Valorant Van 1067 Windows 11 Error – How To Fix?

Playing Valorant for hours is fun, but numerous culprits may be responsible if you face unstable game connection issues. From the notorious Van 1067 Windows 11 error to Valorant not working on Windows 11 issues, here are their causes!

Van 1067 Windows 11 Error Issues

Windows 11 could put many Valorant players at a disadvantage due to the game featuring Valorant 1067 error. Its cause is mainly because of using an unreleased version of Windows, which, although genuine, is not supported by the Riot Vanguard game client.

Unstable Connection

The Valorant Windows 11 error surfaced briefly after the release of the newer Windows 11 Cumulative System Updates. Since Windows 11 is still in development, especially when you’re an Insider Preview user, you could face unstable connectivity issues.

Connection Failure

Some users have reported being unable to altogether access the game past its login screen or the game client. The internet connection often may not be the problem, and the Riot Vanguard Anti-Cheat Software is the cause.

van 1067 windows 11

The client’s purpose is to ensure no game files have been tampered. So it’ll naturally flag the running instance when it cannot recognize the Windows 11 version.

Valorant Game Crash Issue

Players facing the valorant not working on windows 11 have also reported unusual game crashes. Since Valorant is possible to run even on a Potato PC, ideally, such an issue could also be credited to the existence of Riot Vanguard.

Riot Vanguard Crash Issues

When you’re running software that’s not optimized for a newer Windows Environment, it’s bound to crash. So, when you’re facing the Riot Vanguard Crash Issue on Windows 11, you may need to reinstall it. Alternatively, you could check if your system is updated to the latest version, including the Valorant game.

van 1067 windows 11

Van 1067 Windows 11 Error Fix

Regardless of whichever issues you may face due to the Valorant 1067 error, here’s how you can solve it.

Leave Windows 11 Insider Program

Users who continue to face the windows 11 valorant not working issue, unfortunately, you must leave the Win11 Preview Program. Even after installing the latest updates, switch to the Release Preview Channel and perform the updates when you cannot run the game. Your game should now work as usual.

Repair Valorant Game Files

When the solution above fails, and you continue to see the Valorant Windows 11 error, download the Riot Repair Tool. Ensure to obtain it from the official source to prevent malware from infecting your system. After you’ve repaired all the Valorant game files, restart your PC for some extra luck. Ideally, these steps should solve the problem.

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Final Words

The van 1067 windows 11 was a nasty surprise for most valorant players globally, but speaking with Valorant Support solved it. Thus, if your Valorant 1067 error issues persist, please don’t hesitate to contact the Valorant Support team. You could hear from them within 24 hours or less. And remember, don’t fiddle with the game files, or you may get banned. In the meantime, GLHF!

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