekly Valorant Missions. Such missions comparatively demand the completion of greater objectives than the daily missions. With that said, it is possible for them to often align with the goals of daily missions. The payout for completing such missions is enormous, and they also refill instead of reset every week.

On completing one weekly mission, players can receive between 10,000 XP to as high as 14,400 XP. Examples of Weekly Valorant Missions objectives include:

  • Kill 100 Enemies
  • Use Your Ultimate 25 times
  • Play Rounds 150 times
  • Buy Armor 50 times
  • Use Abilities 150 times
  • And so on.

Unrated or Competitive Valorant Matches

Usually, a player can experience classic Valorant gameplay in two ways, i.e., via Unrated matches or Competitive Matches. These matches offer rewards between 3,400 XP to 4,600 XP, depending on total rounds played, kills obtained, etc.

The Unrated and Competitive matches both involve playing 32 rounds, 12 of which a team plays as attackers or defenders. Whichever team is first to score 13 rounds wins, except in Competitive mode when both teams are tied at 12 rounds of victory. In those scenarios, the game will allow two rounds of Overtime (OT), one for each team to increase their score.

However, if both teams score 14-14 rounds, the game will initiate voting between the 10 players to continue or draw the game. In this manner, a competitive game can also result in 20-22 game rounds or more. Still, more rounds translate to gaining more XP, despite negative Rank points, if you lose.

Competitive how to unlock agents in valorant

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The Takeaway

All in all, the quest of how to unlock agents in valorant is pretty linear when you enjoy valorant games. Yet, completing missions can take less time when you play shorter valorant game modes than playing competitive or unrated game modes. If you’re someone who has to juggle gaming between school or work, we’d advise you to play those game modes unless you can participate in standard valorant games. GLHF!

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